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105Re: [arkitectindia] women issue

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  • soham soham
    Oct 4, 2004
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      Dear Friends,

      Sunita’s thoughts on medical check-up of female candidates by male gynecologists are quite revolutionary. I fail to understand what Sunita you are trying to prove or say. The woman today is in no need to prove that she is equal to man; in fact she is more than a man. Time and again this truth has been re-established. Our Ved/Puran and Upanishads are full of praise of woman. The women who made her name in the history never tried to prove that she is equal to men, she did what she wanted to do and her virtuous acts proved it abundantly.  Then be it Arundhati the wife of Saint Vashishth, Anusuya wife of Saint Aattree, Savitri wife of King Ashvapati, Sita the wife of Lord Ram, Sati wife of Lord Shiva, Drupadi wife of the Pandavas, Gargi the daughter of Saint Bachkan, Meera the wife of Rana Bhojraj, Durgawati who fought Akbar, Laxmibai who fought with the Britishers, Ahilyabai Holkar the Queen of Indore who sentenced her own son for the crimes against the public, Channamma the Queen of Keladi who gave asylum to Shivaji Maharaja’s second son Raja Ram without fearing the wrath of the cruel Aurangjeb, Rudramba who was Queen of Kakteeya and ruled for 20 years in the thirteenth century or be it Bhagini Nivedita the disciple of Swami Vivekananda. Even today’s Newspaper flashed the news of Padmavathy the first woman Air Marshal; the people have not forgotten the contribution of Kalpana Chawla the first Indian woman Astronaut at NASA. The list of such Companies is in hundreds today who have women CEO. These are just illustrating few. I can add multiple of millions of such names of women who did not have time to prove that she is better than man but proved it by her virtues. These women never demanded that they can be proved equal to man only if they protest to use the toilets meant for males or engage into homosexual activities or propagate movies like Fire, Girlfriend, or is being used as a sex model in the name of Fashion Shows/Beauty Contest and is used as sexual attraction for selling the cigarette/alcohol etc. Sunita, you need not be told that you are free to exhibit your talents, it is not the male who is stopping you to excel, if there is a cause to this effect that is within you. Come out of this perverted thought, the woman today does not have time to criticize even this kind of non-existing inequality. The women today is extremely busy in proving her worth by actually doing what she wants to do. Unfortunately, in our country there are political unemployed persons and ideologies that are trying to remove the apparel from the women in the name of modernism. Please do not fall prey to this kind of political trap. This according to me is a total Non-Issue.

      Regarding the report on Godhra, it is a piece of rubbish. I do not know who is funding this kind of visits of Vipin Tripathi. By the way, Vipin are you a politician or a real social worker who wants to serve the mankind? You have spent a lot of time and money in meeting the few hundred Muslims who were victimized at Gujarat. Please try to meet Lakhs of Hindus who have been thrown out of Kashmir and are living homeless. Please try to know from them how the Muslims looted their properties, raped their women folk and killed Lakhs of innocent Hindus. Why Sambhav does not apply to them? Why no one from the Friends spent some time to know their woos as well? Why no one from you writes even a word on the massacre of Hindus and rape of their women at Kashmir? Why the communalism done by Muslim is accepted without noise? Is it because in History Muslim is an icon of terrorism and communalism and Hindu is known for its love for peace? You are talking about improving the lot of the Muslim folk; do not forget that they have equal rights in India, rather better than the majority community. What will you do to improve their lot and in what way it will be better than the improvement brought in by their own rulers who ruthlessly suppressed Hindus for over more than 1000 years? Please, my dear Tripathi, think with an open mind and try to find out your compulsions for spending your energies on such kind of highly anti-National issues. If India has to remain on the world Globe as a Nation, the need is to recognize that India belongs only to Hindus. There are no Muslims and Christians in India. All those who worship India, as their Matribhoomi, Pitreebhoomi and Punyabhoomi are Hindus. Yes, we do have convert Hindus. Those who converted from Hinduism to Islam or Christianity because of the fear of sword of Mughals or because of allurement of money spent by the Christian Missionaries will come back to the main stream, once the Hindu regains its lost glory. What we need is to strengthen the Hindus or be ready for another 100 Pakistan in India.



      I am not sure for continuation of exchange of thoughts started by Friends through this forum. Surely not if we do not want to hear and listen to the other voices. The true democracy is that I must respect the freedom of the voice of others even if I do not agree with it. Please try to see there are shades other than red and green. If you Friends are really a group of open-minded right thinking people then do not shortcut my views. Let all the Friends also know that there are others and they have other views, which are equally important for the plurality of the country. These are not only my thoughts but it is the voice of millions of Hindus who want to know from groups like Friends to identify one place in the Globe which is truly secular and is predominately not Hindu. You will not find. India is today secular because it is still Hindu majority state. The parts of India, which did not remain predominately Hindu, disintegrated, as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh and are purely now Islamic States and no body can talk of secularism there. Friends cannot go there and preach this kind of ideology. The way the Muslim population is growing in India, that day is not very far when there will be no place for people like Tripathi or Sunita to preach secularism. Those who can bomb the statues of Buddha will never tolerate the very idea of secularism. I will have no regrets even if the e-mail exchange is stopped henceforth. I do not believe in hypocrisy and shall be happy even with this short e-exchanges with the Friends.


      R M Harjai

      On Mon, 04 Oct 2004 Sangeeta Kumari wrote :

      >I would like to add to Sunita's mail
      >It was very sad to read news about medical check up of newly selected women to serve in the Indian Army.  Don't army people know that we are in india where women will never like to be checked so intimately as have been done in Allahabad Army Headquarter? [ I shall tell that even in so called advanced countries such practices are not noticed]
      >How can one justified that there is no "qualified women doctors and gynecologists" to be appointed for such posts.  Every year so much girls medical students pass out from medical colleges.
      >Is it the result of insensitive India army  or lack of interest in upliftment of  half of the inidan population- women.
      >Well we know that.
      >On Thu, 30 Sep 2004 sunita ojha wrote :
      > >Dear Friends,
      > >
      > >After reading the report on Godhra visit by Mr. Tripathi ,i think that there is greater need to to build bridges connecting people living in various areas who are making efforts to organise themselves in order to achieve certain basic things in lives.
      > >
      > >i also want to share my thoughts over the issue of Medical checkup of female candidates (SSB) by male gynocologists.
      > >Majority of people around me feel that these candidates are making unnecessary noise about the issue. And that if women want to be treated equally they must also not reck the issue of gender on each occasion.
      > >
      > >i feel very perturbed by such averments. they seem to be missing out the basic issue that as a women we want to be treated equally and not be denied things because of our gender but it does not mean that we want to be completely obliterated as women. Let the society and social institutions be remoulded in order to be gender friendly. why should we be asked all the time to change to compromise because we are entering in to men's domain? Why cannot the domain itself be democratised by shelving its patriarchal and chouvinist elements???
      > >
      > >thanx
      > >Sunita ojha
      > >
      > >arkitect95 <arkitect95@...> wrote:
      > >Friends
      > >
      > >I have returned from Godhra (Panchmahals), after spending three days
      > >in the district. My report is given below. We would be doing a number
      > >of activities over there in coming months. Your suggestions and
      > >cooperation would be very valuable.
      > >
      > >Today is also a very sad day. Legendary socialist thinker and
      > >grassroots activist Kishan Patnaik has passed away in Bhubneshwar. He
      > >whole heartedly supported every activity of Sadbhav Mission and
      > >motivated many people to resist communalism. It is a major loss for
      > >us as well as the nation.
      > >
      > >Best regards
      > >Vipin Tripathi
      > >                            My Godhra Visit
      > >
      > >In mid September I planned to visit Godhra for 3 days starting
      > >September 23. As I informed Dr. Sujaat Vali of my plans, I learnt
      > >that there was considerable apprehension in the city due to the route
      > >of forthcoming Ganesh Visarjan Yatra. Last year when the yatra passed
      > >through the exclusively Muslim area of Polan Bazar, rioting erupted
      > >and several shops were burnt. Most people of both the communities, in
      > >a survey conducted later, wanted that the route of the yatra in
      > >future to be diverted. However, VHP was insistent and prevailed upon
      > >administration for the same route. The repeat of 2003 was
      > >apprehended. I informed PM office, President office, a few MPs,
      > >political leaders and media about it. I also talked DM Godhra who
      > >told me that nothing untoward would be allowed to happen. Fortunately
      > >it went off peacefully on September 23.
      > >
      > >I reached Godhra on the morning of 24 th. As I came out of the
      > >station, Mohammad Hasan, an auto driver, recognized me and greeted me
      > >with affection. He took me to Lara hospital where I met Dr. Sharmila
      > >Vali and Mukund Bhai Sindhav. We discussed the situation in the city
      > >and  plans to hold teaching workshop and education conference. I also
      > >visited Iqbal High School and Nav-Rachna High School to assess
      > >friends' views. At 9:30 AM I left for Lunawada. I visited friends in
      > >the degree college and SK High School. At noon I left for Panderwada,
      > >the village where 27 people were killed and 127 houses burnt in 2002.
      > >After spending some time with the shopkeepers at the bus stand,
      > >specially with people at a shoe keeper shop, I went to the High
      > >School and met Principal Trivedi.  I was astonished to learn that out
      > >of 500 students from class IX to XII,there were only 2 were Muslims.
      > >In the primary section there were 3 Muslim students out of 800. There
      > >is another primary school (related relatively inferior in quality)
      > >where Muslim students are significant yet far below the percentage of
      > >population. When I met Faiz Mohammad and other victims of violence,
      > >they told me that many students were denied admission in High
      > >School. Last year I had met Principal Pandya (who has now retired) and
      > >requested him to admit these children who could not appear in the
      > >exam due to riots and he had promised cooperation. However, admission
      > >was to be finally approved by the Distt. inspector of schools. I was
      > >already in touch with the latter and asked people to go and meet him
      > >but poor villagers could not afford to go to him. It is a major lapse
      > >on our part. Now I have requested friends in Godhra to help admissions
      > >in future and arrange books for needy children (Rs. 350 per child for
      > >dress and books). 93 riot-hit families have settled in new homes.
      > >Seven new homes are coming up. 27 families, however, have not yet
      > >returned to the village, nor any homes for them have been
      > >constructed. People are in dire need of work. Continuous rain for 41
      > >days has destroyed 80 % crop of corn. Faiz Mohammad told me that a
      > >few families were still in need of hand thela or other means of
      > >livelihood. I went to discuss the situation with the Sarpanch but he
      > >was not home. I noted that the Parliament election results have
      > >eboldened Himdu-Muslim masses to meet each other more normally.
      > >
      > >In the evening I returned to Lunawada, visited Sadiq Vohra's home and
      > >held fruitful discussions with him and Mr. Salauddin. At 9 PM lauddin
      > >dropped me at Prof. Manoj Shah's home. We discussed how to bring out
      > >short books in Gujarati on i) contributions of various communities
      > >and regions in freedom struggle (in Hindi and English we already we
      > >have it), ii) Living conditions of Hindu and Muslim Masses (by adding
      > >sections on conditions of Dalits, Tribals, Farmers, Artisans etc in
      > >our book "Living conditions of Muslim Masses"). He offered to
      > >translate these and get them printed in Lunawada. Next morning he
      > >arranged my lecture among 120 B.A. students. I spoke on Science and
      > >Democracy, and concluded by underlining that communalism is a weapon
      > >of imperialism and each one of us must resist it in our neighborhood.
      > >The response was overwhelming.
      > >
      > >At 9 AM I left for Kalol and walked 4 km to reach Boroo (where 150
      > >houses were burnt in 2002) at 12:30 PM. All the families have settled
      > >in their new homes, however, employment is a major problem. The wades
      > >are very low, Rs. 20 per day for light work in the village and Rs. 50
      > >for hard work in Kalol/ Halol, yet the work is not available daily. I
      > >visited several families and received their deep affection.
      > >
      > >Then I walked back to Kalol and visited Kasimabad where victims from
      > >Delol (that had 62 Muslim families and 32 people from whom were
      > >killed on their way while fleeing in 2002) have been located in new
      > >homes as none of them could return back to Delol. These one room
      > >homes (with a partition inside) have been built by voluntary
      > >organizations (at a cost of Rs. 52000 each, including the cost of
      > >land). Many children of these families have been moved to an English
      > >medium school in Hyderabad with the help of ANHAD. Qasim Bhai played
      > >a hey role in it. In the evening I went to Vadodara.
      > >
      > >Next morning I reached Godhra. I met the DM and congratulated him for
      > >peaceful passage of the yatra. I also made requests to i) initiate
      > >Jawahar Rojgaar Yojna or other similar Yojna, and tree plantation to
      > >provide work for the people in Panderwada and Boroo. ii) plant trees
      > >through the forest department, ii) to provide assistance for self
      > >employment, iii) to help improve Muslim students representation in
      > >schools. He noted down these and said that he would look into them.
      > >At 11:30 I went t Aman Samuday meeting where 40 volunteers from
      > >villages were present. Aman Samuday has created bases in 350
      > >villages/ towns, each base having five Aman Sewaks from the
      > >village. This network provides, food packs, interest free loans for
      > >self employment and creates awareness about communal harmony. The
      > >three hour meeting was very heartening.
      > >
      > >I visited the family of Mr. SJ Thakar, Principal Technical High
      > >School  who passed away two months ago. He was instrumental in
      > >organizing the Mathematics workshop last year and a big support in
      > >other efforts. His death is a severe blow to our efforts. I held
      > >elaborate discussions with Dr. Vali regarding our various programs
      > >for the district. He was supportive of each of them. Prof. Bhanot,
      > >Dr. Yashwant Sharma and Dr. Waghela put forth several suggestions to
      > >strengthen the network and offered their full support. I felt
      > >enrgized and left for Delhi at 7:15 PM with optimism.
      > >
      > >PS: Prof. V.K. Tripathi teaches Physics at IIT, New Delhi and can be
      > >    contacted on vkt@...
      > >
      > >Thanks
      > >Programme Coordinator
      > >Ark Foundation
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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