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  • Gold Standard Press
    I knew Eric Rittberg from the Ron Paul for Pres. campaign in 88 when he decided to form the RLC. It was basically to offset Justin Raimando s non-sense (of
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 28, 2003
      I knew Eric Rittberg from the Ron Paul for Pres. campaign in '88 when he decided to form the RLC. It was basically to offset Justin Raimando's non-sense (of which I need not go into details here), with the understanding that the LP was useless.

      The RLC should have been much further along at this point, especially since Ron Paul went back into politics after a brief sebatical. The GOP has the problem of their Platform being based on floating non-sequitors. I think an alternative to the LP is a better idea than rejoining the GOP. They have proven themselves to be absolutely beyond hope. They couldn't give a ratsAss about the Constitution and the spirit upon which it was written. Way more than the average Republican LOVES George Bush. Thanks, but no thanks. I'd rather be in the General Election as opposed to fighting with that element in the primaries.

      There is hope for the LP, too. Look at what is going on in NH as they prepare for victory at the fsp 5,000-signer level.


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      Subject: [fourcornersporcupines] RLC


      I agree with you about the R's.somewhat. I'm assuming you're aware of
      the Republican Liberty Caucus? If not, check them out at www.rlc.org.
      Joining with a group such as the RLC, who is working to bring the GOP
      back to its roots, is something I am thoroughly considering. I respect
      the LP and what they have accomplished over the last 30 years, but it's
      just no enough for me. I want to see liberty in my lifetime.

      I'm also very open to the idea of other alternative parties forming in
      the FS. I think that for freedom to thrive there must be a wide range
      of choices and ideas available.


      Here are a few highlights from the latest RLC newsletter:

      Liberty Watch: People, Places & Events!

      People: Andy Horning
      Indiana's best-known Libertarian Party member, Andy Horning, is
      jumping ship and joining the RLC. After five runs for office, Horning
      told the Indiana Star
      <http://www.indystar.com/print/articles/1/023586-4571-093.html> that
      he's "hoping to switch a little microphone for a big megaphone." Andy
      wants to energize the RLC and "speak out for libertarian-type principles
      that have long been at the heart of the GOP." Andy will be working with
      Paul Hager <mailto:hagerp@...?subject=RepublicanLibertyWatch>
      in the Indiana Chapter.

      Events: Ron Paul Forum
      The RLC-Texas <http://www.RLCTexas.org> was a sponsor of a public
      forum on privacy featuring Rep. Ron Paul at the University of Texas at
      Austin earlier this month. The auditorium was packed for a broad
      discussion of the Privacy Proclamation, opposing civil liberty
      violations in the PATRIOT Act. The event earned broad news media
      coverage and drew two LP candidates for President.

      People: Tom Feeney
      Former Florida House Speaker Tom Feeney is now a Congressman and has
      offered his unqualified support for the RLC's efforts. He has agreed to
      write a fund-raising letter and join the RLC Advisory Board. Rep. Feeney
      won an early RLC endorsement for his campaign early last year.

      Events: Iraq War
      The RLC has taken no official position on the Iraq issue, except to
      invite members to evaluate for themselves the applicability of our
      positions on national defense: that the U.S. military should only be
      deployed where there is a "clear threat to vital U. S. interests" and
      that no military personnel should be put in harms way "without a clear
      entrance and exit strategy and a goal, which when achieved, constitutes

      People: Sheriff Bill Masters
      The nationally acclaimed author of "Drug War Addiction" has joined
      the RLC. Masters has served as Sheriff of San Miguel County, Colorado,
      since 1979 and has received national media attention for his Drug War
      opposition. "Any defender of liberty is a friend of mine," says Masters,
      "so I thought I would give my modest support of your efforts to lead the
      GOP back to ideals it once held true." He will remain in the LP, as it's
      highest elected official.

      Places: Colorado
      S <mailto:sfgresh@...?subject=RepublicanLibertyWatch> teve Gresh
      <mailto:sfgresh@...?subject=RepublicanLibertyWatch> , RLC Colorado
      Coordinator, connected with Chuck Baker, an old GOP buddy, to arrange on
      RLC session on Baker's popular KKCS radio talk show in Phoenix. RLC
      member Rep. Penn Pfiffner participated in the special show, giving
      Steve's RLC Chapter organization a big boost.

      People: Toby Nixon
      Washington State Representative Toby Nixon
      <mailto:toby@...?subject=RepublicanLibertyWatch> has agreed
      to act as the RLC Coordinator. "I've been a libertarian most of my life
      and was active in the LP from about 1984 to 1993," he notes. He switched
      to the GOP and was elected to the 45th District seat in 2000. Toby plans
      to develop a state RLC website and hopes to recruit Libers to the
      Republican Liberty Caucus family.

      People: Rep. Jeff Flake
      Congressman Flake is one of several RLC Advisors in Arizona. He was
      recently criticized in an 'Arizona Republic' editorial for being and
      "errand boy" of extremist free-market organizations like 'Club for
      Growth' and taking policy positions that are "too libertarian." Flake is
      eyeing Sen. John McCain's Senate seat.
      Bill Westmiller
      RLC Secretary <mailto:Secretary@...?suject=RLConnectMe>

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      Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 11:22:26 -0600
      From: "Gold Standard Press" <gsp76@...>
      Subject: Re: Favorite state?

      I think the "r's" will reject the libertarians on a wholesale level...
      as history has shown. So what is the point of having to deal with their
      countryClub mentality (soft-sell fascism) and do double electoral
      battles to get elected to a State House? Primaries are VERY expensive
      and draining.

      I am not saying the L's are the answer (although the LPNH is making a
      good cast to the positive), but I would rather see the formation of
      another "alternative" party sporting the libertarian-style platform,
      than have to face dealing with winning a primary, then having the
      "privelege" of facing the voters in the general election.

      The GOP platform, (just as the Dems'), floats on a cloud, whereas the LP
      has its platrorm grounded in principle, enabling us to keep the
      candidates accountable to something firm. So if the Wyoming LP doesn't
      get its act together, y'all liking that state should consider forming
      WIP (Wy Ind. Party) or The Porcupine Party or something.....

      'cause NH is just stealing the fsp thunder!!! ...and honestly,
      eventhough they are doing an amazing job on their own, much of this
      victory will be by default.


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