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states with no income tax and other fun facts

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  • Olehenry1@yahoo.com
    The following states charge no income tax (sales tax in parantheses) {property tax}: Alaska (0%) Florida (6%) Nevada (6.5%) New Hamp (0%) note: 5% on
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2004
      The following states charge no "income tax" (sales tax in
      parantheses) {property tax}:

      Alaska (0%)
      Florida (6%)
      Nevada (6.5%)
      New Hamp (0%) note: 5% on interests and dividends
      South Dakota (4%)
      Tennessee (7%) note: 6% on interests and dividends
      Texas (6.25%)
      Washington (6.5%)
      Wyoming (4%)

      Maybe it'll catch on. I know that NH's education department has
      been hurting for dollars, but otherwise, the "state's economy" is
      fine. Does this mean the economy of the citizens of NH or the
      incorporated state gov't of NH? The media's reports do not

      As far as population goes, NH from '90 to '00 had an 11.4% increase
      to 1.24 million (land area: 9,000 sq miles). {138 people/sq mile}
      Nevada: 66% increase to nearly 2 million (109,000 sq miles){18/sqmi}
      Arizona: 40% increase to 5.1 million (113,500 sq miles) {45/sq mi}

      Vermont and Hawaii would be good choices too.
      Vermont: 8.2% increase to 609,000 (9,300 sq miles) {65/sq mile}
      Hawaii: 9.3% increase to 1.2 million (6,400 sq miles) if you don't
      mind living on lava... {187/sq mile}

      While D.C. has a low population, falling even to around 570,000,
      they only have 66 sq miles on which to live. {8,636/sq mile!}

      I'm going to absorb sun, study law, go canyon running, absorb more
      sun, invest in real estate, then come out to the East brrrrr....cold
      Guess I'll see you both in NH in about 5 years!

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