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  • soham soham
    My Dear Siddiquie, Thanks for your response to my e-mail and many-many thanks for calling it frank. Once you call it frank it really does not matter whether it
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 14, 2004

      My Dear Siddiquie,

      Thanks for your response to my e-mail and many-many thanks for calling it frank. Once you call it frank it really does not matter whether it is diametrically opposite or just opposite. Few of the questions you have raised I am trying to address in seriatim as under:

      Question: You expect that others should be open-minded to listen to your views but are you open enough for others views?

      Answer: I quote from my e-mail in response to which you have posed this question, Quote “The true democracy is that I must respect the freedom of the voice of others even if I do not agree with it”. Unquote. Does it answer your question, if my written words have not given you the answer then read my previous mail carefully in conjunction with the fact that I read with open mind the views of Mr. Tripathi on Godhra and the views of Sunita on equality of women. Your remaining confusion will vanish if you continue respecting the views, which are diametrically opposite to your views. Thanks for your right assumption that I am an open-minded person, now the onus is on me to prove it. I am sure this communication of mine may fetch me some marks from you for being open minded, otherwise, I shall ask you only to suggest me how to prove that I am open minded.

      Question 1: I agree that whatever is happening with Kashmiri Pundits is inhuman but does that conclude that whatever happened in Gujrat was correct. Can two wrongs make a right? Our problem is not that Pundits are killed in Kashmir and Muslims in Gujrat, problem is human beings are killed. As long as you consider this one problem into two you will try to justify later by former.     

      Answer 1: No, I have not used an iota of word to support whatever has happened in Gujarat after Godhra. Please find out a single word/sentence from my e-mail that can be even remotely suggesting this. Two wrongs cannot make one right, yes you are correct, but why are ‘Friends’ crying hoarse only on this one wrong and not mentioning even a word on the Lakhs of Hindus who have been killed, their houses looted and women raped by the Muslim fundamentalists in Kashmir. I shall join you in your chorus if you pick-up the courage and say we shall protect the lives of Hindus being killed in Kashmir.
      Thanks at least you have accepted that what has happened in Kashmir with the Hindus is INHUMAN. Please make even 1/10th of the efforts ‘Friends’ are sleeplessly spending on Gujarat on these helpless and homeless Kashmiri Pundits. I want to make it very-very clear through this forum that I am not at all justifying what has happened at Gujarat after Godhra but I am trying to bring it to the notice of those who are crying on Gujarat that much more heinous crimes have been committed in burning the compartment at Godhra. Lakhs of people have been killed in Kashmir, their women raped and their houses looted. In 1984 the same kind of inhumane treatment was meted to innocent Sikhs. My question with Big Q to ‘Friends’ is, why you do not TALK about it. Do you people have some political mentor who guides you to speak on one kind of inhumanness and maintain conspicuous silence on the other kind of inhumanness?

      Question 2: You rightly said that India is secular while Pakistan and Bangladesh are not but question is do we want to make our India like Pakistan and Bagladesh? Why are we benchmarking ourselves with too low standard.

      Answer 2: No. I did not say that India is secular while Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh are not. My e-mail is still available on the site. Please read it again. I am quoting it for your convenience. Quote “India today secular because it is still Hindu majority state. The parts of India, which did not remain predominately Hindus, disintegrated as Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh are purely now Islamic States and no body can talk of secularism there.” Unquote. Do I state any thing historically wrong? The Act-1 of the deadly plan is to increase the population of Muslim, Act-2 is demand for disintegration on religious grounds and the Final Act is formation of an Islamic State, i.e., end of secularism. Do you want it if you are true secular? It is not a question of benchmarking ourselves with the low standards you have mentioned about these Islamic States; my concern is that I do not want to see any more disintegration of India on account of aforesaid Three Act plays of Mullahs.

      Question 3: You said if population of Muslims will continue to grow at the current rate Muslims will soon out number Hindus. Perhaps your views are based on perceptions rather than facts. If you know a little mathematics please calculate and tell us the exact year by which this is going to happen. Be logical.

      Answer: First part of this question has already been answered in my reply to your Question. 2. My views are not based on perceptions. I have given enough rational for it only if we are receptive to take it. The second part on when Muslim will out number Hindus in India, I do not even want to dream of India becoming an Islamic State so why calculate. Is the logic clear and acceptable to you? On my knowing mathematics, just for your information I am B.Sc. (Hons.) Mathematics from Hansraj College and M. Sc. Statistics from Hindu College, both Delhi University. I can probably teach mathematics to many of the ‘Friends’ who are weak in it.

      Question 4: Yes I agree that Muslim growth rate is higher than what we as a nation can afford but than what is the solution Killing Muslims or educating them.

      Answer 4:Good, only an open-minded person like you can accept it that Muslim growth rate is higher than what we as a nation can afford. Your option of educating the Muslim (Not in Madarssas) is also a very welcome move. There can be other effective solutions e.g., (a) Common Civil Code (b) Disincentive on voting to any person with more than 2-3 children. (c) Debarring from contesting any election from Panchayat to Parliament. (d) Compulsory Military service for at least 3 years for all.
      No body is suggesting killing of Muslims; from where did you read it. Is it that your mind is conditioned to read what you want to read?

      Question 5: You said that your views are not only yours but belong to millions of Hindus. How can you say that so surely, have you meet million Hindus and conducted a survey? I have met thousands of Hindus (I can not claim millions) and I do not think that your views are representation of millions. My friend, take
      responsibility of your own views and do not try to pose as self proclaimed leader of millions

      Answer 5: A piece of arithmetic for you in response to your this question. One million is 10 lakhs, half of million Hindus have been thrown out of their homes only from Kashmir and many more from the areas now called Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. They all surely form few millions if you can count. I cannot help your thinking but the fact is evidenced from the aforesaid statement. You talk to the people I have given to you as a small sample, they shall certainly not support the steps of ‘Friends’ for raising ONLY the incidents of Gujarat past GODHRA and forgetting to do even a little lip sympathy for those who suffered and are still suffering Pre-GODHRA. In regard to my posing, as a self-proclaimed leader of Hindus, was Tripathi posing to be a self-proclaimed leader of Muslims in giving his one sided account about Gujrat post Godhra in his report? No, he was just selecting his audience as per his premeditated script and conclusion of discrediting his political opponents. No word of ‘Friends’ will have any conviction and any acceptability with the masses if ‘Friends’ only talk of Gujarat.

      Question 6: You rightly said that Kasmiri Pandits also need help but what is your contribution in it. How many Kashmiri Pandits have you helped till date. Preventing Dr Tripathi from helping people in Godhra is not going to help Kashmiri Pandits. Come on my friend be constructive in your efforts rather than destructive.

      Answer 6: I am very happy to read that you at least express that too in writing that the Kashmir Pundits also need help. Thank you for asking the second question about my assistance to the lot of displaced Kashmiris. I was at Jaipur during that particular period. Many of the displaced Kashmiris were housed in Dharamshalas at that place. I not only contributed as per my financial strengths but also collected aid from hundreds of houses and delivered it to the needy Kashmiri Pundits. I continued supporting their lot even after that when I shifted to Mussoorie in my next official assignment. Even today I am supporting my Kashmiri brothers, please do not ask me to print their names. Yes, I did not like Tripathi organized showcasing the miseries of my brethren and making a film on them for raising communal passion like has been done by Tripathi and his ‘Friends’. I am not preventing Tripathi from visiting Gujarat and doing the bit he wants to do, I am only telling him that there are others who have suffered, they also need to be remembered and helped. If raising the voice about Hindus according to you is being destructive then can talking about Gujarat victims be called as constructive? Please correct your statement and put it in the right perspective. Helping Muslims alone cannot be synonym to being constructive even if it suit handful of ‘Friends’.

      Question 7: Are you hurt by this mail? If yes than how can you expect that others are not hurt by your mail.

      Answer 7: I am not at all hurt; therefore, answer to your second part of this question is not relevant. How I can be hurt, you have not written any such thing. If some of your unprinted feelings are making you feel guilty then please come out of it. For me you are my lost brother, who by the storm of Islamic invasion has lost his identity and is treating his destroyers as his parent. Your forefathers were all HINDUS. Your ancestors were all HINDUS. Your culture parentage, heritage and even the blood are all Hindu. You are Muslim only by way of your worshiping an alien religion. You cannot hurt me by expressing your ignorance. There is a lot of unfinished work and so much to do before I sleep and a hurt soul cannot work hard in a focused way.

      To your last statement, expressing hope that I shall not quit discussion, please read me carefully, I do not think that there is any reason for me to quit the discussions till the ‘Friends’ want it. My loving regards to you, especially to you, amongst all the ‘Friends’ for few of your bold and courageous statement that killing of Hindus at Kashmiris is inhuman and they also need help. I hope all the ‘Friends’ read it and Do something more than this for their lot.

      Ravi Mohan Harjai

    • soham soham
      Dear Friends, I came across an interesting reading and thought of sharing it with friends to have comments on the contents from the self proclaimed secular
      Message 2 of 2 , Nov 17, 2004

        Dear Friends,

        I came across an interesting reading and thought of sharing it with friends to have comments on the contents from the self proclaimed secular protagonists, few of whom are part of this elite group. This thoroughly exposes the pseudo-secular / Anti-Hindu practices adopted by the Congress-Communists combined, the major support base of UPA, unfortunately ruling the country.


        Ravi Mohan Harjai

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