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Re: [Arkitect India] Save Sharmila week from 8th to 14th by SSSC & solidarity Fast with Irom sharmila

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  • Feroz Kashmir
    Today on Womens day, all men in uniform or on roads, scores of women being forced to annihilate peper gas and it has lead to a death of women too in recent
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 7, 2013
      Today on Womens day, all men in uniform or on roads, scores of women being forced to annihilate peper gas and it has lead to a death of women too in recent days, women facing all sorts of hardship as their sons, brothers or husbands are either injured, killed or arrested. IT IS UNHAPPY WOMEN Day in KASHMIR

      On Thu, Mar 7, 2013 at 12:54 PM, Faisal Khan <faisalkj2002@...> wrote:

      Dear Friends ,

      As you might be aware of the ‘Save sharmila Solidarity Campaign(SSSC)’
      which is a nation-wide struggle against the neglection and suppression
      of Irom Sharmila Chanu, a Manipuri poet turned activist who has been
      on a relay hunger-protest for last12 years just to protest against the
      Armed Forces Special Powers Act(AFSPA) in Manipur. For this, SSSC has
      organized various events such as save Sharmila jan karwan from
      srinagar to imphal, solidarity fasts, candle vigils, documentary
      sessions, public awareness rallies, sitting in protests, delegation
      meets with NHRC & memorandum to Prime minister etc successfully in the

      Now we have decided to organize a ‘Save Sharmila week’ from 8th march
      i.e International Women s  Day to 14th march i.e Irom Sharmila
      birthday but on 14th we are not organizing any thing because Sharmila told us not to hold any kind of celebration on 14th march on her birthday as it will divert the issue.
      In her recent visit to Delhi, Irom sharmila again repeated
      her commitment about democracy, democratic values and  non violence.
      she openly declared that her struggle is completely nonviolent. we
      feel that now it is the responsibility of all of us who believes in
      democratic values and non violence and thus we should come forward and
      raise our voice and show our solidarity with her supporting her
      hunger-protest of 12 long years which is nonetheless an important yet
      neglected non-violent and democratic struggle in the World’s largest

      During the week long programme our main object is to make people aware
      about her struggle for peace and democracy and to show our solidarity
      with her.

      The tentative of the programme shall be as follows:

      8th March:Thiruvottiyur seva priya hall Chhenai -Tamilandu 2pm : contact: Gandimadi ,09884124676 ,Inamul,09911292235 

      9th March - Puducherry :near Anna Statue 11am to 3pm, : contact:Sandil ,09894775975

      10th march JAIPUR,:Venue,Statue chowk Ccontact,09607240 , Beekaner,Rajsthan: contact: Mahipal   Ganganagar,Rajesh ,09950401037

      11th March - Near Anaj Mandi Fatehabad - HARYANA: contact:Dheeraj gaba ,09416087822

      12th March - Shayam Bazar in front  Mahraja Manindra college 5 pm
      ,Kolkotta West Bengal: contact:Subhjit duttagupta ,09831038821

      13th March - Srinagar - 3pm, Jammu and kashmir : Contact: Dr gulam rasool.08803943048

      March 6:00 AM TO 13TH March 11:00 AM IN IMPHAL WITH IROM SHARMILA.

      Note- After Every One Year the Govt. releases Sharmila due to some Legal & Constitutional Provisions. So This Year She Will Be Released on 12th March  after which we will join her.

      (A joint initiative of various organizations & movements)
      We welcome your participation/suggestion/feedbacks. We work in favor of Peace, Democracy, Non Violence, Human Rights.
      Our demands with Govt of India: 
      To take positive steps of talk
      To send all party delegation 
      To send members of NWC,NHRC
      To send special team of doctors from New delhi to examine Irom's health

      Feroze Ahmed 
      Mob: +919419017680,
      email: ferozkashmir@...
      Skype : ferozkashmir
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