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  • Sadbhav Mission
    Friends, It appears necessary to develop an institutional basis for resisting communalism and imperialism. I have prepared a preliminary draft of a proposal
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 20, 2004
      It appears necessary to develop an institutional basis for resisting
      communalism and imperialism. I have prepared a preliminary draft of a
      proposal for creating a publishing house of people-centric literature.
      As far as creating literature on varous topics is concerned, I think in the initial stage our friends, well known for their scholarly contributions in respective fields, would provide the texts. To put these in simple anguage will require additional efforts. Finances for other things are huge. You may kindly suggest, how to go about it. Kindly send your critical comments, advice and consent to be a part of this effort. We need trustees for the proposed organizatio.
      Prof. P.P. Singh, Prof. M.H. Qureshi, Ms Nirmala Deshpande,
      Dr. Shaheen Ansari and friends from JNU and IIT Delhi found merit in the effort and helped me develop clarity on it.
      Best regards

                         Janamukhi Sahitya Kendra
                                     A proposal for
           An autonomous institution for producing, publishing and
           disseminating people-centric literature to spread the
           culture of truth and sensitivity and counter prejudice

                                   Submitted by
                      Academics and Sadbhav Activists
                                    1 Preamble
      We have a rich heritage of nonviolence. Our people lived through severe hardships with great dignity, evolving a culture of truth, compassion and mutual cooperation. They suffered from inherent oppressions of feudalism, and social discrimination, but from among them also emerged powerful movements against these ills. Two thousand five hundred years ago Buddha led a grassroots movement against caste discrimination and inequality that continued for centuries. In twelfth century sufis and saints evolved a massive movement that produced great synthesis of religions and brought religion at the doorstep of the masses, opposing all forms of discrimination. The movement encompassed the entire nation for five hundred years, brought life and enlightenment to masses and took our culture and creativity to great heights. Most sufis and saints came from
      working classes and lived on crafts and physical work, bringing dignity to labour. In twentieth century Gandhi developed the doctrine of satyagraha and mobilized the multitudes of masses to resist the mightiest regime on the earth without arms. The under-currents of these movements and culture are still alive. However, there are massive onslaughts on this culture from sectarian quarters and forces of dominance. Hence efforts are  needed to reinforce the culture of truth and nonviolence and counter prejudice. In this context the creation of a center of people centric literature is essential. The center would produce, publish and disseminate literature on sufi-saint movements, freedom movement, farmers/ workers' movements, tribal movements, global movements against colonialism and imperialism, civil rights movements, and living conditions of masses - their security, education, employment, and health, in simple language and at modest prices. There are bodies like Sarva Seva Sangh, Navjeevan Trust, and Sasta Sahitya Mandal who are doing this in narrow areas and at a very limited scale, nothing to compare with the publishers of religious literature who indulge in publishing sectarian literature as well. The proposed center
      envisages to reach out to masses, including students, on a much wider
      scale, commensurate with the mighty challenges posed to communal amity, national sovreignty, and freedom.
                                         2 Long Term Objectives
      i) To evolve a self-sustained system to produce, publish and
      disseminate literature on peoples' spiritual heritage, freedom movement,
      civil rights movements and living conditions of masses.
      ii) To foster understanding among people of each other's faith, and
      economic problems.
      iii) To explore causes, genesis, manifestations and solutions of
      communal strife in India.
      iv) To relate spiritual literature/ traditions and historic struggles to
      present day problems.
      v) To introduce liberating elements of culture and movements in school/
      college curriculum to promote objectivity, clarity of perception, and
      vi) To create awareness on the vital issues of peoples' security,
      education, employment, and health.
      vii) To create awareness about the conditions of masses of the world, to
      strengthen the realization that masses of the world are one.
      viii) To promote gender and caste equality.
      ix) To promote people-centric nationalism.

                                   3 Short Term Objectives
      i) To acquire land, undertake construction activities and create a
      center with infrastructural facilities like telephones, internet, PCs,
      library, store, accounts, etc.
      ii) To motivate scholars to conduct research in ares mentioned above and
      write books in the languages of the masses.
      iii) To arrange translation of some monumental books in simple languages.
      iv) To establish links with NCERT, SCERTs, and universities to propagate liberating literature through curriculum or sullimentary reading.
      v) To establish links with distributors to sell the books with minimal
      commission of the order of 10 % as against the prevailing 40%.

      vi) To publish, in the first phase, following volumes: Sufi silsile,
      Bhakti movement, Nanak and Guru traditions, Ravidas and Kabir,  Mass
      movement of freedom, Civil rights movements, and living conditions of
      masses. Each volume would keep masses and their economic and social conditions then and now into focus.
      vii) To set up sale counters of such literature at prominant sufi-saint
      shrines, kumbh mela, railway platforms, book exhibitions, etc.

                                  4 Budget
       In rupees                         1st year       2nd year             3rd year
      1) Office (rent):                  60,000          65,000             70,000
      2) PCs (2) + accessories:        70,000        
      3) Electricity, phone, water:    30,000        30,000            35,000
      4) Staff full time (3):              2,00,000      2,20,000     2,50,000
         (typing, editing, proof   reading, mailing, accounts   etc.)
      5) Honorarium for translation,  3,00,000      3,00,000      3,00,000
         preparing texts etc.   
      6) Travel                                 60,000        65,000       70,000
      7) Contingency                       60,000        65,000       70,000    
         (books, stationary etc.)
      8) Buffer for publishing             5,00,000      2,00,000     2,00,000
         and stocks (10000 books x
         Rs. 50 in 1st yr.)
      9) Misc.                                   20,000        30,000       30,000
                    Total                      13,00,000      9,75,000    10,25,000
                              Total Cost in 3 years: Rs. 23 lakh.
      For detail please contact Prof. Tripathi on    vkt@...

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