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Central New Mexico Liberty Update

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  • Mike Blessing
    L. Neil Smith and Victor Milan to speak at the LPNM 2003 Convention and Bubonicon - HELP NEEDED L. Neil Smith and Victor Milan, both Prometheus Award-winning
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 17, 2003
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      L. Neil Smith and Victor Milan to speak at the LPNM 2003 Convention
      and Bubonicon - HELP NEEDED

      L. Neil Smith and Victor Milan, both Prometheus Award-winning libertarian science-fiction writers, are slated to speak at the 2003 LPNM State Convention. Victor's expenses are taken care of. However, I need to pay Neil's expenses plus honorarium for him to come down to Albuquerque. This will total out to $1500 for the three-day convention, and will cover lodging, gas, meals, etc., for Neil, his wife Cathy, and daughter Rylla. I can't swing it alone - at the same time, I don't like asking for money, but I'm willing to swallow my pride on this, as Neil and Vic are such good speakers and writers.

      ALSO, Neil is slated to speak, give a reading from a work in progress, etc., at New Mexico's big science-fiction convention, Bubonicon [22-24 August 2003]. Again, I'll need help paying for Neil's expenses and honorarium - amounting to the same $1500 as needed for the LPNM 2003 convention.

      Convention details -

      The LPNM 2003 State Convention (13-15 June 2003) at the La Posada de Albuquerque. It's located on 2nd St and Central Ave in the Downtown
      area (125 2nd St. NW). http://www.laposada-abq.com

      The package deals for the convention will be coming soon. For details,

      Joseph Knight - 505-330-7713 / mailto:nm_libertarian@...
      Bruce Bush - 505-256-0810 / mailto:gchervin@...

      Bubonicon details:
      22-24 August 2003 at the Howard Johnson East


      Liberty Forum

      This Wednesday [* 19 March 2003 *] at the Black Angus on Wyoming
      and Menaul, from 5:30 to ~ 8:00 PM. During happy hour, appetizers are
      half-price. Stop by and say hi!

      Anyone needing directions, just respond to this email or call

      This event is sponsored by the The Sedition Group and the Libertarian
      Party of Bernalillo County.


      TV Shows

      [New Mexico's Consumer Advocate will not air until April 2003 - the show was bumped off the Ch.27 roster for January - February - March. Come April (two weeks - 2 April), it will resume its usual time-slot on Ch.27, Wednesday at 8PM]

      Ch.27 Thursday 8PM Gun Collectors of New Mexico - Sponsored by the NM
      Gun Collectors Association [ http://www.nmgca.org ]

      Ch.27 Thursday 9PM The Weekly Sedition

      Ch.27 Friday 9PM Hemp TV

      [ The Hemp TV show is open for the public to attend in person as part
      of the studio audience. Call me @ 505-459-7134 or email for
      directions. ]

      For more information on Hemp TV and the re-legalization / deregulation movement, call 505-281-6277 or go to http://www.nmnorml.org

      And don't forget to set your VCR / TiVo:

      Ch.25 Sundays 6PM Andromeda http://www.andromedatv.com

      (All channels listed are for Albuquerque Comcast. Times are MST.)


      For the Thursday Constitutionalist lunch group, contact Jack McMains
      <mailto:jmcmains8@...>. Start time is ~11:30 AM, and it runs till
      about 1PM - at the Acropolis Cafe [Wyoming & Central SE].


      Bring the troops home - Send the Busheviks instead - along with the
      F-Troop, DEA and IRS.


      (Remember that immediately after the events of 11 Sept 2001 (some call it "9-11"), the Bushevik "conservatives" were up in arms that the Air Force didn't have F-16's and F-15's ready to intercept and shoot down the hijacked airliners. At the same time, they were also complaining that "airport security" wasn't "tight enough."

      So when it comes down to brass tacks, the Busheviks would rather shoot down a plane with 90-100 people on board who haven't hurt anyone else on the plane - turning them into 600-mph hamburger as their bodies are shredded by the explosion of an air-to-air missile and/or 20-mm or 30-mm cannon-fire - rather than let those same people carry the most effective means of self-defense onto the aircraft.

      So much for their support of the Second Amendment. Now they want to send your kids off to fight their war for them. If they're so hot to trot for a war, when do they draw their M-16's, web gear, etc., and ship out?)

      - Mike Blessing / Starship Trooper / 505-459-7134

      The "Assault Weapons" Ban Must Die - Taxation is the Fuel of War
      Socialism -> War :: Free (Unregulated & Untaxed) Markets -> Peace

      "Be wary of strong drink. It makes you shoot at tax collectors - and miss"
      - Robert A. Heinlein, _The Notebooks of Lazarus Long_

      Acting De Facto HMFIC for New Mexico State,
      Ad Hoc Conspiracy to Draft L. Neil Smith for President
      http://www.smith2004.org / http://www.lneilsmith.com
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