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Invitation to Right to Hearing camps Devdungri 27th Dec 2012

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  • aruna roy
    Dear MKSS Saathies, This is to invite you to join the MKSS for a series of combined public hearings and grievance redress camps being organized in Rajsamand
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 25, 2012

    Dear MKSS Saathies,

    This is to invite you to join the MKSS for a series of combined public hearings and grievance redress camps being organized in Rajsamand District, Rajasthan on the 27th of December, 2012. These ‘Right to Hearing’ camps will be held in four Panchayats - Saarot, Taal, Kushalpura and Barar and will look at the delivery of services by 16 government departments. Government officials will be present to receive complaints related to services/ entitlements such as health benefits, pensions (Old age, widow, disability), MGNREGA, PDS, electricity supply, etc, and answer queries related to non-payment or non delivery of a particular service or entitlement.

    In Rajasthan, the government has started a scheme by which the State departments are bound by law to receive complaints, and give dated receipts. This is the first important step for a grievance redress mechanism as it represents a right of a person to be heard, or the right to Sunwai. The ‘Right to Hearing’ camp hopes to take forward this initiative of the government, by increasing awareness about this mechanism of grievance redress (soochna/ jankari), and provide a public platform where there can be participation (or bhagidari) in holding government accountable. As this camp is being held as a public hearing or Jan Sunwai, it is also a space where immediate action can be taken to right actionable wrongs, correct flaws in the system, charge corrupt officials, etc (karyavahi).

    The ‘Right to Hearing’ Camp should also be seen in the larger context of the Indian State moving towards substituting governance reform with cash doles. The MKSS is strongly opposed to this as it has always believed that the Indian Welfare State has a responsibility to provide basic entitlements such as food, employment, health services, education to its citizens, and should make these entitlements universal so as to not exclude the poor and needy. The only kind of cash transfers that the MKSS supports are pensions, which are provided to people who can no longer earn a living, and have no other forms of support – financial or social.

    The ‘Right to Hearing’ camp is an exercise in make the system work from the bottom, creating a space where people have the individual and collective power to demand their rights, push the State to deliver. It is a slow and persistent process of bringing about change, with dignity.

    Hoping for your support, participation and involvement,

    The MKSS team




    How to get there :

    Devdungri, where we live is 8 kms from  Bhim – a block headquarter, one hour from Beawar, three hours from Ajmer and Udaipur. Devdungri is an overnight journey by bus from Delhi. You can take the sleeper bus and come to Bhim (8 kms from Devdungri). You could also take a bus from Bikaner house, break journey at Jaipur or Ajmer and then hop on to another state bus for Bhim. There is also a train from Delhi, I think the Ahmedabad Mail which comes to Beawar and then Devdungri is a one hours bus journey from there.

    Who to contact

    Digvijay– 08890464202, Janani – 07742467093, Asha - 08386088578

    Aruna Roy
    Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan (MKSS)
    Village Devdungri, Post Barar
    District Rajsamand 313341
    e mail: mkssrajasthan@...
    web site : www.mkssindia.org

    Telephone : +91 9413204488
                      +91 9929519361 

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