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19091Question-Answers with Political Parties on Education Policy, 7th April, 2014, Bhopal

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  • Lokesh Malti Prakash
    Apr 4, 2014
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      “Aaj sadakon par likhe hain saikadon naare na dekh

      Ghar andhera dekh tu akash ke tare na dekh”



      We all have witnessed the systematic policy-led collapse education system of our country, especially in the last two decades which has not only increased the hardships of the masses, but has reduced constitutional vision of establishing an equitable education system into a mockery. Whether it is the well-planned destruction of the government school system or the issue of unregulated growth of fees-extorting private schools, whether it is the plunder of public money by corporate houses/NGOs in name of PPP or the hegemonic growth of communal and sectarian ideas in education system – it is becoming increasingly difficult for not only the hardworking masses but even well-to-do middle class families to provide good education to their children. The bigger tragedy is that this issue and such related issues concerning the well-being of common people have been relegated to the backseat in the General Elections. Instead what we see is a vicious populist propaganda and personality clash.


      In such a situation, it becomes pertinent for us to put real questions before the political parties fighting the elections and demand them to put forth their clear agenda on the matters affecting us all.


      With this objective, Shiksha Adhikar Manch, Bhopal is organising a question-answer programme with the major political parties of the state on 7th April. In the programme questions related to education policies will be raised before the parties seeking answer on their stand and agenda on that issue. The party representatives would not allowed indulging into empty rhetoric or sloganeering of any kind – only objective answers to objective questions.


      You all are welcome to this programme. Do not hesitate to mail us your suggestions for framing questions to the parties.


      “Question-Answers with Political Parties on Education Policy”

      Date: 7th April, 2014 (Monday)

      Time and Venue: 3:00pm to 7:00pm, Gandhi Bhawan, Bhopal







      Sushri Jyotsna Milan & Shri G.S. Asiwal

      Presidium Members, Shiksha Adhikaar Manch, Bhopal


      Dr. Anil Sadgopal     


      Shiksha Adhikaar Manch, Bhopal


      Sri Shahid-ul-Hussaini (09301569380)


      Shiksha Adhikaar Manch, Bhopal
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