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[arizonaporcupines] RE: to be, or not to be

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  • Rick LaPoint
    With all due respect, I don t really care to delve into my reasoning for opting out of the FSP as an organization. As an idea I think it s great, but let s
    Message 1 of 9 , May 2, 2004
      With all due respect, I don't really care to delve into my reasoning for
      opting out of the FSP as an organization. As an 'idea' I think it's
      great, but let's just say you won't find me haunting its
      central-planning storefront 'office' in downtown Manchester or Concord
      looking for my next 'freedom' assignment. ;)

      As far as not voting, I had planned on moving back to NH eventually no
      matter how the vote turned out, so returning my own ballot seemed

      I don't see any reason why people just can't move to NH and be *insert
      philosophy here* without the cat-herders attempting to gather them up
      and pigeon-hole them. That's just the way I prefer to do it, and unless
      they start setting-up checkpoints to verify everyone's porcu-card upon
      entry to the state, I'm guessing I've got a pretty darn good shot at

      Don't make me think about it too much Kitty, as knowing who some of my
      prospective neighbors are might force me to change my mind upon deeper
      reflection. :D

      I'm more than happy to keep this list open, so long as there is a market
      for it.


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      > Date: Sat, 1 May 2004 00:10:13 -0700
      > From: "Rick LaPoint" <rick@...>
      > Subject: RE: to be, or not to be
      > Actually, I 'quit' the fsp shortly before the vote. (I have the e-mail
      > to JPS somewhere, but don't make me drag that up).
      > Since I was a pro-NH activist as well as a former NH resident, I
      > want my vote to 'taint' the total... plus I was growing tired of their
      > downward spiral into groupthink.
      > Which continues...

      My husband Paul and I removed ourselves from the FSP roles months before
      "the vote"
      also but made it very public why were doing so.
      We both think that one should not keep quiet about decisions made on any
      especially when they are ones that others may be wrestling with - or at
      least mulling
      over - themselves. (The exception being information that government
      agents can use
      against a person.) Keeping silent only makes sense (in a distorted
      manner) when the
      decision was not well thought out and for which one does not really have
      a logical
      reason that is in their own best interest. Passing judgment on
      organizations (which
      are of course comprised of individuals since only they can think and
      act), as well as
      individuals, is absolutely necessary for each person to do. Abdicating
      such real
      responsibility is foolish and dangerous in the long-run, even if it
      appears to be
      "neighborly" in the short-term.

      Discussion on the reasoning employed can be extremely beneficial to
      others as well as
      oneself to ensure that the evaluations already made were correct - or to
      where errors might have been made - and to reduce the likelihood of
      future errors. In
      that vein Rick, I think it would be very worthwhile to air your reasons
      and the
      principles underlying them. I had hoped to have such a dialogue with
      Matt Cheselka in
      the fourcornersporcupines Yahoo group about Paul's and my disagreements
      with FSP, but
      his one response (part of the dialogues at the above link) is all that
      he ever made
      to that group on the subject. It does no one good in the long-run to
      close-mouthed, adhering to the nonsensical platitude "If you can't say
      anything nice,
      don't say anything at all".

      I also don't understand why you include a conclusion that if you had
      remained a
      member that, as a "pro-NH activist", you wouldn't vote so as not "to
      'taint' the
      total". That would lead to the reasoning that no one who had a strong
      preference to
      any particular state - and was trying to persuade others to the same
      conclusion -
      should take part in "the vote". Are you saying that one who tries to
      persuade others
      should not vote on a voting matter? Further explanation here would also
      help others
      to understand.

      I know that what I am requesting/suggesting - making known your chain of
      reasoning on
      the matter of continuation with FSP - is something that many might
      "personal" and therefore not subject for public scrutiny. I think that
      publicizing -
      at least publicly making a stand on issues including one's own decisions
      - is
      something each of us *should* do. It is part of being responsible for
      one's actions,
      good and bad.

      > In the last five days I've re-inventoried my Yahoo lists and decided
      > cull the non-performers.
      > 'tis all.
      > rick

      As a USer (and married to a Canadian) with legal residence in AZ but
      always looking
      for a more liberty-minded location on this earth to live while retaining
      technological advances available in North America, I have been
      interested in NH for
      quite some time - even before FSP. Paul and I are still very much
      interested in the
      locations within the "city corridor" (Nashua to Concord) and would like
      to hear more
      discussion about that area for potential relocation. (Taxes, ordinances,
      etc.) Maybe you can suggest another group - made up of more individual
      rather than groupthink persons and ones not seeking a survivalist

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