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Last Call - RSVP - Grand Canyon State Porcupine Conference

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  • Rick LaPoint
    (please feel free to pass this along!) Greetings Fellow Grand Canyon State Porcupines! The venue for the Grand Canyon State Porcupine Conference has been
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 17, 2003
      (please feel free to pass this along!)

      Greetings Fellow Grand Canyon State Porcupines!

      The venue for the Grand Canyon State Porcupine Conference has been
      secured, but I need you to RSVP so I can get a final count and give the
      restaurant your menu choices so that they can be prepared for our
      meeting... Please do so as soon as possible, as I need to turn in the
      menu choices by 06/20/03.

      We have our choice of any of the following for our luncheon following
      the conference:

      BBQ Chicken
      Meat Loaf
      Beef Brisket
      Roast Beef
      Crispy Baked Chicken
      Beef Stroganoff

      Of course, if you don't wish to partake in the Luncheon or have special
      dietary requirements please let me know as well. They are willing to
      make accommodations to those who don't eat meat. I hope that everyone
      will stay for lunch though, because they are giving us the meeting-room
      for free based upon the assumption that we will be eating... they are
      running a restaurant, afterall. ;)

      I am suggesting we each contribute $20 to cover the meal and tip. The
      meal was quoted at $12.95, and I think that $7.05 is enough to cover the
      tax and gratuity for our activities at this fine establishment. Whatever
      I collect is going to them, and everyone is on the honor-system. I'll
      cover a shortfall myself, but I'm not anticipating such. :)

      Once again, our conference will be following the Arizona Breakfast Club
      (http://www.arizonabreakfastclub.org/), which is a live radio morning
      debate forum hosted by Ernest Hancock, host of the morning program
      "Declare Your Independence" on Independent KXAM 1310AM
      (http://www.ernesthancock.com). I've personally attended two of these
      forums, and they are of great interest to Liberty-minded individuals
      here in Arizona. The Arizona Breakfast Club begins at 8:00am sharp, with
      a generous breakfast buffet (all-you-can-eat scrambled eggs, bacon,
      flap-jacks, hash-browns, as well as a choice of juices/coffee... all for
      $10!) and stimulating discussion until the 9:00am live radio feed, where
      all Libertarian/Freedom-loving heck breaks loose.

      Our meeting will begin at approximately 10:30AM, and I anticipate we
      will conclude shortly after 1:00PM. I'm expecting the format of our
      meeting to be more of a "meet your new neighbor" in the free-state, and
      a free-discussion of the merits of the candidate states.


      That's as much organization as I have been able to muster, and if anyone
      has any suggestions beyond that, please feel free to forward them to me.

      Here's the important info:

      The Beefeaters Restaurant (http://www.beef-eaters.com/)
      300 West Camelback Road
      Phoenix, AZ



      (or go to http://www.mapsonus.com and enter the address for a custom map
      and directions)

      Please contact me if you have any, any, any questions, and above all...
      If you wish to attend. I told them we have 20, so astound me... ;)


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