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Re: Reply: [Arkitect India] re: When LOKPAL BILL was implemented in Singapore

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  • gauhar raza
    Dear Colleagues, it is difficult to raise your voice when every one is convinced of only one point of view. I am against the concept of Lokpal in a democracy,
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 1, 2012
      Dear Colleagues,
      it is difficult to raise your voice when every one is convinced of only one point of view. I am against the concept of Lokpal in a democracy, I am also against corruption and am as worried as every one is but 'lokpal' is no solution. the forty year discourse which achieved the pitch of frenzy has brought us to a level where we are allowed only to discuss whose bill is better.
      Pakistan has every now and then experimented with the concept of lokpal, every dictator that grabbed power there, did it in the name of eradicating corruption, and they were more powerful that what Hazare and gang of four is suggesting.
      we are doing better than pakistan. we are not only ready to handover our democracy to a 'dream lokpal' but are ready to search for one and appoint him democratically. 
      in my opinion we don't need a strong lokpal, we need strong 'people', awaam should be empowered not lokpal. RTI has shown the way, it can be done.
      Gauhar Raza

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      Subject: Re: Reply: [Arkitect India] re: When LOKPAL BILL was implemented in Singapore

      Dear Mishra Jee,

      I fully endorse and appreciate your view point. Anna Jee has done great job by coming forward to lead the AAM Admi who suffer and wish to have a corruption free India.
      Though the politicians have tried to sabotage the awareness and momentum Anna Jee has created against corruption will go on putting strong resistance which is vital for the success of the movement.

      Let us all contribute to the movement by putting resistance whenever and wherever we come across and try to support those who come forward for this crusade.

      Our persistence efforts will force the corrupt politicians to bring a strong Jan Lokpal in near future.

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      Subject: Reply: [Arkitect India] re: When LOKPAL BILL was implemented in Singapore

      Dear Prof Kalluri,

      Thank you for your thoughts. I totally endorse your viewpoint. I personally feel Anna ji and team( I am not in the team)are doing excellent job of awakening people. I hope message will be taken more seriously by people in time to come. We must remain firm and united to do a bit in removing/reducing corruption from our country. Nevermind, we are a breed who had slavery more than 300 years- fully accepted and respected.

      We need to join hands and be prepared to make a sacrifice to make our point for good of the people.

      KP Mishra

      On Fri, 30 Dec 2011 07:32:50 +0530 wrote

      Mr Satish Jha just echoed my thoughts and in a penetrative way. Anna Ji should let the Lok pal bill passed even if it is 50 % of what he wants. What is important now is to wake up the nation to see a new path. That he has done and every politician is at least outwardly for this change. That is a big success.

      There is another direction that this nation has to be awakened - the lines Mr Jha has already suggested . So I need not repeat. I am marking this e mail to SS-global as well as I want the members of that forum to debate on this .

      Kalluri Subba Rao

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      From: Satish Jha
      >Sent: Thursday, December 29, 2011 7:12:27 AM
      >Subject: [Arkitect India] re: When LOKPAL BILL was implemented in Singapore

      Lee Kuan Yew was a an exceptional leader who ruled Singapore like virtually no other leader has managed to while still being acceptable to the rest of the world. But he was exceptionally harsh to his people as well, a bit like the Emergency period in India and worse. Any authoritarian rule has its challenges in terms of fairness and that 95% Indians face everyday in a democracy as well.

      No solution is without its warts. Its usually a package deal. A stronger Lokpal will require India to get a little better educated beyond the 5% who are able to be considered educated with a rather low bar. If one adopts a simple criteria who will Kiran Bedi be comfortable having lunch with, India will quickly become a nation of a couple million folks at the most.

      India's first task is to help educate its citizens the way are ready to and have been denied by design as the state has purposely chosen to make poor choices for the poor.

      If we start with educating everyone as the western democracies offer, in 15 years India's social, moral fabric and political landscape will change for the better in significant ways.

      Asking for a strong Lokpal today is so desirable, on the one hand and then so much an "Indian solution", on the other - when we cannot improve the quality of engineering education, we start naming every engineering college as IIT.

      A strong Lokpal has to emerge from the same culture after all. Anna is an exception and has been so for a very long time, a little longer than the age of Arvind and the total number of years KB put in her policing career. Along with Prashant, these are some of the best folks we may have and then again, even they have not been allowed to remain unblemished. Going by the positions they have taken at times, with significant opposition to them, it will hardly be easy for the country to stand by them.

      The biggest challenge Anna has not to appoint a strong Lopkpal. It is to prepare India to be able to through people of the kind who will have the moral fabric beyond doubt and an ability to take positions that will be acceptable to the times we live in while advancing the course of our evolution.


      On Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 7:53 PM, Victor Cooper wrote:

      >--- On Wed, 12/28/11, Sudhir-Architect wrote:

      >From: Sudhir-Architect
      >Subject: [voiceofindiagroup] When LOKPAL BILL was implemented Singapore [Must See]
      >Date: Wednesday, December 28, 2011, 10:24 AM

      >In 1982 , In Singapore ,
      >LOKPAL BILL was implemented and 142
      >Corrupt Ministers Officers were
      >arrested in one single day ..
      >Today Singapore has only 1% poor people
      >no taxes are paid by the people to the
      >government, 92% Literacy Rate, Better
      >Medical Facilities , Cheaper Prices, 90%
      >Money is white Only 1 % Unemployment exists.
      >[See the Slides]
      >Thanks Regards,
      >Sudhir Srinivasan
      >B.Arch, MSc.CPM,Dip.ID, Dip.CAD, Dip.PM
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