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Update from POSCO Pratirodh Sangram Samiti ( PPSS) as on 22nd January 2013.

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    Dear Friends, As you know the police have made its presence heavy in our area and regularly conducting regular flag to intimidate us. Despite provocation, for
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    Dear Friends,


    As you know the police have made its presence heavy in our area and regularly conducting regular flag to intimidate us.


    Despite provocation, for the past nine days, our villagers are continuing the peaceful protest against theforceful acquisition of our land for Proposed steel plant by POSCO at Balitikra along Govindapur- Nuagaon border and the protest will continue for the indefinite period till the Government and POSCO management withdraw themselves from our area. The villagers including  children and women are keeping a round-the-clock vigil at the entry points to the village to stop the Government and Posco officials to come to the site villages.


    As you know the Odisha government is making an unlawful and illigal move to acquire our land without taking the consent of our villager into consideration and avoiding the unanimous resolution passed in recently held Gram Sabha against diversion of forest land for Posco project. Recenlty our chairperson of PPSS, Mr. Abhya Sahoo said that the Jagatsinghpur District Collector was misleading the people of the State that 80 per cent of the villagers of Govindapur wanted the establishment of the Posco plant. Sahoo dared the district Collector to prove it. “I would withdraw the anti Posco agitation, if the District Collector can prove that 80 per cent of the villagers support Posco,” he said.


    Further the mines issue is sub-judice, environmental clearance is under suspension and there is no Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) . The state government has been unleashing savage repression and violence on our democratic movement. This is a clear illegal attempt of POSCO to acquire land for the project by bribing the State Government, the district administration and the local politicians.


    In a resolution adopted at its national executive meeting held at Bhubaneswar, state capital of Odisha, the Communist Party of India ( CPI) asked the state government to withdraw the project from the area and resolved to oppose any industrialisation through repression and at the cost of vibrant agricultural economy. CPI national council secretary and MP Gurdas Dasgupta told ."We are opposed to farmers' land to be invaded by multi-national companies,"


    In this juncture, we strongly demand the state government to refrain from any anti-people and violent actions, withdraw the Posco project from our area and allow us to decide our fate.


    Attaching herewith the an article written by Anant Mariganti, Biju Mathew and Sirisa Naidu published in Economic Political weekly (EPW) that exposes the faulty NCARE report to justify POSCO’s cost-benifit analysis.


    Requesting you to sign the e-petition and circulate






    Kindly circulate this mail widely.


    In Solidarity,

    Prashant Paikary


    POSCO Pratirodh Sangram Samiti

    Mobile no - 09437571547

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