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Re: [INDIAN FIRST] Re: [issuesonline_worldwide] Why I can’t pay tribute to Thackeray by Markandey Katju

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  • Xavier William
    Hitler had the same patriotism and a similar following as Bal Thackeray Bal Tahckeray was one of the foremost in bringing mind-boggling violence into politics
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 19, 2012
      Hitler had the same patriotism and a similar following as Bal Thackeray
      Bal Tahckeray was one of the foremost in bringing mind-boggling violence into politics and religion. He was also one of the first to promote hurt sensitivities as a justification for unparalleled violence. His goons have now taken over and the two girls on facebook and their relatives are at the receiving end.
      Bombay became the commercial centre of India with inputs from everyone. One of the reasons for Bombay's pre-eminence is due to the large number of national institutions there. Thus Bombay is the HQ for Western Railway, SW Railway and a few other railway zones. It is also the headquarters for the Shipping Corp. of India, most of the national banks and so on and so forth. This in turn made it convenient for industries to flourish there. Along comes Bal Thackeray and declares that Bobmbay belongs to Marathis and unleashes violence on the people who helped to make Bombay what it is.
      Someone said that politicians think of the next elections whereas statesmen think of the next generation. In contrast Bal Thackeray was. a myopic goon who could not even beyond his own nose.

      On Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 4:11 PM, Abhilash Khandekar <abhilash@...> wrote:

      Thackeray was an enigma to many. But when he opposed the illegal Friday namaz on the streets by Muslims in Mumbai, was he wrong ? Where was (Justice) Katju then ? Or, if he opposed the Bangaldeshi infiltrators in thousands into India, what was wrong ? His only weak point was that perhaps he never learnt the art of glib-talking something Delhi always likes. He did not know much of diplomatic language either. He was forthright and very nationalist to his core. Maharashtra was created on linguistic lines so if he spoke of Marathi what was wrong ? He kept gathering huge crowds over the past four decades simply because he had some guts which no one in India could match. Why envy him, after he is gone ?

      In any case Balasaheb does not really need Katju's tribute; more than 20 lakh peoople physically and more than that through TV channels, have paid great respects to the steely man who was always outspoken and loved his state and India/. He would often said in Maharashtra--be a Maharashtrian and elsewhere be an Indian.

      Balasaheb all along was anti-Nehru-Gandhi and if that pains many, so be it.

      Abhilash Khandekar 

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      Subject: [INDIAN FIRST] Re: [issuesonline_worldwide] Why I can’t pay tribute to Thackeray by Markandey Katju


      1. In any part of India, immigrants from other States are either more qualified and skilled to fill up he vacancies and they work hard for their survival and progress, being in a stranger environment. The same applies to Mumbai City, where opportunities are plenty as well as the competition in which the locals lag behind.
      Mumbai experienced discrimination against locals, esp. in Railway recruitments as the Railway Ministers from Bihar- Nitish, Paswan or Lallu were all recruiting only Bihari-s and UP-ites for WESTERN RAILWAY BY RELEASING ADVERTISEMENTS BY RRB ONLY IN THE NEWSPAPERS OF BIHAR AND U.P. AND THE WRITTEN EXAMS HELD IN MUBAI HAD ONLY CANDIDATES ROM BIHAR/U.P., leading to Raj and MNS showing their anti-Bihari movements.
      2. Bal Thakre, like Periyar/Annadurai or Karunanidhi, cashed on the regional emotive factors to incite the local population to create a rift with the immigrants who were "usurping" the jobs that could be given to locals.
      3. Initially, in 1960-s Thakre found the harmless South Indians as targets, attacking the Udipi hotels to begin with to drive away the Dhotiwalla-s and many went back to Tamilnadu and Karnataka fearing physical threats. But the same Sainiks by evening went to these Udipi hotels and had sumptuous Dosa and Idli-s without paying for them. This was beginning of Shiv Sena, a violent group set up by Thakre as he as a Cartoonist faced competition from South Indian Cartoonists in the English dailies.
      4.Regional affinity is a powerful force as proved by the DMK coming to power followed by Shiv Sena and other States, but for the limitations. Thakre used the platform of Regional identity and many of his policies during discussions were stinging but true e.g. Abolish Caste reservations totally, but there are only two Castes in India-Rich and Poor, bring up the poor but do not bring down the rich (who provide employment in their ventures).
      5. The affection towards Thakre during his funeral would have astounded anyone with over 2 million (according to Police estimates) thronging the Shiaji Park and streets nearby travelling from different parts of the State to pay last respects to him. The Crowd was thronging and dense but disciplined throughout to the great surprise of the Police, who expected some stone throwing that might lead to riots.
      The 2 millions present is unprecedented in any part of the World and no wonder the elite in Delhi were surprised at the spontaneity of response by the people of Maharshtra to this non-political celebrity wielding unbridled power with the people.

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      Subject: [issuesonline_worldwide] Why I can’t pay tribute to Thackeray by Markandey Katju


      Why I can’t pay tribute to Thackeray
      18 November 2012 , By Markandey Katju

      His bhumiputra theory flies in the face of our Constitution and works
      against the unity needed to ensure development
      Muppadhu kodi mugamudayal

      Enil maipuram ondrudayal

      Ival Seppumozhi padhinetudayal

      Enil Sindhanai ondrudayal

      (This Bharatmata has 30 crore faces

      But her body is one

      She speaks 18 languages

      But her thought is one)

      Tamil poet Subramania Bharathi

      Bhedad gana vinauyanti bhinnah supajapah paraih

      Tasmat samghatayogesu prayateran ganah sada

      (Republics have been destroyed because of internal divisions among the people;

      Hence a republic should always strive to achieve unity and good
      relations among the people)

      Mahabharat, Shanti Parva, chapter 108, shloka 14

      Tesam anyonyabhinnanam svauaktim anutisthatam

      Nigrahah panditaih karyah ksipram eva pradhanatah

      (Therefore the wise authorities should crush the separatist forces
      trying to assert their strength)

      Mahabharat, Shanti Parva, 108:26

      Political leaders, film stars, cricketers, etc. are all falling over
      one another to pay tribute to the late Bal Thackeray. Amidst this
      plethora of accolades and plaudits pouring in from the high and
      mighty, I humbly wish to register my vote of dissent.

      I know of the maxim De mortuis nil nisi bonum (of the dead speak only
      good), but I regret I cannot, since I regard the interest of my
      country above observance of civil proprieties.

      What is Bal Thackeray’s legacy?

      It is the anti-national ‘sons of the soil’ (bhumiputra) theory.

      Article 1(1) of the Indian Constitution states: “India, that is
      Bharat, shall be a Union of States.”

      Thus, India is not a confederation but a union.

      Article 19 (1) (e) states: “All citizens shall have the right — to
      reside and settle in any part of the territory of India.”

      Thus, it is a fundamental right of a Gujarati, south Indian, Bihari,
      U.P.ite, or person from any other part of India to migrate to
      Maharashtra and settle down there, just as it is of Maharashtrians to
      settle down in any part of India (though there are some restrictions
      in J&K, and some North-East States, due to historical reasons).

      The bhumiputra theory states that Maharashtra essentially belongs to
      Marathi people, while Gujaratis, south Indians, north Indians, etc.
      are outsiders. This is in the teeth of Articles 1(1) and 19(1)(e) of
      the Constitution. India is one nation, and hence non-Maharashtrians
      cannot be treated as outsiders in Maharashtra.

      The Shiv Sena created by Thackeray attacked south Indians in the 1960s
      and 70s, and vandalised their restaurants and homes. In 2008, Biharis
      and U.P.ites living in Mumbai (the bhaiyyas who eke out a livelihood
      as milk and newspaper vendors, taxi drivers etc.) were described as
      infiltrators and attacked, their taxis smashed, and several beaten up.
      Muslims were also vilified

      This, of course, created a vote bank for Thackeray based on hatred (as
      had Hitler, of whom Thackeray was an admirer), and how does it matter
      if the country breaks up and is Balkanised?

      Apart from the objection to the ‘sons of the soil’ theory for being
      anti-national and unconstitutional, there is an even more basic
      objection, which may rebound on Thackeray’s own people.

      India is broadly a country of immigrants (like North America) and
      92-93 per cent of the people living in India today are not the
      original inhabitants but descendants of immigrants who came mainly
      from the north-west seeking a comfortable life in the sub-continent
      (see the article ‘What is India?’ on my blog justicekatju.blogspot.in
      and the video on the website kgfindia.com ).

      The original inhabitants (the real bhumiputra) of India are the
      pre-Dravidian tribals, known as Adivasis (the Bhils, Gonds, Santhals,
      Todas, etc.) who are only 7-8 per cent of our population today.

      Hence if the bhumiputra theory is seriously implemented, 92-93 per
      cent of Maharashtrians (including, perhaps, the Thackeray family) may
      have to be regarded as outsiders and treated accordingly. The only
      real bhumiputra in Maharashtra are the Bhils and other tribals, who
      are only 7-8 per cent of the population of Maharashtra.

      Several separatist and fissiparous forces are at work in India today
      (including the bhumiputra theory). All patriotic people must combat
      these forces.

      Why must we remain united? We must remain united because only a
      massive modern industry can generate the huge wealth we require for
      the welfare of our people — agriculture alone cannot do this — and
      modern industry requires a huge market. Only a united India can
      provide the huge market for the modern industry we must create to
      abolish poverty, unemployment and other social evils, and to provide
      for the huge health care and modern education systems we must set up
      if we wish to come to the front ranks of the most advanced countries.

      Hence I regret I cannot pay any tribute to Mr. Bal Thackeray.

      (Markandey Katju is Chairman, Press Council of India.)

      Peace Is Doable


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