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Re: [TheCybugle] Nuclear power Presentation - Why endanger our Lives? (1 Attachment)

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  • Arun Shrivastava
    True: India should stay away from nuclear power for the following reasons: 1. It is the most expensive way to boil water 2. There is no solution to safe
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2011
      True: India should stay away from nuclear power for the following reasons:
      1. It is the most expensive way to boil water
      2. There is no solution to safe disposal of nuclear waste...NO ONE HAS ACHIEVED THIS
      3. All reactors emit low level radiation...They are designed in such a way, and that design fault has not been rectified. Let the Indian nuclear scientists shout as much as they wish.
      4. Not even criminal Wall Street would buy even one share of these private firms promoting nuclear plants. Entirely subsidised by tax payers. Manmohan Singh promised nuclear reactor manufacturers 40 billion dollars worth of business. I don't know who is Manmohan to promise five criminal corporations on behalf of 1.2 billion people.
      5. No insurance company would insure a nuclear plant. In case of an accident it is the Government that must pay compansation, which means essentially, you must foot the bill for the disaster...as Bhopal people know well.
      6. Narora NPP is located on the Ganges river. GoogleEarth shows a few things. All reactors need colling water. I am told that Narora is a closed system. SO?
      7. For 19 years, not one company in the US has had the guts to expand NPP electricity generation capacity. No expansion. So, India and China being bilked. Majority of EU nations are opposed.
      8. According to my estimates there are 500 million Indians within 100 mile radius of "low level radioactivity" of the currently operational nuclear reactors. After Fukushima, the Japanese Gov is thinking to relocate the capital.
      9. Water: billions of gallons per hour...perhaps the manufacturers of reactors and the Indian Government thought that water is their departmental resource.
      If Narora goes the Fuku way, rest assured you will not  find Raul Vinci and the Indian Parliament anywhere near Delhi. The capital may be quickly shifted to the Andaman Island or the North East [best location for being close to seven states, instead of Delhi that borders only two].
      Kind regards
      Arun Shrivastava

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      Y to put our lives in danger
      when alternate renewable sources are available.

      Please spread the message.

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