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Police Lokpal - Police Complaints Authority

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  • Salil RK
    Police Lokpal - Police Complaints Authority Police Lokpal - To bring accountability to Police The recent Punjab case wherein a girl went to the Police for
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2013

      Police Lokpal - Police Complaints Authority

      Police Lokpal  -  To bring accountability to Police

      The recent Punjab case wherein a girl went to the Police for lodging a complaint for sexual harassment, again brings back the focus of grievance readressel  system against the Police. She & her father were beaten & made to run away. The Police are reluctant to make a complaint as its increases their work. Many of them want to sit, do nothing or indulge in corruption.  In such a situation the poor find it difficult to get justice.

      The concept of Lokpal is now familiar with people. It is going to be a institution wherein people will go to register complaints about corruption. But the Lokpal will also have the function of grievance readressal of the Public. Aruna Roy & her team has suggested a separate Lokpal for grievance readressel.  

      The Supreme Court in Prakash Singh case had come with such a body for the Police & called it Police Complaints Authority. The Supreme Court has directed the states to implement such a body & states  have implemented. They are in contempt of Supreme Court orders. The institution will have at the state Level a retired High court Judge who will head this institution & at District level it will be headed by a retired District judge. He will assisted a team to investigate complaints against Police officials.

      Police Complaints Authority or should we call it Police Lokpal,  as envisaged by Supreme Court is a body where citizens can take their complaints against Police.  FIR not filed, police brutalities, custodial deaths etc - are being investigated by Police themselves. in such a case, a fair & independent investigation, is not possible.  Therefore a Police Lokpal is the need of the hour. How this institution is constituted is also important. Many times Govt. creates such bodies & then manipulate in various ways so that such a body is non functional.

      Police have huge powers of detention & arrest. These powers are widely misused. There is no check & accountability of the functioning of Police. In a democracy, where the people are to be served by the Police, end up being victims of Police. Police Lokpal will be such a body that will make the Police salute the citizen. Today he salutes his seniors / politicians.

      Salil Rameshchandra
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