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moving individually. Re: [fourcornersporcupines] Re: Attn: AZ Porcs

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    This really isn t a collectivist decision by definition. Even though the majority will pick a state.... nothing is stopping anyone from opting out, becoming a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2003
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      This really isn't a collectivist decision by definition. Even though the majority will pick a state.... nothing is stopping anyone from opting out, becoming a "friend" of the FSP and not move at all, or even start up a competing FSP after the state is chosen to a state of your liking.

      Each person's choice to move is purely individualistic. It would be collectivist in nature if you had to move somewhere against your will, set forth by majority vote, or some other means of tribal chosing...


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      > I'm pretty neutral as to which state will be chosen, although I have
      > opted-out of Alaska and N. Dakota, although if either were chosen, I
      > would probably reconsider.

      Here's another issue that I've struggled with since the beginning. If
      we assume that we're all very strong individualists (I certainly
      consider myself one), how can we accept the decision of a collective
      majority to choose where were live? I do this in the following way:

      I think about what I want. Well, I want to be free and I want to be
      left alone. Can I do this myself? Well, not really. In the current
      system, there's always some kind of bother (both government in terms
      of silly laws and regulations, and neighbors in terms of telling me
      what color my house is suppose to be, what animals I keep, what I do
      with my propery, etc.). However, if I could surround myself with
      like-minded people (we all want to be left alone), then I'd be in a
      great situation. So if I can figure out a way to accomplish this, I'm
      gonna do it. So I actually don't see it as giving in the collective
      majority, but rather finding a location on this planet where I can do
      what I want and know I won't be bothered unless I'm being in some way
      violent to my neighbors.

      > I'd be interested in a local convention to meet other members. I
      > think it would be a great support mechanism for when the time the
      > move does come.

      Well, this is what Rick is working on. I'm leaving it up to him and
      any of you to organize this, but I'll offer any kind of support I can
      in terms of logistics, phone calls, setting up a web page on the FSP
      server, etc. I suggested to Rick that we might have two meetings.
      One for "northerners" (Phoenix and above) and one for "southerners"
      (below Phoenix). The two groups would of course be invited to each
      other's, of course. I'm suggesting this mainly for selfish reasons
      becuase I'd have a hard time getting up to Phoenix in terms of time
      (it's a 3 hour drive from where I am one-way -- that's 6 hours of
      driving for a 1-2 event!!). I'm trying to grow a start-up company and
      with all new babies this one needs 15000% of my attention for the
      forseeable future. Anyhow, just an idea to consider.



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