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Fw: Solidarity extended to Occupy Wall Street Campaign by Progressive Indians

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  • Chitta Behera
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      Subject: Solidarity extended to Occupy Wall Street Campaign by Progressive Indians

      Solidarity extended to Occupy Wall Street Campaign by Progressive Indians
      (Resolution of the Memorial Meeting held at Cuttack, Odisha on 8th Dec 2011                                          to mark the 18th Death Anniversary of Jaladhar Nanda, a Teacher Marxist)

      Jaladhar Nanda (1921-93) was a renowned teacher who passionately subscribed to Marxism and influenced many of his pupils and fellow-beings in and outside his profession to accept it as a matter of conviction. While serving as the Headmaster of a High School Nanda left the service, with a view to dedicate the rest his life as a full time propagator of Marxism through writings and speeches. He had authored several books and booklets in vernacular Odia for popularizing Marxism and for interpreting the contemporary issues from a Marxist perspective as well. His books on Dialectics and Evolution of Indian History are widely referred texts among the leftwing circles in the state of Odisha. Though he maintained his conviction in Marx and Marxism as an invincible tool for changing the world until he breathed his last, Nanda in his last years developed an aversion towards Lenin and Leninism, which in his words represented a betrayal of what Marx and Marxism stood for. In fact, he wrote a small pamphlet ‘Vaska Lenin’ where he vehemently criticized Lenin for his un-Marxist role in the post-Revolutionary Russia. An addict to the Indian maxim of ‘simple living and high thinking’ Nanda led a life of exemplary austerity in post-retirement period, devoting his entire time and energy to the study and interpretation along with popularization of Marxism among the people he chanced to meet and talk to. In the process he utterly neglected his family, so much so that his wife and children languished in abject poverty. He bequeathed nothing to his offspring except a stock of publications which had literally no relieving value for his impoverished family members. Above all Nanda is still remembered by a close-knit band of impassioned followers before whom he is even now, as ever before a powerful icon of unflinching iconoclasm worth living and dying for.

      Befitting the life and message of Jaladhar Nanda, his 18th death anniversary was observed through a Seminar, the topic of which was ‘Occupy Wall Street Campaign and Alternative Economic System’. It was held at Cuttack in the office of ISCUCF (Indian Society for Cultural Cooperation and Friendship) located at Barabati Stadium in the evening of 8th Dec 2011. Convened by Mr.Raj Kishore Singh Secretary Jaladhar Nanda Memorial Committee, the Seminar was presided over by Mr. Bijay Kumar Padhiary Chief Functionary of  ISCUCF, and attended by persons belonging to different left-wing persuasions. Mr.Singh while introducing the agenda of the Seminar observed that since Jaladhar Nanda was a great champion of revolutionary transformation of society, the topic of today’s Seminar, to befit his memory, centered round the ongoing Occupy Wall Street Campaign, which, as its numerous participants claim, is a harbinger of world revolution of a new kind. The two main speakers on the occasion were Mr.Chitta Behera, a social activist and Mr.Prafulla Tripathy a former leader of Trade Union of Bank Employees. While Mr.Behera dealt with the unique significance of Occupy Wall Street Campaign for the reform of the entire global political economy, Mr.Tripathy elaborated on the factors that led to global financial crisis, the inevitable consequence of which was the rise of the strident Occupy Wall Street Campaign. Besides, Mr. Jugal Nayak a political activist while participating in deliberations of the Seminar did observe that the Occupy campaign perhaps called for a check on unbridled consumerism and corporate greed, which have been ominously impacting the people’s life, ever since India opened its doors to globalization through adoption of New Economic Policy in 1991.

      At the end a unanimous resolution was adopted by the meeting expressing full solidarity to the millions of people in USA, Europe and other countries who have been carrying forward the Occupy Wall Street Campaign in the interest of 99% against 1% for several months now braving the brutalization by the police and administration coupled with the chilly winter. After a vote of thanks was offered to the Speakers and participants the meeting was announced as closed dissolved by the President.   

      Report by-  
      Rajkishor Singh,
      Gopaljew Lane, Choudhury Bazar,
      Cuttack-753001, Odisha, India
      Mobile: 09338683595 

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