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16027Re: [Arkitect India] Why do we STILL not know about the killer of Narendra Modi’s Minister, Haren Pandya?

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  • Sadanand Patwardhan
    Mar 29, 2013
      Pankaj Ji,

      Paraphrasing your statement to Educating Children that is your claimed
      domain of expertise, it may be said:

      ***The belief of some among educationists is surprising, that that they
      have more knowledge, information and capability to find more efficient
      routes to pedagogy than the combined efforts of our NCERT, State level
      ERT, various Central Govt. and States education bodies, industry
      bodies and knowledge commissions, who have been sincerely trying to
      find-establish the right curriculum and to deliver it to the children
      for last six decades.***

      It is through the tireless efforts of those outside the whole gamut of
      institutions and agencies in whom you have reposed touching faith that
      many cases against the atrocities committed in 2002 were filed [after
      intervention of SC was sought] and at least one minister from the Modi
      cabinet has been sentenced and is in jail. All this could happen despite
      the efforts of official machinery to stymie any efforts at establishing
      truth and at making the force of law to bear, until it was forced to go
      along the path it was in any case duty bound to go.

      What Modi's government in Gujarat has faced and hopefully would continue
      to face until full justice is done, should have happened to Rajiv
      Gandhi's government at Center in 1984. That is another tragic blot on

      Sadanand Patwardhan
      +91 99 234 24 661.
      --- In arkitectindia@yahoogroups.com, Pankaj Jain <pjain2002@...> wrote:
      > The belief of some members of civil society is surprising, that that
      they have more credible information and capability to find truth than
      the combined efforts of our Courts, various Central Govt. agencies,
      whole of national Media, and large number of activists, who have been
      sincerely trying to find-establish the errors of Mr. Modi over the last
      10 years.
      > Mr. Sen is welcome to join this effort but why does he believe that he
      will establish facts any more-better than Supeme Court appointed/
      monitored police investigation by the agency controlled by the Central
      Govt., which is hostile to Mr. Mody.
      > The tendency to appoint oneself as the head of a Kangaroo court is
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