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Fwd: Complaint regarding grave malfunctioning of the NCPUL by its acting director and Vice Chairman

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    ... From: *Kapal Dev Sharma Date: Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 8:51 AM Subject: Complaint regarding grave malfunctioning of the NCPUL by its
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    From: Kapal Dev Sharma <kdsharma@...>
    Date: Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 8:51 AM
    Subject: Complaint regarding grave malfunctioning of the NCPUL by its acting director and Vice Chairman
    To: Urdu Journalist Association <ujassociation@...>

    Sri. Pallam Raju,

    Hon’ble Minister for HRD,

    Human Resource Development Ministry,

    Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi-1


    Sub: Complaint regarding grave malfunctioning of the NCPUL by its acting director




    This is very sad to observe that the Acting Director and the Vice Chairman of the NCPUL are using its office like personal property. And the silence of the ministry is proving disastrous as it is allowing the office bearers of the NCPUL to be unaccountable.


    1. Last week (on 03.04.2013) the Council advertised in newspaper inviting applications for grant under Grant-in-aid Scheme for the financial year 2013-14. Before any decision by the concerned committee, NCPUL is going to organize a Mushaira in Sitapur (UP) on 26.04.2013. You may imagine that this is the third Mushaira in the same zone with full funding by NCPUL. This may be verified from the NCPUL account that rest of India is not getting any assistance. This is due to petty interest of Mr. Wasim Barelvi, Vice Chairman. If you inquire, you will easily find that no NGO even applied for the same programme. After each programme they just maintain files and befool the government.


    2. This is also a cause of concern that a huge funds have been released to an NGO by NCPUL in which the Acting Director of the NCPUL is holding a position of Organizing Secretary.


    3. The Acting Director has employed his students in NCPUL to write books for himself. They are helping the Director in publishing books from available manuscripts of NCPUL as editor to help him become Professor after NCPUL job. If enquired, you will find a lot of important books are out of print that are prescribed in University syllabi. Instead of reprinting them, a number of irrelevant books with Director’s name as editor have appeared which have nothing but course materials prepared for the Urdu Journalist and provided to the students by the NCPUL with the help of Vidya Niketan.


    This misuse of office is an academic crime/fraud and enough to remove him from his job. One student, which worked under his supervision in JNU, has been employed to handle his personnel website/ blog. He writes articles on his behalf for which huge amount is being spent and special status is given to them. This can be searched easily because net used during the period is traced through an i.p. address.


    4. He has been introducing his colleges Dr. Anwar Pasha from JNU as expert in different fields, e.g., as an expert of Language, Literature, Computer, Calligraphy etc. And he traveling and earning money from centers with the blessings of this acting Director. You may imagine that all the proposals for Dr. Pasha come from his wife Shama Kausar Yazdani who is working as Assistant Director in the NCPUL. If you see the CV of Mr. Pasha you will find he was never called for this type of job in NCPUL before April 2012 i.e., before joining of Dr. Kwaja Mohammad Ekramuddin as Acting Director of NCPUL.


    5. Last year the whole family of Dr. Pasha traveled to Srinagar and stayed in Govt. guest House of Kashmir University and claimed TA/DA from NCPUL with the assistance of Acting Director and Assistant Director, which is his wife. Since Mr. Pasha was contestant for Directorship in Council and helpful to manage appointment of Mr. Khwaja Ekramuddin in JNU with other means. And now Dr. Pasha is going as an expert of computer to Lucknow with his wife on 25.04.2013.


    6. Last year’s purchase of different type of items, especially computers and peripheral things, was done through the Director’s man who was never known to the office. This man was associated with him at JNU and doing all type of bill work in his NGO.


    These all activities need urgent inquiry to the save the office. We request you to institute an inquiry and take remedial steps to save this institution supposed to work for a minority language. If the Ministry does not take our complaint seriously, then we would like to politely convey to you that we shall be forced to take up the legal recourse to address these issues.


    Yours truly

    Kapal Dev Sharma,

    1328/5, Vashisht Colony,

    Mohan Nagar, Kurukshetra

    PIN : 136118




    Copy to:

    1. Sri. Jitin Prasada, Minister of State for HRD Ministery, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi-1

    2. Secretary Higher Education, Ministry of  HRD, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi-1

    3. Dr. Jawaid Rahmani, President Authors’ Anjuman, 336 AB Budh Vihar, ND-67

    4. Central Vigilance Commissioner, A-Block, GPO Complex, INA, New Delhi-23

    For more details log on : http://cfess.blogspot.in/


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