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10952Re: [Arkitect India] My Frontline Article on RTE Act -2-15 July issue. [2 Attachments]

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  • V.B.Chandrasekaran Balasubramaniam
    Jul 4, 2011

      Dear Friends,                             4th July 2011.


      I agree with Anil Sadagopal. But then,  how can Bharath win if we continue working with INDIA, the STATE only. Let us work with Bharath, the people and Citizens of Bharath. The State that enjoys power will not give up so easily.


      How, my suggestion follows.


      A New Millennium Satyagraha of boycotting Corporate and Private schools- the need.


      The madness of Corporate and Private schools is already flooding even relatively remote Adivasi Blocks and Mandals in our country. It is equally anguishing that it is not only Ministers, District collectors and others but also most of the staff and Leaders of the Voluntary Organisations- the NGOs are sending their children to corporate and private schools. In the name of being practical, not idealistic and all the other jargons, we are also lacking in our moral courage to take a less popular stand and send our children to the government schools.


      Silver lining amidst these dark clouds for us to get inspired is the initiative of few Panchayaths in Nizamabad District of Andhra Pradesh to decide in their Panchayath and send their Children to Government schools only. It is equally Interesting to note that teachers and lecturers of the Government Educational Institution in Andhra Pradesh have taken a challenge and they are campaigning among the parents and students about the values and costs of getting Education through Government Institutions.


      May I appeal to the All India Forum for Right To Education to take queue from these People’s response and action? There is a need to translate our intellectual debate into concrete action!


      What is needed is A New Millennium Satyagraha of boycotting Corporate and Private schools. AIFRTE must ally with government teachers throughout the country and launch the movement. While an intellectual debate must go on, pressure on the Government must continue, a decisive outcome can be only possible by such a long drawn movement. AIFRTE must enroll as many Voluntary Organisations at each Block and Mandal in the country for this movement.


      SARVODAYA is the alternate Development Paradigm.


      A Democratic, Decentralised and participative system of Governance will replace the colonial mode. Is it not a wishful thinking? Immediately after Independence, we enjoyed and struggled towards these goals of governance through our policy of mixed economy, non-alignment, education for all and health for all. We were critical of the government in the Voluntary Sector but in spite of this, it was a friendly atmosphere that we worked as friends with the Government.


      Today, it is no more a question of Capitalism Vs Communism. At least for India it is a question of education for all, health for all and decentralised governance empowered with development planning. It is great and to our pride that the Constitution of India provides exactly these democratic paradigms. These were dreamt by Mahatma Gandhi under Grama Swaraj.



      Gandhians immediately after the Independence has terribly let down Gandhi to ingrain these SARVODAYA ideologies and work with the communities. If at all, SARVODAYA was used more as a cosmetic but not as a genuine concern. Today, Congress has lost the sensitivity of SARVODAYA and plans to win votes by charities and dolling out crumbs as alms to the people.  Instead of empowering the Citizens to be Independent and self governing, it is systematically murdering the self esteem of the citizens to be dependent upon the government and slaves to capital. Ironically, the wise civil society has chosen the comfort zone, while being critical of the Government.


      It is time that the present struggles against corruption, privatization of even education and health, dispossessing and displacing Adivasis and other such movement should place before the Citizens the alternate Development Paradigm, the SARVODAYA. We need participatory democracy as our ideology.  


      The Choice before us is between bullets and ballots. SARVODAYA chooses ballot from grass root. We need to participate in the elections, even if we loose for now.


      Tail Piece: Let us not be naïve to believe that Government led by any present political party will have the guts to ban the private and corporate Educational Institutions. Even the banned Coca Cola has found its way again. 


      V.B.Chandrasekaran, People’s Peace and Prosperity Mission.

      Dandakaranya SAHYOG Ahimsa Yatra,

      (Under the auspicious of Sarva Seva Sangh and SARVODAYA)

      Chatti Post, Chinthur Mandalam, Khammam District.

      Email: verivaan2049@... antarbharatid2010@... bragadambal@...








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      Date: Sunday, July 3, 2011, 5:00 PM




      Here is my FRONTLINE piece on Right to Education Act (entitled, “Neoliberal Act”) published in the 2-15 July issue now on the stands. It is in two versions in the attachment. One of this is in pdf of hard copy as published (some problems in reading since it is not in face-to-face mode, as in the printed magazine) and the other one as posted on the internet by FRONTLINE with a weblink to the BOX.  Read whichever version is more comfortable for you.


      The BOX of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ is an abridged version of what was initially published as Table 3 of my article entitled “RTE Vs. RTE Act” in SOCIAL SCIENTIST (Sept.-Dec. 2010).


      FRONTLINE’s entire Cover Story is on the issue of RTE vs. RTE Act, with a range of viewpoints, data and varying assessments. It would be best if you read the entire Cover Story and accordingly formulate your stand on how to educate, not merely enroll, BHARAT while INDIA acts to deny education to the vast majority or replace education with literacy. This Cover Story should help us all to decode the politics of the RTE Act and its protagonists, be it the State or its co-traveler international agencies and NGOs.


      If you still can’t decode the hidden agenda of the Act, even after one year of its ‘cleverly designed deliberate non-implementation’, I will just say “let us continue to dialogue until BHARAT wins the battle!”







      Anil Sadgopal

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