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Action Alert: Call Maha CM: Stop Golibar eviction tomorrow

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    ACTION ALERT                                        ACTION ALERT


    Politician Bureaucrat land grab Nexus

     in Mumbai at its Peak


    Will all houses in Ganesh Krupa, Golibar

    be bull-dozed tomorrow as planned ?


    One immediate call / letter from you may

    save the spirited strugglers:

    Act fast to stop evictions at Golibar and Chandivali Slums 

    Golibar, the prime land of 125 acres has become a battleground for 70 + old households, women and men, who are fighting a valiant battle for the last 5 years, tooth and nail. Through Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan, they have exposed the forgery and fraud in documents of Shivalik ventures, whom the community never gave consent to as ‘builders’.

    Shivalik has cheated many of these 46 societies, by manipulating documents, decisions and sanctions, through its political connections. Orders against Shivalik in many criminal and civil cases have not resulted in their arrest. However, some order of 2010 is being used against the slum dwellers of Golibar, to demolish their pucca houses and evict them with brutal police force.

    It is also proved that Shivalik has not built habitable transit camps and have put up camps which are in a worst condition. Whatever buildings with 1000 houses are built f rehabilitation, are on the lands of the Defence and Railway Ministry. The Union Ministry of Defence is in the Court, claiming its land right and the Railways have taken an undertaking that the buildings will be demolished whenever it requires the land back.

    Thousands of people from Golibar are sent on rent for many years and not yet rehabilitated. Thousands are, however, posing a tough challenge to the builder and the state, exposing the atrocities by the police and the private security, goons brought in by the builder, against the peacefully struggling women, as it happened, every time the police force was brought in.

    Cases and complaints of molestation and atrocities are not taken cognizance of, while false cases are filed against the innocent poor and lower middle class families. All this is discussed and attention of every authority already drawn; police to CEO, Slum Rehabilitation, as well as the Revenue Collectors and are informed.

    It was during the 10 day long mass action by thousands of slum dwellers in Mumbai in January, 2013 that an inquiry has started on the Golibar Project, through the Principal Secretary, Housing. Submissions have been made by community leaders, activists and the replies of the builders have been sought through open hearing and in writing. However, before the inquiry is concluded, it is a deliberate ploy to finish off this community of Ganesh Krupa as well as Sanyukt Jagruti, Karuna and various other co-operative societies in Golibar. The politicians, who are investors, are hands-in-glove with the officials, including the police administration, with due exceptions.

    Tomorrow’s eviction, if carried out, as per the scheme, would be the worst, not only because it is the exam period, for hundreds of school children, but also the nexus wants to teach a lesson to the community where 9 days long fast was held in 2011, with Medha Patkar and others, showing a way to other Cooperative societies, a way to fight a non-violent battle.

    Our only hope is your support, which must come out, here and now, before it dawns and becomes a dark day for hundreds.

    Please do send a letter, through e-mail to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and the Principal Secretary, Housing. You may also call the CM’s residence, very very urgently, insisting on talking to him on 022-23634950

    Please do hurry up. Your message and influence must reach the authorities of Maharashtra this very night.



    Shri Prithviraj Chavan,

    Chief Minister,

    Government of Maharashtra,

    Mantrayala, Mumbai

    Ph: 022-23634950

    E-mail: chiefminister@... ,


    Shri Debashish Chakrabarty,

    Principal Secretary, Housing,

    Government of Maharashtra,

    Mantrayala, Mumbai

    Ph: 022-22023036

    E-mail: psec.housing@...



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    Phone : 011 26241167 / 24354737 Mobile : 09818905316
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