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Fwd: Health Reform Agenda

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  • shaheen ansari
    ... Dear friends, I am deeply grateful to all the experts and concerned citizens who participated in the discussion on Agenda of Action to improve our health
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2004
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      Subject: Health Reform Agenda

      Dear friends,
      I am deeply grateful to all the experts and concerned citizens who participated in the discussion on Agenda of Action to improve our health care delivery system. Your active participation and valuable inputs have greatly enriched the debate and helped the National Advisory Council prepare detailed proposals and send them to the Prime Minister. The document containing the detailed proposals: Ensuring a Healthy Future – NCMP Commitments – Agenda For Action – can be accessed at http://loksatta.org/ncmpcommitments.pdf
      I am enclosing a brief note which will serve as executive summary. The dialogue on health care delivery must continue, and we need to bring it to the center of our political discourse. We also need to recognize that the impossible best is often the enemy of the possible good. Therefore energetic action, constant monitoring and mid-course correction are vital. We have every hope that the Government will swiftly launch the National Health Mission covering all the states and union territories – both rural and urban areas – and energetically implement it.
      I look forward to your continued inputs not only on issues related to health care, but other aspects of governance reforms – electoral and political reform, empowerment of local governments, judicial and police reform, and instruments of accountability. In addition, we would greatly benefit from your insights into improvements in education – both school and university levels, and management of power sector, particularly in the light of the spreading virus of free and unmetered power, and the fiscal burden it imposes on states and the long-term damage done to this key infrastructure sector.
      All of us share the optimism that there is room for significant improvement in our governance. While some of the trends are disappointing, there is no room for despair.  In many ways things have been improving over the years, but there is enormous gulf between the potential and fulfillment. Things are better, but not good enough. Luckily the lessons of our past experience, successful best practices in India and elsewhere, and the  rapid spread of communications technology offer us great hope for quantum improvements. And the political system across the spectrum is showing signs of responding to people’s urges. Much can be done in the next few years to make our democracy work better. In this endeavour, we all need to work together.
      Warm regards,
      Jayaprakash Narayan
      National Coordinator
      Encl: Executive Summary
      401/ 408, Nirmal Towers
      Dwarakapuri Colony, Punjagutta
      Hyderabad - 500082
      Tel: 91-40-2335 0778 / 2335 0790
      Fax: 91-40-2335 0783
      Web: www.loksatta.org


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