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SouthAsian Headlines: 14th November, 2005

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  • Sanat Mohanty
    This week s headlines in The SouthAsian Details at: http://www.thesouthasian.org Superstars Make Money Endorsing Exploiters of Communities An open letter to
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      This week's headlines in The SouthAsian
      Details at: http://www.thesouthasian.org

      Superstars Make Money Endorsing Exploiters of Communities
      An open letter to AB, AK, AR, KK, SRK, SRT, and the rest of the Indian
      cricket team and bollywood asking whether it is appropriate that they
      continue to endorse a product that dumps huge externalities on local
      communities, exploiting their rights and oppressing them.

      SC: Waste To Energy Policy Perverts Waste Management
      Gopal Krishnan writes about the Supreme Court order on the effect of
      subsidies to Waste to Energy units and their effect on waste management.

      Dual Citizenship: Impact on Democratic India
      A growing Indian population residing outside India has been increasingly
      active in influencing Indian economics, politics and social situations. In
      this context, it is important to analyze the impact of dual citizenship of
      this population � as has been suggested � on the Indian democracy.

      EIA Amendment despite Civic Society Opposition
      The Ministry of Environment and Forests has proposed an Amendment to the
      Environmental Impact Assessment that does away with all reasonable checks by
      which communities could hold industrial units accountable for their impact
      on the local community.

      Ask Bombardier Out of Tibetan Project
      China announced last month that their dearest "development" project for the
      Golmud-Lhasa railway tracks has been complete and by next year trains would
      ply on this 1,000 km railway track and would connect Tibetan capital Lhasa
      with Beijing.

      Saree Weaver Leads People�s Movement
      The story of Nandlal Prasad, born into a weaver�s family near Varanasi, now
      leads a people�s movement in Varanasi.

      Peace Process Needs to Go On
      �We give them 65 million in aid and they give us bombs. How can we support a
      peace process with them?� This has been the essence of much anguish since
      the blasts in Delhi recently, especially when �we were doing so much to
      forward peace�.

      India's Employment Guarantee Scheme: A Review
      The National Rural Employment Guarantee Act was passed in August this year
      with the purpose of guaranteeing employment to every rural household in
      India for at least one hundred days in every financial year. In a multi-part
      series, Ranjana Ghosh presents a review of the historic Act.

      The Mystery of the Guria Case
      Members of a group working to rescue under-aged sex workers, a group with
      local and international credibility built over years of action, is now
      hiding from police, after leading a raid that rescued over 17 under-aged
      girls from a prostitution ring. What happened?

      Blasts and the Peace Process
      The Delhi blasts, claiming 60 lives as of the last count, and occurring just
      before the festivities of Diwali and Eid, has shaken the India.
      Already, reports in India are pointing fingers at ISI or other
      Pakistan-based organizations though official reports have not made any

      Faces of Bonded Labourers - I
      Over a million slave laborers in Pakistan have been dehumanized, oppressed
      and denied basic rights by a vicious coalition of feudal landlords
      (zamindars), a military regime and political interests. One local group
      trying to rescue them and help with rehabilitation has decided to provide
      some faces to these numbers.

      March to End Bonded Labour in Pakistan
      Highlighting the bonded labor issue Green Rural Development
      Organization had planned a 12 day (1st March to 12th March 2005) long march
      from Jhudo to Hyderabad Press club. A gathering of more than 20,000 people
      from different districts of Sindh, Pakistan joined in the final phase of
      long march from Fateh Chowk to press club Hyderabad. This article highlights
      the activities of the marchers from 7th March to 12th March.

      Violence at Mau: Irresponsible Reporting
      Prof Roop Rekha Verma, former Vice Chancellor, University of Lucknow and
      Nasiruddin Haider Khan Senior Journalist, Hindustan Dainik (Hindustan Times)
      present their perspectives on the recent communal riots in Mau, UP.

      Asia Launches Anti-WTO Peoples Caravan 2005
      On October 17 2005, twelve countries in Asia launched the �Peoples�
      Caravan for Justice and Sovereignty� in protest against the December 14-18,
      WTO Hong Kong Ministerial 2005.

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