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  • Thomas Kocherry
    For your endorsement thomas kocherry 5th March 2013 To All the Human Rights Groups, Civil Rights Groups and Democratic Rights Groups. Dear Friends, Please find
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    For your endorsement

    thomas kocherry

    5th March 2013

    All the Human Rights Groups, Civil Rights Groups and Democratic Rights Groups.

    Dear Friends,

    Please find below a series of resolutions passed by Human Rights
    groups and concerned citizens at a meeting held on 1st March 2013 in
    Bangalore, keeping in perspective the on-going UNHRC meetings in

    If you are in agreement with the following resolutions, kindly add
    your signature and send it across to heads of Nations especially the
    Prime Minister of India, the UNHRC, to civil society groups and Human
    Rights organizations who are attending the UN Human Rights Council
    sessions in Geneva.  This is the time we need to strike! Hence, we
    appeal to you to sign and forward these resolutions to those who

    Please, also find attached an appeal that the forum received on 1st of
    March 2013 when we were holding the consultation.  The appeal itself
    is self-explanatory.  The forum acknowledged the receipt and endorsed
    the appeal and resolved to circulate it as widely as possible.

    Looking forward to a positive response from you on this resolution:

    - A Response from a Forum of Human Rights Groups and the Concerned Citizens-
    Friday the 1st March 2013, Bangalore.

    In a consultation held at Bangalore on Friday the 1st March 2013 by a
    Forum of several Human Rights Groups and Concerned Citizens,
    henceforth called  "The Forum", for exploring the responses of the
    Civil Society and the Government of India, to the Tasks before the
    International Community on the Genocidal war and its after math in Sri
    Lanka, the following resolutions were passed unanimously, urging all
    concerned to ACT immediately, particularly in the context of the
    ongoing UNHRC Meeting at Geneva.
    1.      The Forum observed that it was a Genocidal war that was perpetrated
    by the Government of Srilanka (GoSL) against the Eelam Tamils for more
    than three decades, and what is pursued now as described by D. Raja of
    CPI at the recent session of the Indian parliament is indeed a
    STRUCTURAL GENOCIDE, since the war ended.

    2.      The Forum demands that the Government of India, which has been
    supporting the GoSL, uncritically hitherto, change its foreign policy
    towards Srilanka, particularly in view of its Genocidal war, which
    rendered in the indiscriminate massacre of more than 100,000
    civilians, "disappearances of over 146,000 people; and leaving behind
    young war widows of over 80,000. It was a brutal war where "Rape and
    murder", were weapons of war, under the guise of "purging war
    fatigue"!  These cannot be ignored at all as Srilanka's "internal
    affair".  As it exposes the Genocidal intent of GoSL, it inevitably
    becomes the concern of the entire international community in general,
    and GoI, in particular. Hence, The Forum unequivocally condemns the
    stance of the GoI that the "dispute" could be amicably sorted between
    USA and the GoSL, which shamefully disowns GoI's international and
    regional responsibilities and commitments. Therefore, the Forum
    demands that the GoI ought to initiate action at the ongoing sessions
    of UNHRC to hold an independent international Commission of Inquiry
    into the genocidal war in Srilanka.  This will give an opportunity for
    GoI to absolve itself from the blatant allegation that the GoI abetted
    the Genocidal war.
    3.      Similarly, the Forum appeals to the comity of nations to invoke
    their mandate of "The Responsibility to Protect" and initiate action
    to pass an appropriate resolution at the current sessions of UNHRC
    urging the UNO to institute an Independent International Commission of
    Inquiry into the Genocidal war in Srilanka, under Article 99 of the UN
    4.      Of late, several smaller nations and nationalities like East Timor
    and South Sudan could become independent, owing to their long
    protracted struggles and with the benign intervention of the UN by
    holding Referendums, in recognition of their Self Determination.
    Similarly, recognizing the need for devolution of power to the people
    of Tamil Eelam, the Forum demands that the UN, under its supervision,
    should hold a referendum among the Eelam Tamils, after initiating the
    process of decolonization and demilitarization from the Tamil
    Homeland, in the island nation and among the Eelam Diaspora.

    5.      The Forum unequivocally condemns the Rajapakshe regime's continued
    action towards fascizisation of Srilanka and the "impeachment of the
    Chief Justice of Srilanka", violating all judicial ethics and
    constitutional norms of the land.

    6.      The Forum invites the attention of the comity of nation to the UN's
    Internal Review Panel Report submitted by Charles Petrie and his team,
    appointed by the UN Secretary General, which has reported that the UN
    failed to act within the scope of its institutional mandates to meet
    the protection responsibilities. Hence, this Forum calls upon the
    International Community to prevail upon the UN to identify the
    officials, responsible for the failure in exercising the UN's mandates
    of Responsibility to protect, and levy exemplary punishments on the
    officials, if found guilty.

    7.      It is announced that the Common Wealth Heads of Governments Meet
    (CHOGM) will be held in Colombo from 15th to 17th of November, this
    year.  When Srilanka expressed its desire to hold the Common Wealth
    Meet during the year 2011, it was opposed by the other member states,
    owing to the bad Human Rights record of Srilanka and hence the venue
    for 2011 meet was shifted to Australia. While various Human Rights
    Organizations, the world over, has been prevailing upon the
    international community to institute an Independent International
    Commission of Inquiry into the War Crimes and the Crimes against
    Humanity in Srilanka, it is unfortunate that the Common Wealth
    Secretariat has agreed to hold the Meet this year in Srilanka. Hence,
    the Forum urges all Common Wealth Nations, including the Government of
    India, to collectively prevail upon the Secretariat to change the
    venue, failing which they resolve to boycott the Meet.

    8.      The Forum calls upon all concerned to promote a "People to People"
    dialogue and interaction to prevail upon the powers that matter for
    nurturing a just and democratic society for ensuring lasting peace and
    amity with dignity.

    Prof. Ninan Koshy,
    Dr. Dhyanchand Carr,
    Dr. Kambar Manickam,
    Rev. Dr. Y. Moses, CSI
    Mr. Alphonse, PUCL
    Mr. Ponnichandran, PUCL
    T.S.S. Mani, PUCL,
     Fr. Tom Kocherry- WFFP,
    Ms. Nirmala Karunan- Greenpeace,
    Rev. Dr. David Selvarj, VISTHAR
    Mr. Sham Khalil, VISTHAR
    Mr. Sampath Kumar,VISTHAR
    Mr. Francis Salvadore,VISTHAR
    Biju- VISTHAR,
    E. Deenadayalan, TOM,
    Ms. Celine, VIMOCHANA,
    Mr. Sudipto Singh, CNI,
    Rev. Dr. Manohar Chandra Prasad- Dalit Christian Federation,
    Mr. Pericho Prabhu- United Christian Forum,
    Mr. Patrick-.United Christian Forum,
    Dr. Mohan Razu, honorary resource person for the Doctor’s program of
    ACTS academy of higher education in Bangalore
    Rev. Dr. Mohan Larbeer, BTESSC,
    Rev. Satyananda Paul, CSI,
    Very Rev. Dr. Cherian Thomas- ECC,
    Mr. Enba- SCMI,
    Mr. Theodore Bhaskaran,
    Mrs. Thilaka Bhaskaran,
     Mr. Jayakaran, and others
    Cc: Sudarshan, Kusal, Paul, Tapan, Gautam, Ravi Nair, V. Suresh, Gana
    Kurunji, Dr. V. Suresh, Gana Kurinji, D. Nagasaila, Pon. Chandran,
    T.S.S, Mani,
    M. Subbu, Rev. Vincent Rajkumar, Rt. Rev. P.J. Lawrence, Fr. Alex
    Ekka, Nandakumar. S, Viduthalai Rajendran, Ayyanathan, N.J. Bose,
    Ravindran, Gabriele Dietrich, Elangovan, Pravin, Sriram,
    Thiru Murugan, Siddarth Narain, A.P. Venkateswaran, Kennedy Fernandez,
    Prof. Krishnan, Dr. Paul Newman, Anuradha Saibaba, Venkatesh, Prasanna
    Kumar J, Nagaragere Ramesh, Prof. Hasan Mansoor, Siddartha, Ashok
    Mathew, Manohar Hosea, N. Babaiah, Laxmi Murthy, Ammu Joseph, P.
    Chennaiah, Girish Karnad, N.P. Samy, Ruth Manorama. Seema, Madhu,
    Kalpana, George Kutty, Chelam Bennurkar, Coreen Kumar D'Souza, Mohan
    Mani, Fr. Ambrose Pinto, Prof. Rev. Victor Joshua and Lydia Joshua,
    John Zachariah and Lillain,
    Khalid Waseem, Jagdish, Ningrechon, Abu, Lachit Bordoloi, Chingya,
    Niengulo, Prof. Krishnan, Akum Longchari, Gina, Monica, Sonabar,
    Sujato Bhandro, Shashi Bhushan, PUCL Delhi, Siddarth Narian, Prof.
    Krishnan, C.R. Bijoy, Seshaiah, Nanda Kumar, Phulindro,

    J-139, I Floor
    New Delhi-11018
    No139/9, Domlur Layout
    Opp. Trinity Golf Links Apartments
    Bangalore 560071
    Ph: 41151587/89

    Mob: 9845535421

    Thomas Kocherry

    World Forum of Fisher Peoples (WFFP) Special Invitee,
    National Fishworkers' Forum (NFF), India
    National Alliance of Peoples Movements(NAPM), India.

    7/48, Vayakarai, Manavalakurichy-P.O., Kannyakumari Dt.,Tamilnadu-629252.India

    Tel/Fax: (91)4651 237 297, .Tel: (91)4651 200 517.Mobile: (91) 936 064 5772.
    Supportive Emails:
    In case there is no response from my mobile please contact: +91 9159750660
    "The life of the Planet and the welfare of the whole humanity should not be
    sacrificed by the greed of a few".
  • Sunil SJP
    इटारसी में महिला दिवस पर विशाल रैली, सभा एवं सामूहिक संकल्प --
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    इटारसी में महिला दिवस पर विशाल रैली, सभा एवं सामूहिक संकल्प 

    Vill+post : Kesla, Via Itarsi,  Distt : Hoshangabad, (M.P.) 461 111
    Mo. : 09425040452

  • Ashok Chowdhury
    ... From: vikalp sre Date: Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 1:17 PM Subject: To: Ashok Chowdhuary Please find an
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    From: vikalp sre <vikalpsre@...>
    Date: Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 1:17 PM
    To: Ashok Chowdhuary <ashok.chowdhury@...>

    Please find an important article, written by Medhaji and published in Amar Ujala today.

    Ashok Choudhary



    C/O Vikalp Social Organisation
    11, Mangal Nagar
    Saharanpur - 247001
    Uttar Pradesh, India
    Mobile: 09412231206, 09868857733

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