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Fwd: PCLP meeting Thursday May 15 (same place, same time...)

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  • maywood2008
    I m forwarding my PCLP meeting announcement to this list particularly because of Agenda Item #5, see below. I ve been running the Pima County LP meetings since
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2003
      I'm forwarding my PCLP meeting announcement to this list particularly
      because of Agenda Item #5, see below. I've been running the Pima
      County LP meetings since January and I began extending the invitation
      to FSP to send a spokesperson to plug FSP in early February; but so
      far no one has accepted the invitation.

      For those who have never been to Cody's Beef & Beans, it is located
      at 2708 E. Fort Lowell, Tucson.

      David Euchner
      Chairman, Pima County Libertarian Party

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      Thursday, May 15 at Cody's Beef & Beans. We're going to do a
      different format from now on: the business meeting will be conducted
      at 6:00 pm, and probably will not last more than 5 minutes since
      there is nothing on the agenda for the business meeting yet.

      Then the outreach and activist meeting will commence at 7:00 pm.
      There is plenty to discuss here - see tentative agenda below.

      Those who wish to come for the business meeting at 6pm are welcome;
      it is open to all interested libertarians. All are encouraged to come
      early for the purpose of dining and socializing.

      One minor snag in this month's meeting - we lost the back room for
      this particular day, so we'll be meeting in the general dining room.
      I had a choice between going ahead with the meeting in the main
      dining area or re-scheduling, and since we're still getting in the
      habit of reserving the third Thursday on our calendars for PCLP
      meetings (this makes 5 months in a row!) I didn't want to disturb the

      Another item which doesn't qualify as a snag - I might be late for
      the meeting, since I have a hearing in Gila County on Thursday
      afternoon. Depending on how long that takes and how long it takes me
      to drive back to Tucson, I might not be back until after 7:00.
      However, to the extent that I am late I leave the running of the
      meeting in Jason Auvenshine's extremely capable hands.



      1. Introductions

      2. Website - it is now active, see http://www.pimalp.org - now we
      just need to throw more content on it. I intend to do most of the
      writing, but volunteers are welcome for additional writing as well as

      3. Review of the May 3 cannabis march, and early planning for the May
      2004 march

      4. Final planning for the voter registration booths at the Crossroads
      Gun Show, which will be May 17-18 at the Pima County Fairgrounds.
      Hours are Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 9-4. (Separate e-mail on this item

      5. There has been chatter on this list and on other lists about the
      Free State Project and its members in the Tucson area (of which I am
      one). If anyone wishes to make a short presentation on FSP, feel free
      to show up and speak and/or distribute literature. And since we're
      not the NRA, you can count on us not to have you arrested for handing
      out pamphlets :-)

      6. Open Forum


      Looking forward to seeing you there.

      David Euchner
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