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    *TWO DAY’S NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SIX YEARS AFTER SACHER* Azamgarh (Press Release ) Moulana Mohammed Fazlur Rahim Mujaddidi made fervour appeal to Muslims
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2013


    Azamgarh (Press Release ) Moulana Mohammed Fazlur Rahim Mujaddidi made fervour appeal to Muslims not to fell pray of emotional issues at a time when socioeconomic development of the  community is at stake.

    Describing Sachar Committee’s report on social, Economic and Educational Status of Indian Muslims a shocking testimony of six decades of institutional neglect Mr. Mujaddadi urged Muslims to stop wailing the past and be awakened to keep track of each and every paisa allotted for their welfare in the 12th Five year Plan with sustained nationwide campaign to force not only Central but State governments also to implement honestly the recommendations of Sachar Committee.

    Inaugurating two days’s national conference on SIX YEARS AFTER SACHER  Mr. Mujaddidi who who is also a member of the Steering Committee of the Planning Commission said formation of a advocacy group is an urgent need as in a democratic country like India, people’s opinion pressurises the government for necessary actions.

    While claiming that Sachar Report thoroughly exposes the Sangh Parivar’s false propaganda of Muslim appeasement, Chairman of SEE, (Strive for Eminence and Empowerment) Mr. Mujaddidi expressed satisfaction with minority chapter of 12th Five year plan and said that proper implementation of welfare schemes can bring dramatic changes in due course.

    He said though the approach of the plan(minority chapter) is admirable, almost one year (2012-13) has been passed without any major implementation; even no roadmap has been prepared by the concerned ministries. Now we have to take efforts to avail the benifits enshrined in the schemes of the five year development plans.

    Refuting allegations that Muslims are not interested in education Maulana Fazlur Rahim said for Muslims Primary education is not a challenge but Higher education is. In Primary education Muslims’ graph is highest while in Higher education from Secondary level onwards it is the lowest because of the gap between Muslims and other socio-religious communities’ increases as the level of education increases.

    While asserting the need of a sustain effort to force governments of centre and the states to act on the recommendations of Sachar Committee as well as Justice Rangnath Misra report holistically Mr Mujaddiid warned that history may repeat itself unless the community forces the system by practically showing the solidarity for the socio economic development of the community and the country.

    Planning Commission’s member Syeda Syedain Hamee said it is deplorable that media has tarnished the image of Azamgarh. She promised that she will try her best for its rectification in decision making circles.

     Justice Suhail Ejaz Siddiqui  advised muslims to maintain unity to fight for their causes and establish NGOs instead of social organisation. Officials of Jamiatul Falah too addressed the gathering.


    یونہی  ہمیشہ الجہتی رہی ہے ظلم سے خلق 
    نہ ان کی رسم نئی  ہے  نہ  اپنی  ریت  نئی
    یونہی ہمیشہ کھلا ےہیں ہم نے آگ میں پھول 
    نہ  انکی  ہار  نئی ہے   نہ  اپنی  جیت   نئی
    اسی  سبب  سے  فلک  کا  گلہ  نہیں  کرتے 
    ترے  فراق  میں  ہم  دل  برا  نہیں  کرتے  
                                    فیض احمد فیض 

    الله تو سب کی سنتا ہے جرأت ہے شکیل اپنی اپنی 

    حالی نے زباں سے اف بھی نہ کی اقبال شکایت کر بیٹھے 

                                                               شکیل بدایونی 

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