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19174Must listen: Excellent job by a radio presenter.

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  • M Ghazali Khan
    May 7, 2014
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      This really an amazing and admirable step taken by a radio presenter to put two social media activists to shame and make them realise their mistake. 

      Hatts off to him. As has often been seen, specially on internetforums, the biggest disadvantage of encounters through social media (this is not to deny its usefulness) is that the participants in a debate or 'friends' on face books, in most cases sitting thousands miles away from each other, are confident that they will never see each other. The 'aankh ka lihaz' that plays important role in virtual meetings is absent here and writers feel free to use filthiest language, quote baseless allegations as facts and spread hatred and lies without realising the damage they are doing to humans. This is an excellent example of it. This guy has done a great job. I solute him!