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6345“Rasta Roko Andolan” organized by Lok San gharsh Morcha on 3rd August

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  • ambarish rai
    Aug 1, 2009
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      “Rasta Roko Andolan” organized by Lok Sangharsh Morcha on 3rd August in Maharastra

      demanding the quick implementation of ‘ Forest Act 2006’


      Tribal of North Maharastra have decided to observe “Rasta Roko Andolan” demanding  for;


      • quick implementation of  “Schedule tribe and other forest dwellers (recognition of forest right) Act, 2006”
      • allotment of legal entitlement of tribal over forest land in possession till 2005
      • withdrawal of repression  continued by forest department and police
      • comprehensive Social security Act in place of existing useless and flawed social security act  
      • universilization of the PDS and 35 kg ration for each BPL household at the subsidized rate of 2 rs per kilogram


      More than 15 thousand tribals along with thousands of women are expected to come in protest at Akkalkuwa, Taloda, Nandurbar and Chopra, Chalishgaon of Jalgaon district.


      Friends, after 3 years of the enactment of Forest Act, 2006, (“Schedule tribe and other forest dwellers (recognition of forest right) Act, 2006”), the non-implementation of the act is being continued and none of tribal has received any legal entitlement for their land. In the mean time, Tribal were forced to displace from their cultivated lands, while the Act is stating their legal rights over those forest land, which is in possession till 2005. Hundreds of tribal have been either arrested or indulged in the false cases in districts of North Maharastra as well as in the districts of South Gujarat by forest officials. Forest department is almost rejecting most of the genuine claims filed by tribal with required proofs confirming their ownership over the land. The implementation process was also not being fallowed by government officials and simply it was left on the mercy and information of forest officials.

      In the 27 villages of Chopra talluka of Jalgaon district, tribal were not voted in last parliamentary elections for the same. But still it was uncorrected. In Chalishgaon (the area of sanctuary) of Jalgaon district, the claims were not accepted. In Akkalkuwa, Taloda & Shahada of Nandurabar district (Maharastra) where more than 25 thousand claims were filed, no one is succeeded to get entitlement.


      During the “Rasta Roko Andolan” the issue of making a comprehensive Social Security Act and inclusive Food Security Act would also be raised by protesters.




      Ambarish Rai                                           Pratibha Shinde

      President                                                   General Secretary


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