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Nandy’s comment part of intellectual goondagiri: K ancha Ilaiah

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  • Feroze Mithiborwala
    Dear Friends, On the ongoing controversy over the statement by Asiash Nandy, where he stated that Dalits-Adivasis-Other Backward Castes / or rathaer as Nandy
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2013
      Dear Friends, On the ongoing controversy over the statement by Asiash Nandy, where he stated that Dalits-Adivasis-Other Backward Castes / or rathaer as Nandy would refer to them as, SC-ST-OBC's are basically more corrupt & in West Bengal where they were not part of the power structure for over a 100 years, the government is clean, many of us have been stunned at the fact that Nandy received support from the dominant ranks of the upper caste intellectuals. Both Prakash Ambedkar & Prof Kancha Iliah, were opposed to the imposition of the SC-ST act, or his arrest. Yer they were clearly upset & hurt by the fact that there were practically no voices, barring a few like Ajoy Bose (Mayawati ji's Biographer) that condemned this intellectual goondagiri, as Prof Kancha rightly terms it, all the way from Kautilya to Arun Shourie. Do kindly listen to the panel discussion held on CNN-IBN.
      "Nandy: How should I put it? Almost a vulgar statement on my part. [Raises his voice and speaks slowly, with deliberate emphasis on each word.] It is a fact that most of the corrupt come from the OBCs, and the Scheduled Castes and now increasingly Scheduled Tribes. And as long as this is the case, [the] Indian Republic will survive... [some interruption, with moderator Urvashi Butalia saying “Alright” as if sensing the tension and wanting to move on; TV journalist Ashutosh is raising his hand in protest, but Nandy soldiers on]. Also, I’ll give an example. One of the states with the least amount of corruption is the state of West Bengal, that is when the CPI(M) was there. And I want to propose to you, draw your attention to the fact that in the last hundred years [pause] nobody from the opp... [opposition? oppressed?], nobody from the OBCs, the Backward Classes, and the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes have come anywhere near power in West Bengal. It is an absolutely clean state. [Point made, Nandy wants to pass the mike.]"
      These are 80 seconds alone, but they have exposed many an intellectual across the country, where its only the Dalit-Adivasi-OBC society & intellectuals who have been deeply hurt, whilst the rest were queing up to sign on to support Nandy. Its truly been a shameful episode.
      In solidarity with the Bahujan Samaj.
      Jai Bhim!!
      http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?283765 (This excellent article by S. Anand in the Outlook too exposes Nandy & his supporters alike)

      Nandy’s comment part of intellectual goondagiri: Kancha Ilaiah

      by FP StaffFeb 1, 2013

      #Ashis Nandy #Casteism #Jaipur Literature Festival 2013 #Kancha Ilaiah #Prakash Ambedkar #SC/ST Act #WhoSaidWhat

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      While three Dalit youths were brutally killed and mutilated in Ahmednagar, sociologist Ashis Nandy is still facing the possibility of being booked under the SC/ST Act for his allegedly casteist remarks in the recently concluded Jaipur Literature Festival. Have Dalit leaders failed to focus on the real issues like caste atrocities and instead pounced on Ashis Nandy for his statement on corruption?

      Dalit intellectual Kancha Ilaiah does not agree that caste based atrocities are not being picked up by Dalit leaders. The two things are very different – one of them is street goondagiri and the other (Ashis Nandy’s), is part of intellectual goondagiri.

      Ashis Nandy got into trouble after his remarks on caste and corruption in the Jaipur Lit Fest 2013. PTI.

      Ashis Nandy got into trouble after his remarks on caste and corruption in the Jaipur Lit Fest 2013. PTI.

      Speaking to Sagarika Ghose on CNN-IBN, he said, “Street goondas have killed our people. Why should intellectual goondas be allowed? This can apply to Arun Jaitley, Swapan Dasgupta and Arun Shourie. Without challenging the theory if we let Ashis Nandy’s theory pass, the future of theories will be destroyed.”

      According to him, Ashis Nandy has turned the debate of corruption from an individual to an entire community of oppressed people namely the Scheduled Castes, Tribes and the Other Backward Castes.

      “He has put corruption around the axis of people who have been oppressed for over 3000 years. If whites were to say all blacks were corrupt, then would it not anount to some form of racism?,” he added.

      Prakash Ambedkar also made it clear that a wrong message would go if one would not protest the comment made by Ashis Nandy. He said,”How many people other than Dalits have criticised Ashis Nandy? What we have understood is a certain class of people are propagating corruption.”

      However, he made it clear that most of the Dalit leaders and intellectuals would stand behind Ashis Nandy and not allow him to be arrested or tried under the SC/ST Act. Ashis Nandy is known to be a strong champion of Dalit rights and is a strong votary of caste based reservation policies.
      Feroze Mithiborwala

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