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Satyagraha on September 9, 2012

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  • S. P. Udayakumar
    People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE)                   September 7, 2012 Idinthakarai & P. O. 627 104 Tirunelveli District,
    Message 1 of 12 , Sep 7, 2012
      People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE)                   September 7, 2012
      Idinthakarai & P. O. 627 104
      Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu
      Phone: 98656 83735; 98421 54073
      Press Release
      All Tamil Parties and Movements,
      Please Come to Idinthakarai, Join Hands Together, and Save the Tamil People
       Our people have been struggling hard and nonviolently through democratic means for more than a year for the closure of the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP). Although the “destructive six” parties such as the Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Dravida Munnetra Kazhakam (DMK), All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhakam (AIADMK), Communist Party of India (CPI), and Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) are all working against the interests of the Tamil people, there are “supportive hundred” Tamil political parties and social movements who are genuinely interested in the welfare and well-being of the Tamil people.
      The Congress party and the BJP are working overtime to prop up the economies of Russia, United States, France and other countries and create profit for all their MNCs. They take an anti-Indian stance on all issues here in India such as opening up the Indian retail market for FDI. They keep plundering the Indian people through heartless scandals and massive corruption.

      Similarly, the CPI and the CPM do not consider our people as working class and are not ready to support us in our struggle. These parties opposed nuclear bomb and supported nuclear power. When the India-US nuclear deal was signed, they started opposing the nuclear power for the first time. Now they oppose the French-assisted Jaitapur project but still support the Russian-designed KKNPP. These parties are still wallowing in their erstwhile Russian infatuation even though Russia has become a capitalist country. It might take 50 more years for them to understand the complete ramifications of the nuclear issue.

      The DMK has become one family’s party and is engaged all kinds of deception and trickery against the Tamil people through empty slogans and political verbiage. The ruling AIADMK tries to create the impression that they are working for the Tamil people but are actually functioning with a self-serving agenda. Even though the capacity factor of the Indian nuclear power plants is hardly 40 percent, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has been demanding 2,000 MW from the KKNPP. She has been demanding the expulsion of Sri Lankan soldiers and football players from India but is not dealing with the serious and life-oriented issues that jeopardize the Tamil people’s well-being, our natural resources and the futures.

      The natural wealth of the Tamil people such as our hills, forests, rivers and seas are all systematically plundered by private profiteers, politicians and bureaucrats. The hot and radioactive effluents and liquid wastes that are discharged into the sea from the KKNPP and Kalpakkam nuclear plants will affect the coastal wealth, food security, nutrition, and the health of the future generations. The Tamil people’s fertile lands are being converted into real estate properties by the land mafia and our agriculture is being stifled systematically. A recent survey has found out that the groundwater all over Tamil Nadu has been badly polluted.

      The “destructive six” political parties identified above are the sole reason for the bad shape the Tamil society is in. But still they hold sway over the Tamil society because the “supportive hundred” Tamil parties and movements are all divided and strife-torn.

      We are requesting all the “supportive hundred” Tamil parties and movements to brush aside their differences and disagreements and join hands together to protect our people, our natural wealth and our future generations.

      We demand that no fuel loading should take place at the KKNPP and the plant has to be converted into some other benign power project. And we are going to embark on a Satyagraha struggle on September 9, 2012, Sunday from Idinthakarai.

      We request the “supportive hundred” Tamil parties and movements to take up this historic opportunity and fight together for the welfare of the Tamil society. They should also engage in constituency adjustments and face the upcoming Parliamentary elections together.

      If these parties let the Tamil people down at this important juncture, the “destructive six” will come to power again and damage our society even more. We will carry an indelible blemish on all of us, and the future generations of the Tamil society will curse us.

      So we request all the “supportive hundred” Tamil parties and movements to come rushing to Idinthakarai to save us, to join hands with each other, to give a new beginning to the Tamil society and to rescue us all from an impending disaster.

      The Struggle Committee
      People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy

    • S. P. Udayakumar
      People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy Idinthakarai 627 104   PRESS RELEASE September 12, 2012   Let us Do Some Soul-search and Talk Again!   Just like
      Message 2 of 12 , Sep 12, 2012
        People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy
        Idinthakarai 627 104
        September 12, 2012
        Let us Do Some Soul-search and Talk Again!
        Just like a hapless wife brutally assaulted by her male chauvinistic and drunken husband, like an innocent little child beaten up by his abusive parent, our honest, hardworking, and pious people have been violated, their possessions vandalized, their 400-day long nonviolent movement vilified. By our own government! By our own Chief Minister who we brought back to power to rescue us from corruption, power abuse, nepotism, dynastic rule and double speak! An overwhelming majority of the Tamil voters including almost all the coastal communities voted for the Chief Minister’s party.
        When the biggest nuclear power plants in the country or the largest nuclear power park is being set up on our seas that will have deleterious effect on our sea and seafood, land and crops, water bodies and ground water, on our livelihood and on our progeny, we have opposed peacefully, democratically and nonviolently. Don’t we have at least that much freedom in our country?
        In fact, the Chief Minister sympathized with our cause in the beginning. She had objected to the Chennai visit of the nuclear-armed ship, the USS Nimitz; and she had opposed the India-US nuclear deal with so much conviction. Our team met with the Chief Minister twice and the Prime Minister once at her own personal initiative. The Chief Minister kept talking about solar power and other renewable sources of energy, kept demanding more electricity from the central pool and more finance for electricity projects in Tamil Nadu. She even said that she would be one among us in our struggle.
        We took to the streets, voiced our concerns to the Central Government and asked them to stop the Koodankulam nuclear power project, change our energy policy and to save our natural resources. The District Collector, Dr. R. Selvaraj, entertained us in his office and served us tea and biscuits. The Superintendent of Police, Mr. Vijayendra Bidari, gave oral ‘go-ahead’ every time we sought permission over phone for our demonstrations, agitations and public meetings. But they kept on filing false cases on us all with serious charges such as sedition, waging war on the state and so forth.
        The ‘love scene’ changed to ‘hate scene’ in March 2012! The script changed! The situation, the lighting, and the overall direction changed! The Chief Minister alleges that we are all in a ‘maya valai’ (mystical net). Maybe she is referring to nuclear radiation that is indeed like a ‘maya valai’ you cannot see, hear, smell, taste or touch.
        Today we are surrounded by police, beaten up by police, harassed by police, accused of committing all kinds of crimes by police, arrested by police and above all, mentally, emotionally, spiritually assaulted by police. And the Chief Minister is the police minister!
        We are all fisherfolks, shopkeepers, agricultural laborers, beedi-rolling women, and to be brief, working class people. We do not steal public money, we do not amass wealth through illegal business deals, and we do not plunder the nation’s natural wealth. But we are treated like criminals; dangerous, seditious, violent, vicious and wicked lawbreakers. Our leaders, who have been invoking the names and wisdom of Thiruvalluvar, Buddha, Mahavir, Ashoka, Guru Nanak, Mahatma Gandhi, Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan and Mother Teresa, are treated like dreaded terrorists. Our people who worship Sage Vishwamitra, Lord Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohamed are treated with contempt and dislike. The St. Lourdes Church at Idinthakarai has been desecrated by urinating and a holy statue destroyed. Naval boats are patrolling our seas; air force planes are hovering over our villages; the police are blocking our roads; we are short of food, water and other basic essentials; and the state is waging a war on us! But we cannot do a thing!
        The global nuclear mafia sees our people as their sworn enemies. The KGB, the CIA and other international intelligence agencies consider us serious threats to their respective ruling cliques. The Delhi Government is infuriated with us as they are worried about their billion dollar nuclear business deals and commissions and kickbacks. The Tamil Nadu Government also tends to treat us like dreaded terrorists and dangerous criminals.
        The police have shot down an unarmed civilian Anthony John at Manappadu coastal village. Several people including a small baby are said to be missing. Some 53 nonviolent protesters, men and women, are charged with sedition and waging war on the State cases and are languishing in distant prisons in Tamil Nadu. Thousands and thousands of families are living in fear and despair.
        We do not expect or want any awards or accolades for practicing democracy and protesting in a nonviolent manner. But can’t we be treated with a little bit of humanness, civility and dignity? Who should we turn to? Who could we talk to? The Chief Minister may not even see this. Her arrogant upper caste advisors may say everything bad about us and our lower caste people.
        We would request the Chief Minister to stop fuelling the KKNPP, remove police from our area, provide compensation for the people who lost their boats, vehicles and household items, and release those who are arrested.
        We thank all the leaders and members of various political parties, social movements, lawyer associations, fishermen associations, student groups, labor unions, village committees and other organizations in Tamil Nadu and other states for organizing various demonstrations and agitations in support of our struggle. We would solicit their continued support for our struggle and for the above-mentioned immediate demands as well.
        The Struggle Committee
        People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy

      • S. P. Udayakumar
        How to Kill a Democracy                              S. P. Udayakumar Kuthenkuzhi September 21, 2012   Anoint a colonized World
        Message 3 of 12 , Oct 1, 2012
          How to Kill a Democracy                             
          S. P. Udayakumar

          September 21, 2012
          Anoint a colonized World Bank clerk as the Chief Executive with American blessings
          And have him dance to imperial tunes and MNC notes with Swadeshi songs and swings.
          Include all the rogues, rascals and rowdies as coalition partners and co-conspirators;
          Make “Loot and Let Loot” the philosophy of governance and principle of administration.
          Grant licenses, permits, and permissions for high amounts of kickbacks and commission;
          Even if the country loses income and profit, just increase your cuts without any remission.
          Appropriate real estates and properties, accumulate wealth and ascertain aggrandizement;
          Hoard the money in Swiss banks, and have Quattrocchis operate ‘em without advertisement.
          Open up national economy for Foreign Direct Investment and stringent structural adjustments;
          Set up nuclear power plants all over and prop up foreign economies and nuclear establishments;
          Build more nuclear weapons, blast more ballistic missiles with corrupt military procurements;
          Turn the country into a super-poor superpower with these deadly political determinants.
          If anyone challenges any of this, call them anti-national, unpatriotic and even seditious;
          Claim they’re waging a war on the State even as you wage on them a war malicious.
          Repeat the accusation they’re instigated by external powers, foreign money and spies abhorrent;
          Foist false cases, vandalize their properties, raid their homes, send summons and arrest warrant.
          Ignore global civil society, deem your citizens your own slaves and treat ‘em as you please;
          Flout international norms, forswear human rights, forsake human dignity and citizens’ ease;
          Stamp out democratic space, snub any political dissent, and silence any whispers and murmurs;
          Turn hope and faith into fear and hate; engage media goons, and employ terrorism discourses;
          And thus you can kill your democracy slowly, softly and surely!
        • S. P. Udayakumar
          October 3, 2012   People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy Idinthakarai 627 104 Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu Ph: 09865683735; 09842154073
          Message 4 of 12 , Oct 4, 2012
            October 3, 2012
            People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy
            Idinthakarai 627 104
            Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu
            Ph: 09865683735; 09842154073
            Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal
            30-B, Harish Chatterjee Street
            Kolkata 700 026 
            West Bengal 
            Fax: (033) 24540880; E-mail: cm-wb@...
            Honorable Madam:
            Greetings! We are the ‘ordinary citizens’ of India who have been struggling against the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP) for over a quarter century now. We have intensified our struggle since August 2011 and our peaceful, nonviolent and democratic protest has been going on for more than 400 days now.
            We write to express our heartfelt congratulations to you on your taking a pro-people stand on several national issues and to welcome you to our place here in Tamil Nadu. After all, you are the only leader who has taken a bold and courageous stand against the Haripur nuclear project in Purba Medhinipur district in West Bengal. You have also fought so valiantly for the common people of India at Nandigram and Singur; and people all over India are thankful for your stand against FDI in retail sector.
            As the present central government of India signs indiscriminate nuclear deals with the United States, Russia, France and scores of other countries, the people of these countries gain employment, their MNCs reap huge profits and their fledgling economies get strengthened. But Indian fishermen, farmers, Dalit workers and other deprived sections of our country get affected in all kinds of ways: loss of livelihood, loss of natural resources, loss of food security, loss of nutrition, diseases, debt, insecurities, vulnerabilities and so forth.
            As you know, our country’s nuclear performance has been quite dismal, insignificant and wasteful.  Even after spending so much money, resources, time and national energies for the past 63 years, they produce hardly 2.5% electricity and done little for the betterment of our people. With increased allotment of resources and strategic importance, the nuclear department meddles in national politics. Invigorating this nuclear department further will lead only to slavery and not salvation.
            To save the ‘ordinary citizens’ of our country and to safeguard their survival, wellbeing and freedom, the country needs the intervention of thoughtful, caring and creative leaders such as yourself. May we request you to visit us at Idinthakarai, support our struggle, and help our country envision a people-friendly, Nature-friendly, and Future-friendly energy policy and design alternative energy programs and projects that protect our peoples’ rights to life and livelihood, and safeguard the interest of our youth and children please.
            We welcome your recent statement "I will go everywhere in India to protect the Indian business, the farmers, the labourers and the people of India. Everything has a laxman rekha (limit), and when it is crossed, I must work for the 'aam aadmi' (common man)." We earnestly hope that you would visit us and support our struggle.
            Looking forward to hearing from you, we send you our best personal regards and all peaceful wishes.
            S. P. Udayakumar       M. Pushparayan          M. P. Jesuraj                Fr. F. Jayakumar
          • S. P. Udayakumar
            People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE)                  October 18, 2012 Idinthakarai & P. O. 627 104 Tirunelveli District, Tamil
            Message 5 of 12 , Oct 18, 2012
              People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE)                  October 18, 2012
              Idinthakarai & P. O. 627 104
              Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu
              Phone: 98656 83735; 98421 54073
              Mahatma Gandhi Speaks to the Australian Prime Minister?
              The People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) as well as our sympathizers all over India would like to apologize to Ms. Julia Gillard, the Honorable Prime Minister of Australia, for the dangerous fall she suffered at the Raj Ghat. If we ask the local authorities in Delhi why they had not taken enough precautions to avoid such a dangerous fall and why none of the security officers could prevent an important international leader from falling on her face or for not coming to her rescue on time, we may attract more sedition charges. Madam Prime Minister, this whole Raj Ghat episode reflects the authorities’ utter lack of safety precautions and emergency preparedness. And your government is seriously considering selling Uranium to these folks. Maybe, Madam Prime Minister, Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of Our Nation, is trying to say something to you and please listen to him.
              The PMANE welcomes the Honorable Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s appointing a ten-member committee to monitor and manage the electricity crisis in the State. However, it is reliably learnt that a few members of this Committee are the cronies of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) and are working hand in glove with the DAE to aggravate the energy crisis in the State and to create a conducive atmosphere for the opening of the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP). The Honorable Chief Minister should instruct these committee members to work for the people of Tamil Nadu and not for any Central Government agencies or departments.
              The PMANE condemns the DAE, the NPCIL and the AERB for spreading rumors and unconfirmed reports on fuelling the KKNPP and the follow-up inspections. These agencies misguide and mislead the people of Tamil Nadu and India without giving out names and designations of the officers who spread such false news and wrong reports. Dr. R. K. Sinha, the Chief of DAE, had told the media a few weeks back that it would take a few months for fuelling and commissioning the KKNPP-1. He must explain to the people of India if he is in complete control of the DAE or there are several other power centers that could do this kind of random actions and reckless announcements and hold the country a hostage.
              As the project-affected people are agitating against the KKNPP, the authorities, no matter how powerful they are, cannot and should not proceed with the project. It is our bounden duty to remind them that we are a democratic and independent nation called the ‘Republic of India’ and not a province in the Russian Federation or the erstwhile Soviet Union or the United States. If the DAE authorities proceed with the illegal fuelling and commissioning and are forced to decommission the project later, our country would not get anything in return for all the expenses and investment that we have made at Koodankulam. And the DAE will have to bear the complete responsibility for such an eventuality. The PMANE demands the immediate cessation of fuelling and commissioning so that we can turn the KKNPP into an alternative power project.

              The Struggle Committee
              The People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE)
            • S. P. Udayakumar
              October 31, 2012   People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) Idinthakarai 627 104 Tirunelveli District Tamil Nadu, India Phone: 98656 83735;
              Message 6 of 12 , Oct 30, 2012
                October 31, 2012
                People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE)
                Idinthakarai 627 104
                Tirunelveli District
                Tamil Nadu, India
                Phone: 98656 83735; 9842154073
                The Heads of State/Government
                c/o The Embassies (or) High Commissions
                New Delhi
                Your Excellency:
                Greetings! We, several millions of people from the southernmost tip of India, are writing to you to seek your support for the peaceful and nonviolent struggle that we have been waging for almost a quarter century against the Koodankulam nuclear power project (KKNPP). We have intensified our struggle since August 2011 with indefinite hunger strikes, relay fasts, massive marches, siege protests and so on.
                This mega nuclear power park is being built with Russian loan and technology against the will and wishes of the local people. The Indian authorities have not conducted any public hearing to seek our permission or consent for this project. They have not shared the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report, the Site Evaluation Report, and the Safety Analysis Report with our people. These reports are made available to the public on the internet in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. After a long and hard struggle of more than 22 years, we have just obtained a copy of the EIA report which is outdated and so full of inaccuracies and incomplete information.
                As the Indian authorities unleash all kinds of atrocities on us such as dangerous cases (like sedition, waging war on the state etc.), imprisonment, curfew and prohibitory orders, intimidation campaigns, home searches, physical attacks on our persons and properties, police atrocities and other such high-handed behavior, we are forced to seek justice from the international community. After all, nuclear energy is a global issue and the effects of it cannot be restricted to any national borders or international boundaries.
                The world knows fully well that nuclear power and bomb programs are the two sides of the same coin. And this is the reason why the international community objects to the development of nuclear power by certain countries and calls for the abolition of nuclear weapons altogether. In fact, Nuclearism has become a dangerous ideology that corrupts politics, threatens democracy, imperils freedom and endangers human existence on the Earth. Such a comprehensive humane global look at the world economy, politics and security makes the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) redundant. It is high time we abolished the IAEA that has a mission to, among other things, facilitate “the transfer of such technology and knowledge in a sustainable manner to developing Member States.”
                Although the global nuclear industry tries to promote nuclear power as the answer for global warming and climate destruction, the international community knows for sure that poisoned Earth with nuclear waste cannot be the answer for polluted air. Moreover, our fragile planet has been facing natural calamities of all sorts with increasing frequency and added potency. And it would be foolhardy to add to our woes with nuclear threats and dangers.
                We have no moral legitimacy whatsoever to produce electricity for our present needs and endanger the futures of our children and the unborn generations with the dangerous booty of nuclear waste, contaminated sites and deadly radiation. It is not only immoral but also illegal to help the profiteering MNCs, corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and technocrats make money at the cost of the Earth, the future inhabitants and their common futures.
                When terrorism spreads all over the world like an epidemic and nuclear terrorism is fast becoming a dreadful reality, proliferation of nuclear weapons, promotion of nuclear technology and fostering of nuclear material will be suicidal. Science and technology are important tools for our progress and prosperity but when that quest shuns human values, moral principles and political ethos, we suffer from God-complex and dig our own graves.
                Scores of countries around the world have chosen not to hoard fissile material, develop or test nuclear weapons, or build nuclear power plants. In fact, many countries that have relied heavily on nuclear power so far have decided to phase out. So let us make a solemn resolve here and now to build a new world that has no Uranium mines, no nuclear reactors, no waste dumps and no nuclear weapons.
                Looking forward to your government’s and citizens’ support and solidarity for our anti-Koodankulam struggle and a nuclear-free world campaign, we send you our best personal regards and all peaceful wishes.
                S. P. Udayakumar
                M. Pushparayan
                M. P. Jesuraj
                Fr. F. Jayakumar
                R.S. Muhilan
                Peter Milton

              • S. P. Udayakumar
                Save Our Coast, Save Our Food, Save Our Future! November 21, 2012 The People s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) is planning a massive agitation in front
                Message 7 of 12 , Nov 1 11:23 AM
                  Save Our Coast, Save Our Food, Save Our Future!
                  November 21, 2012

                  The People's Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) is planning a massive agitation in front of the District Collector's office in all the district headquarters of 9 coastal districts in Kerala, 13 coastal districts in Tamil Nadu and 4 districts of the Union Territory of Puducherry on November 21, 2012 (World Fisheries Day), Wednesday at 10 AM.

                   spread the word around, inform your friends and relatives and request them to take part in the agitation to save our coast, our fisherfolks, our food, our children, our future, our country and our Planet Earth.

                  Kakkanad (Ernakulam)

                  TAMIL NADU


                  All our fishermen will boycott their work that day to show our people's strength and solidarity against the nuclear power plants at the coastal locations of Koodankulam, Kalpakkam, Kovvada, Pati Sonapur, Haripur, Jaitapur, Tarapur, Mithi Virdi and in other interior locations all over India.

                  Come, Join Us!
                  Save Our Coast, Save Our Food, Save Our Future!!
                • S. P. Udayakumar
                  November 4, 2012   The People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy Idinthakarai 627 104 Tamil Nadu, India koodankulam@yahoo.com   H.E. The President of India,
                  Message 8 of 12 , Nov 3 12:40 PM
                    November 4, 2012
                    The People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy
                    Idinthakarai 627 104
                    Tamil Nadu, India
                    H.E. The President of India,
                    H. E. The Prime Minister of India,
                    Hon’ble Chief Justice of India,
                    H.E. The Governor of Tamil Nadu,
                    Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, and
                    The Fellow Citizens of Tamil Nadu and India
                    Dear All:
                    Greetings! We have been struggling continuously against the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KKNPP) in peaceful and nonviolent manner for almost a quarter century and for almost 450 days in a more recent concerted campaign.  We have been asking in vain for the basic information about the project such as the Site Evaluation Report (SER), Safety Analysis Report (SAR), Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP), the performance report of VVER-1000/412 reactor, and the India-Russia Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) on Liability and so forth.
                    Instead of getting the above information, we are getting dangerous cases (like sedition, waging war on the state etc.), malicious accusations (that we are foreign funded and instigated), imprisonment, curfew and prohibitory orders, intimidation campaigns, home searches, physical attacks on our persons and properties, police atrocities and other such high-handed behaviors of the State. A few of our honest and hard-working fishermen have just been charged under Goondas Act. All this for practicing our citizenship in the Socialist, Secular, Democratic Republic of India!
                    The UPA government is embarking upon an ambitious plan of setting up scores of nuclear parks all along our coast and in many interiors locations with the help of Russia, France, the United States and many other countries. Our politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen are all pleased with the golden opportunities of making a killing out of this multi-billion dollar business through cuts, commissions, kickbacks, contracts and sub-contracts. Some sections of our scientific community talk about achieving energy security and even energy independence with hardly any original or creative scientific research or accomplishments. Much of our national media toe the government line and try to snatch their share of the pie.
                    There is no national debate whatsoever on the impact of all these nuclear plants/parks on our farmers’, fishermen’s and workers’ right to life and livelihood; our natural resources; our cattle, crops and seafood; food security; nutrition security; health of our people, and the well-being of our progeny.

                    Even a small mishap in a nuclear facility will destroy millions of people in our highly and densely populated country. We, as a nation, have failed to help our people in Bhopal even after 27 long years; our leaders, bureaucrats and scientists have not even managed to clean up the mess there yet. The dangerous waste still remains there open and exposed. A recent Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) Report on the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) has concluded that this toothless regulatory agency has not even ensured nuclear and radiation safety in any of our atomic installations.
                    None of the above bothers our leaders, bureaucrats and scientists. Scores of developed and advanced countries around the world are shunning nuclear power and going for ‘New Energies’. But our national elites are going for nuclear power with no concrete plans to decommission the plants or to store and safeguard the nuclear waste.
                    Hundreds of thousands of Indians are demonstrating against nuclear power plants and Uranium mines all over the country. And we are doing just the same here at Koodankulam. But the Government of India and the Government of Tamil Nadu are reacting with such violence and vehemence.
                    We, as citizens of the largest democracy, are fighting for our right. We have upheld our tradition of secularism, democracy and nonviolence. If sedition charges, Goondas Act, home searches, incarceration and severe repression are the gifts that will be handed down to us, we gladly accept them. We are even prepared to die for the future of our children and grandchildren and our country, but under no circumstances are we prepared to hurt or harm or kill anyone.
                    As the very last and desperate attempt at securing our independence and freedom, thwarting another spell of colonialism and foreign domination, safeguarding India’s natural resources, changing our energy policy and ensuring the well-being of our fellow citizens, we would like to appeal to your and our nation’s collective conscience to listen to us, the ordinary people of India, and not to repress us. Those of us who fail in this historic duty will be judged harshly by the future generations.
                    With best regards and all peaceful wishes,
                    Yours truly,
                    S. P. Udayakumar   M. Pushparayan   M. P. Jesuraj   Fr. F. Jayakumar   R. S. Muhilan   Peter Milton
                  • S. P. Udayakumar
                    November 9, 2012   The People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy Idinthakarai 627 104 Tamil Nadu India koodankulam@yahoo.com   The Delegates 18th National
                    Message 9 of 12 , Nov 8 11:59 AM
                      November 9, 2012
                      The People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy
                      Idinthakarai 627 104
                      Tamil Nadu
                      The Delegates
                      18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China
                      Great Hall of the People
                      H. E. The Ambassador of China
                       50-D, Shantipath
                      New Delhi-110021
                      Fax: 91-11-26885486; 24679542
                      Dear Esteemed Delegates:
                      Greetings! We, the Struggle Committee of the People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE), write to congratulate you all on the successful start of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and to wish you all great success with this important meeting.
                      As you are making crucial decisions about the socioeconomic-political future of your important country, may we request you to shun the development of nuclear power as an energy option please. After all, scores of developed and scientifically advanced countries around the world are renouncing nuclear power and going for ‘New Energies’ for obvious reasons.
                      Only our two countries, China and India, are going for major expansion of nuclear power with no concrete plans to decommission the plants or to store and safeguard the nuclear waste. Both our countries also go for major nuclear arms build-up which is not in the best interests of our peoples, regional harmony and world peace.
                      Our countries are working together in several international forums such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), the Russia-India-China (RIC) troika, and the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) economies. We could become a much larger force in the world economy over the next 50 years. In fact, economists predict that BRICS economies could account for over half the size of the G6 (US, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, UK) by 2025 and could be larger than the G6 (in US dollar terms) in less than 40 years.
                      But our national growth and progress may mean little if we also engage in nuclear arms race and squander our resources on expensive and dangerous projects such as nuclear power plants that will take enormous amounts of money for decommissioning, waste management and so forth. All our nuclear plants/parks will have deleterious effects on our farmers’, fishermen’s and workers’ rights to life and livelihood; our natural resources; our cattle, crops and seafood; food security; nutrition security; health of our people, and the wellbeing of our progeny.
                      In the larger interests of our own countries and peoples and the whole world, please make a solemn resolve in your historic 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China not to promote nuclear energy in China. Such a thoughtful decision will also help India, Pakistan and other countries shun nuclear power and go for “New Energies.”
                      Looking forward to your timely and wise intervention in the nuclear issue, we send you our best regards and all peaceful wishes.
                      Yours truly,
                      S. P. Udayakumar     M. Pushparayan     M. P. Jesuraj  
                      Fr. F. Jayakumar     R. S. Muhilan     Peter Milton

                    • S. P. Udayakumar
                      People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) Idinthakarai 627 104 Tirunelveli District Tamil Nadu   PRESS RELEASE November 23, 2012   SAY ‘NO’ TO
                      Message 10 of 12 , Nov 23 6:20 AM

                        People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE)

                        Idinthakarai 627 104

                        Tirunelveli District

                        Tamil Nadu


                        PRESS RELEASE

                        November 23, 2012


                        SAY ‘NO’ TO KOODANKULAM AND KOLAR


                        The Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) strikes again! With the same kind of callousness, carelessness and recklessness!


                        When the Supreme Court judges asked the NPCIL officials where the Koodankulam spent fuels would be transported to, India’s Solicitor General said that they would be sent to deep mining places in Kolar. Mr. Rohit Nariman admitted in open court that Kolar had been identified as the final long-term geological repository for long-life nuclear wastes.


                        In its characteristic manner, the DAE has not shared any basic information on the Kolar plan with the local people, or people’s representatives or the press. The ad-hoc nature of the DAE’s decision-making and the short shrift given to science and public opinion are so glaring and, in fact, very disturbing.

                        The Affidavit filed by Mr. Ashok Chauhan, Executive Director of NPCIL on 7 November, 2012, has the following statement about long-term Deep Geological Repository (DGR):

                        It is submitted that in India, the need of DGR will arise only after a few decades from now. However, research and development work is in progress for over three decades in the field of in-situ experiments, natural barrier characterisation, numerical modelling, conceptual design and natural analogue of waste forms and repository processes. Keeping in line with the international developments, the initial focus of work in eighties mainly centred on setting up generic Underground Research Laboratories in one of the abandoned mines in India and resulted in the development of an underground chamber in Kolar gold mine located in South India. Current efforts within the Indian geological repository programme are directed towards granite based URL. In India, we have granite rock formation spread all over the country. As such setting up of a deep geological repository is not much of a technological challenge, but as is the case internationally everywhere, it is more of a sociopolitical issue."

                        It is a fact that the Underground Research Laboratory (URL) in Kolar was opened in 1964 mainly as a neutrino laboratory. According to DAE's own documents, the lab was shut down in 1992 following closure of the mines. The department must share the waste depository studies and analyses with the local public and the State Government of Karnataka.


                        However, Mr. S. K. Malhotra, the spokesperson for the DAE has claimed that the department has no plans to dump any nuclear waste either from Kudankulam or any other nuclear plant anywhere near Kolar. If Kolar was never in the reckoning, then where did Mr. Nariman get this idea from? Who is speaking the truth and who is not? All we can deduce from this culture of nuclear deception is that Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) is going to be the nuclear killing fields of India.


                        KGF is about 30 kilometers from Kolar and 100 kilometers from Bengaluru (Bangalore) city. It is right in the heart of southern India where three big states, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, intersect. This is a highly populated area. For instance, look at the populations figures of the three adjacent districts (2011 estimate):

                        Kolar District (Karnataka):     1,540,231
                        Chittoor District (AP):            4,170,468
                        Krishnagiri District (TN):        1,883,731

                        This high and dense population does not deter the Indian government or the DAE from setting up the dump site at Kolar for they attach more value to their own self-interests and the interests of the United States, Russia and France than our people’s lives and interests.

                        The elevation of Kolar is 3,981 m (13,061 ft). Look at the elevation of some of the Tamil Nadu towns and districts that lie just south of the Kolar area:

                        Krishnagiri: 631 m
                        Vellor: 224 m
                        Dharmapuri: 468 m
                        Thiruvannamalai:168 m

                        One can easily imagine the impact of this dangerous and deadly nuclear waste that will be lying there for the next 48,000 (forty-eight thousand) years on the ground water of the low-lying Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

                        When all the national roads transport the deadly nuclear cargo to Kolar, millions and millions of our people in Karnataka, Andhra and Tamil Nadu will be exposed to all kinds of threats and dangers. Nuclear waste management is much more expensive and dangerous than nuclear power plants and even the most developed countries such as the United States and Germany are not able to handle the waste effectively.


                        Indian government should not go against the anti-nuclear trend of the world to promote the interests of the United States, Russia and France and expose the people of our country to nuclear dangers in Koodankulam, or Kolar or anywhere else.


                        The Struggle Committee

                        People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy

                      • S. P. Udayakumar
                        HAZMAT and Kismet: Dangerous Cargo and Dispassionate People   S. P. Udayakumar Nagercoil, January 2009 [The Indian Supreme Court is trying to find out the
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                          HAZMAT and Kismet:
                          Dangerous Cargo and Dispassionate People
                          S. P. Udayakumar
                          Nagercoil, January 2009

                          [The Indian Supreme Court is trying to find out the Indian government's and the DAE's plans to store the Koodankulam spent-fuel, transport this dangerous cargo to reprocessing plants, and to safe-keep the radioactive wastes. The government and the DAE clearly have no plans or preparations for any of these important steps. They lied to the SC about Kolar Gold Fields plans recently and swiftly retracted in the wake of stiff opposition in Karnataka. The attitude and approach of the government and the DAE is this: "We will cross the bridge when we come to it." This careless, callous and casual approach is dangerous, more dangerous than deadly radiation itself. Manmohan Singh company wants to open nuclear power plants all over the country but have no plans to deal with the nuclear wastes. Please see below a four-year-old report on the KKNPP fuel transportation from Thiruvananthapuram to Koodankulam. Good luck to you all, my dear fellow countrymen and women!]

                          Back in August 2008, I witnessed a rather unique convoy to fly by me when I was at Parakkai Road Junction in Nagercoil. There were a couple of police jeeps in the front followed by a few heavy trucks with gigantic and heavy-duty cylindrical pipes that were tied together by thin steel wires, and a JCB at the end. The executors obviously had two clear goals: one, don’t attract any undue attention and two, get out of the place as fast as you possibly could. Hence the casual air and unusual haste!
                          The executors made sure nobody knew that the cargo was coming, and that their convoy carried no unusual signs or symbols or warnings. So when the developmental motorcade was marching past, nobody knew what was really going on. Clearly, it was not a VIP escort, nor was it an emergency response squad. What was it? People were dumbstruck, media was silent, and civil society groups were clueless.
                          I knew it; a handful of others seemed to know it too. It was the highly radioactive and extremely dangerous nuclear fuel rods for the Koodankulam nuclear power plants. It was HAZMAT, hazardous material, that was being transported on busy public roads through densely-populated towns and townships with little care or caution. What disturbed me most was the lack of transparency (viz. not letting the people know what was being carried through their neighborhoods), the complete absence of any accountability (viz. not preparing the people for any untoward incidents, or accidents, or potential disasters) and most importantly, the reckless speed with which the deadly HAZMAT cargo was driven from Thiruvanathapuram airport to Koodankulam.
                          I wondered if the Chief Minister of Kerala, his ministerial colleagues and the Mayor of Thiruvananthapuram city were informed about this patriotic parade. Was the municipal chairman of Nagercoil town alerted at all? Then again, it did not actually matter because in this country most elected representatives, politicians, bureaucrats and all those “leaders” identify themselves with the views and values of the establishment and not with the people they claim to be serving. None of the “ordinary citizens” of Kerala and Tamil Nadu were informed, educated or alerted about the dangerous cargo that was crisscrossing their localities.
                          As the dangerous cargo was flying by with such haste and grandeur, people on the roadside were muttering: “what is it?” I loitered around asking people what was going on just to assess the public mood and the level of awareness that the people had about the nuclear happenings in the neighborhood. The majority had no idea whatsoever. Some thought it was none of their business, others felt it was a routine matter of trucks plying on the national highway, and yet others opined that it was all a sign of India growing (did they mean glowing?).
                          A few said matter-of-factly, “Oh that should be the fuel for the Koodankulam plants.” Even those “informed” citizens did not mention the terms “plutonium” or “fuel rods” or “criticality” or anything like that. Nobody seemed to know anything about the radiation risks and dangers.
                          I stood there depressed and dejected about the future of our land, our air, our water, our sea, our food, our people, and most importantly, our children and grand children. . The central government, state government, local bodies, the Department of Atomic Energy, nobody bothered to tell us anything about the cargo that was going to go through our domiciles. The media did not report a single line about this deadly procession. The “ordinary citizens” had no clue.
                          I have seen such radioactive HAZMAT transportations in Europe and the United States and have even blocked such trucks in France , the nuclear wonderland, along with French anti-nuclear activists. Those trucks had warning signs and symbols all around them and they inched forward like a pregnant woman with utmost care and caution. The local public was always forewarned and their right not to allow these disastrous demons through their neighborhoods was often respected even if it was not always honored.
                          Here in India , the authorities’ approach and the civil society’s attitude seem to be the same: “don’t ask, don’t tell.” When nobody asks and nobody tells, what we have is perfect ignorance. And ignorance is bliss! What HAZMAT, it is kismet that decides our future here in India. Isn’t that so?
                        • S. P. Udayakumar
                          People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy(PMANE)                    December 12, 2012 Idinthakarai & P. O. 627 104 Tirunelveli District,
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                            People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE)                    December 12, 2012
                            Idinthakarai & P. O. 627 104
                            Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu
                            Phone: 98656 83735; 98421 54073
                            Let’s Have a National Debate on the Ambitious Nuclear Program
                            The People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) calls for a national debate on the Indian government’s ambitious and aggressive nuclear power program and for making it a poll issue in the upcoming Parliamentary elections. If the Congress Party or the BJP or any other party for that matter manages to convince the Indian voters about this full-scale nuclearization of the country and obtains absolute majority in the next Parliament, we will call off the ongoing struggle against the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP) immediately.
                            Since the incumbent Congress-led UPA government is accused of obscene and rampant corruption and scandals, and have lost all moral authority and legitimacy to rule the country, the people of India cannot and will not let them take this important nuclearization decision about the future and wellbeing of the second most populous country in the world. The whole of India knows how the present Manmohan Singh government manipulates the Parliament and gets through its devious policies and deceitful schemes. They played all kinds of dirty games and dubious politics to get the Indo-US Nuclear Deal passed in the Parliament. The Indian citizens have witnessed a much worse drama on the recent vote on the FDI issue. The Congress-led government threatened and/or seduced political parties and unscrupulous politicians such as M. Karunanidhi, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mayawati, Lalu Prasad Yadav and others with serious cases or selective incentives to win their support for FDI. Now we hear that Walmart has spent an exorbitant amount of money in India to manipulate the entire Parliamentary processes.
                            Indian citizens simply do not and cannot trust these unprincipled, immoral, corrupt and self-seeking “leaders” and their family-run parties to decide all our fate, our progenies’ destiny, and our precious natural resources.  Most of the present-day “leaders” are all sell-outs and they work for foreign governments, their agencies and MNCs. These cancerous elements’ only motive in public life is self-aggrandizement, self-perpetuation, and self-indulgence. Even if these old manipulative Machiavellis lose power (and die), we will still be stuck with their equally bad and corrupt sons and daughters. Nonetheless, let the people of India have a say in the important decision of nuclearizing India.
                            After all, the nuclear energy program is not just about generating electricity. When the government starts nuclear power plants all along the Indian coast at Koodankulam, Kalpakkam, Kovvada, Pati Sonapur, Haripur, Jaitapur, Tarapur, Mithi Virdi and so on, all these huge and foreign power plants would be dumping hot and contaminated water and radioactive wastes into the sea with disastrous impact on our sea, seafood, ground water, crops and so forth. Our food security and nutrition security will be drastically affected. As it is, some 42 percent of our children are born malnourished and with severe deficiencies. If we lose the cheap and best fish food also, only the politicians’ and bureaucrats’ children will have the physical health and mental faculties to lead normal healthy life. The present-day slavery will be perpetuated.
                            When the Indian elites build even more nuclear power plants at Kaiga, Chutka, Banswada and Fatehabad and so on, most of the Indian citizens will be exposed to dangerous radiation all over the country and we all will be paying a heavy price for diseases and ill health. The government of India does not take these hidden costs into account as our “leaders” are constantly working for their money and their children’s power.
                            So, we make the following proposition. Ask the government of India and the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) to share the following documents on all the existing and upcoming nuclear projects:
                            Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA),
                            Site Evaluation Report (SER),
                            Safety Analysis Report (SAR),
                            Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP),
                            Concerned Reactor’s Performance Report,
                            Liability Regimes and all other relevant information, documents and details in English, Hindi and the local languages.
                            Let the whole country discuss these reports and information and engage in a nation-wide debate about the exorbitant cost of nuclear energy, the hidden costs such as food insecurity and diseases, nuclear safety, nuclear waste management, decommissioning technology and costs, and the whole array of related issues.
                            And then in the upcoming Parliament elections, let us ask the Indian voters to decide on the full-fledged ambitious and aggressive nuclearization of our country. If majority of them endorse the policy and vote overwhelmingly for any party that supports this nuclear policy and projects, we, the People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) will immediately withdraw our struggle against the KKNPP project.
                            If the corrupt “leaders” of India have not sold the country to the United States, Russia and France, let them take up this democratic offer and work with us instead of sending discredited scientists, macho model boys and subservient bureaucrats amidst us to convince the clear-headed citizens of India.
                            The Struggle Committee
                            The People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE)
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