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19182Indian Muslims in America Mourn Mukul Sinha's Passing Away

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  • Kaleem Kawaja
    May 12, 2014
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      Indian Muslims in America Mourn Mukul Sinha's Passing Away
      It is with profound sadness that we have learned of the passing away yesterday of the very courageous human rights activist Mukul Sinha in Ahmedabad.  Mr Sinha who was only 63 years old was suffering from lung cancer for the last one year.  Since 2002 when the awful anti-Muslim violence occurred in Gujarat, Mukul Sinha was always in the forefront seeking justice for the hapless victims of that violence. Being a lawyer by profession, Mukul Sinha used his professional abilities to seek justice for the victims of 2002 in Gujarat.
      Mukul Sinha was an engineering graduate from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology who preferred to become a lawyer.  I have very vivid recollection of meeting Mukul Sinha in Boston in 2010 at a conference on social justice in India.  He was the star attraction at that conference and spoke glowingly about the need for all of us to work for social justice in India.  Through the years utilizing his abilities as a lawyer Mukul Sinha actively took up numerous cases for the poor victims of religion based violence in various courts of law. 
      Mukul Sinha's memory will remain the minds of countloess social justice oriented people of India for many years to come.  His initiative and courage will continue to be an inspiration for many of us for a long time.  Today a large number of Indian Muslims in North America pay tribute to his noble soul and his very courageous contribution to the Indian society.
      Kaleem Kawaja
      Association of Indian Muslims of America
      Washington DC
      May 12, 2014