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19769Vedanta Alumina - How peaceful was the public hearing - Photographs tell a different story - There was no voting, no reading out of resolution, that the Hearing ended - Shame on the media

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  • Sankara Narayanan
    Aug 2 1:33 AM

      Vedanta Alumina – Public Hearing for refinery expansion


      Public hearing on SSL, Lanjigarh expansion ends peacefully

      Press Trust of India, Bhawanipatna (Odisha)  

      July 30, 2014 


      Vedanta's plan for a six-fold expansion in the capacity of its 1 MTPA alumina refinery in Odisha's Kalahandi district drew a positive response from locals during a public hearing today. 

      The public hearing at Lanjigarh to decide Sesa Sterlite Ltd (SSL) refinery expansion project concluded successfully in presence of district officials and the authorities of State Pollution Control Board (SPCB), a company spokesman said in a statement. 


      According to senior journalist Bijoy Diwedi of the Samaj the so called Public Hearing for Vedanta's illegal alumina plant's expansion proposal in spite of being stage managed ended without any conclusive resolution as the officials and paid participants who were faking there as affected villagers left the venue abruptly when Dongarias and other affected inhabitants started raising their voice against the illegal and unethical expansion proposal. Vedanta officials/ goons with total support of local police and armed police prevented entry of every potential protester/camera man from entering the highly fortified and barricaded Hearing zone.

      But when Dongarias started climbing down the hills and forced their entry into the hearing site no one had the courage to stop them. The officials of state pollution control board who were calling only BJD workers/paid participants to depose had to flee the place when Dongarias started raising their voice. There was no voting, no reading out of resolution, no declaration that the Hearing ended. The ADM told the reporters that he will report the matter to the DM. But even he might not have reached the DM's office when livemint declared that Vedanta got no objection to its proposal for expansion in the hearing.

      This can happen only in India. No village in the area had got any information about the event. This morning only a vehicle was going round the town declaring and inviting the people to come for the hearing as if a football match was going to take place. No circulation of EIA report, no discussion with the people. The media in Odisha seldom questions the company even if it does terrible crimes. The OTV-non official channel of the ruling party declared that it was a success. All paid news agencies echoed the same voice. The Kanakv TV of Odisha reportedly informed the Truth to its viewers that the Public Hearing ended abruptly without any conclusion.

      The only hope for saving Niyamgiri rests with Dongarias who today came down the hills in hundreds and stormed the Hearing site forcing the Hearing to come to an abrupt halt. But for the shameless Vedanta the success is always manufactured and the mindless media has lost all its wisdom to distinguish between facts and fiction even if things happen right on their face. The Dongarias were found to be speaking angrily against Vedanta and fully controlling the stage when the so called Hearing was coming to an end.

      The pictures below clearly show us how Dongarias have taken full control over the site of Hearing forcing the conspirators leave the place.