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Great insight and lets keep sharing...its the only way

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  • Denise Bensusan
    Sandy, Great insight!! Our elected officials are NOT listening to us. Yes, I am aware that these issues have been important for some time now but most of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2005
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      Great insight!! Our elected officials are NOT listening to us.

      Yes, I am aware that these issues have been important for some time now but
      most of the general public does NOT know what the hell is going on out here
      in the real world. They stick their heads in the sand and believe NOTHING
      like that could ever happen. So I keep plugging away and share what I can
      with anyone that I can. I am shocked at how many people responded with OH
      MY GOD THEY CANT DO THAT!! Our government is not user friendly and far too
      much is being SNUCK by the citizenship.

      You do know that BUSH is in Arizona today! I'm in Kingman and simply cant
      get to Phoenix today or I would be there picket sign in hand.

      I call the Senators and the representatives all the time. Its a waste of
      time! BUT.....I just keep writing and keep calling. The fact of the matter
      is that we as citizens MUST join together on issues as we are to scattered
      and thus not productive.


      Denise Bensusan
      Citizens for Future Generations

      "War ... should only be declared by the authority
      of the people, whose toils and treasures are to
      support its burdens, instead of the government
      which is to reap its fruits." ~ : James Madison (1751-1836)


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      Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 04:59:45 -0700
      From: "Sandra Price" <s@...>
      Subject: RE: Congressman Ron Paul Reiterates Danger Of Foreign Troops Being
      Used For Martial Law

      Denise, this is not a new threat and a similar scenario was written up by
      Clinton prior to the millennium scare prior to 2000. An Executive Order was
      written and it was all over the internet! I met up with Congressman Paul in
      1999 in Atlanta where all this was discussed. This E.O. gave all of FEMA
      and our national guards to the A.G. Janet Reno and after Waco, this scared
      the hell out of us.

      Obviously we have handed way too much authority over to the Federal
      Government in general and the POTUS in particular. We, as voters, do not
      elect Americans who are familiar with the U.S. Constitution and instead we
      are all looking for handouts. I had hoped that the LP would fill the void
      left by the GOP and Dems in the last 17 years but they have lost their focus
      for a free America.

      It is time we all realized that we are heading for a Socialistic Theocracy
      and there is damn little any of us can do about it. I've been involved in
      politics for 50 years and we see more corruption in our center of government
      in direct relationship to the dumber our voters get. I'm not even certain
      about the focus of the Libertarian movement today. We have a couple of LP
      leaders in Arizona who refuse to even vote.

      Do we have to wait until a total destruction of our government happens
      before we look around for a decent policy? Arizona is politically dead. Do
      we have any candidates ready to run for local or federal offices yet?

      Congressman Paul needs support and it will never come from the Democrats or
      Republicans. I' ve been trying to keep him in focus in California and now
      Arizona for years. Americans are interested only in the prohibition of both
      abortions and gay marriages and until we start looking into our loss of
      freedoms, we will self-destruct. I watch the voting records of our
      congressmen and it is embarrassing. None of them have an ounce of
      individual freedom in their veins and will bend over backward to follow Bush
      anywhere he goes. It will be the Arizona Congressmen who will sell us out
      under what is left of the Bush Administration. They will do anything to get
      reelected in 2006 and it is time they all got tossed. I would have thought
      that any political group would have tried to locate a new congress for
      Arizona by promoting the kind of action that Ron Paul has been working for
      since he became a congressman. I think if I have to put up with another 2
      years of Trent Franks, I will have to leave the state. Has he ever read the
      Constitution? Has he ever read a single article written by Ron Paul?

      The others aren't any better! Jon Kyl is another one who deserves to lose
      his Senatorial seat. These men are not Republicans but theocrats who want
      to destroy every single individual choice we face in America. Their
      arrogance that they can set our morals through the government shows they
      know nothing of our freedoms. But that seems to be what the Arizona voters
      want. I keep hoping the Free State Project would inspire some individual
      thinkers but it is apparently too late.

      Nice try,

      Sandy Price

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