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6th December ,20-years distrust, hatred and violence

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  • Faisal Khan
                                     Ramhi kewal prem piyara                                jani lehu so  jananihara Dear Friend,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2012
                                       Ramhi kewal prem piyara

                                     jani lehu so  jananihara

      Dear Friend,

      Our struggle of freedom for independence from the yoke of British colonialism involved huge sacrifices on the part of the people-at-large. The division of our country at the time of independence dealt a deadly blow to the forces of progress represented by the martyrs like Bhagat Singh, Ashfaqullah, Bismil, Raj Guru and Sukhdev. 

      Even after 65 years of independence from British colonialism, a very large number of our fellow citizens are yet to get freedom from premature loss of life due to violence – be it overt in the form of so-called communal or caste violence, or covert in the form of hunger, illiteracy and homelessness. We have not been able to provide a decent quality of life – that is commensurate with the developmental level of our society.

      Twenty years ago, on December 6, 1992, the forces of reaction succeeded in taking our society farther away from the path that was informed by the ideals of our martyrs of freedom struggle. “saanjhi shahadat, saanjhi virasat” (shared martyrdom, shared legacy) was forgotten; and the struggles for livelihood issues were increasingly replaced by meaningless fights over symbolism. The reactionary forces of all hues have been quite successful in using the cover of religion to advance their reactionary politics, which divides the people and shifts the focus of societal discourse away from the sharing of resources amongst the nation’s citizens.

      The Babri Masjid demolition on December 6, 1992, was a severe blow to the ideals of liberty, peace and equality enshrined in our constitution. To invite attention towards different manifestations of societal strife since then, 20 social workers will observe fast  on 6th December at Rajghat. Let us assemble there to express our solidarity and to ponder over the affairs of our society. 

      Organiser:  Khudai khidmatgar,NAPM,Sadhbhav Mission,Asha parivar  

      Time & venue: Rajghat ,New Delhi 9am to 5pm  

      Contact :  Qamar intikhab: 9990505438, Bankul Sinha:82855568003,

      Imran Quraishi:9891097931,Vivek pandey :7838044275    

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