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2 0 1 1 W O R L D A I D S D A Y M E S S A G E - Michel Sidibé , Executive Director of UNAIDS

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    2 0 1 1 W O R L D A I D S D A Y M E S S A G E Game changing year 1 December 2011 Michel Sidibé ,Executive Director of UNAIDS Under-Secretary-General
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2011

      2 0 1 1   W O R L D   A I D S   D A Y   M E S S A G E   

      Game changing year  1 December 2011

      Michel Sidibé  ,Executive Director of UNAIDS 

      Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations 

      Never before in the history of AIDS have we reached a moment where we are able to stand

      up and say with conviction the end of AIDS is in sight.

      It has been a year of achievements, of collective action, of resilience and of courage. In spite

      of the economic downturn that has stretched the AIDS response to its limits, millions of lives

      have been saved, as HIV treatment and prevention efforts continue to show results. 

      World leaders have made new promises—bold, tangible and realistic. These promises now

      must be delivered in every country, every community and to every person in need.  

      Fortunately, leaders are standing up to say that an AIDS-free generation is possible and that

      no child should be born with HIV and no mother should die of AIDS. 

      The gulf between treatment and prevention has ended. Treatment is prevention. 

      The divide between health and AIDS has narrowed, as AIDS comes out of isolation and into

      integrated and holistic health services. The AIDS response has paved the path for a people centered

       health delivery system, one that values and restores the respect and dignity of every


      The road before us is clear and we can accelerate ahead with smart investments,

      capitalizing on scientific advancements and evidence and respecting human rights. It is why

      world leaders must fully fund the AIDS response. The global investment target of US$ 22-24

      billion is a shared responsibility—of all countries, donors and others. Only together can we

      secure the future and provide greater and long-term dividends.

      Today, on this World AIDS Day, I call upon leaders, communities, parents, people living with

      HIV and young people to look forward and work towards a world with Zero new HIV

      infections, Zero discrimination and Zero AIDS-related deaths.



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