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Important news about the upcoming Bray Dinner and Convention

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  • ftully
    Dear Friends of the Libertarian Party of Utah, Today I, along with Charlie Bonsall and Bill Bohmholdt picked the venue for our upcoming Karl Bray Memorial
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 17, 2004
      Dear Friends of the Libertarian Party of Utah,

      Today I, along with Charlie Bonsall and Bill Bohmholdt picked the venue for
      our upcoming Karl Bray Memorial Dinner, which will follow the LP Utah State

      The Bray dinner has traditionally followed our yearly state conventions and
      been our biggest social event and fundraiser for the LP Utah. After
      discussing and visiting several potential venues, we have decided to have
      the event at The Organ Loft.

      Coincidentally, The Organ Loft is run by Lawrence Bray - but apparently, no
      known connection between Larry and Carl.

      The Organ Loft offers a friendly atmosphere, unique surroundings and
      courteous staff - the perfect setting for the ultimate entertainment

      In addition to a wonderful buffet dinner, The Organ Loft will provide us
      with a talented organist who will perform a wide variety of music from the
      sounds of Big Bands, Swing, Latin, and your favorite popular tunes for
      dining and dancing to the 34-rank Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ.

      THE ORGAN LOFT also features a State-Of-The-Art Sound and music reproducing
      system which will see that we all hear the speeches, awards and musical
      entertainment, regardless of where you are sitting.

      The world-renowned Organ Loft Wurlitzer has attracted people from
      thousands of miles to listen to the lively sounds of the organ, noted as one
      of the richest and most exciting ensemble pipe organs in the country. The
      Organ Loft reflects quality and a variety of entertainment.

      In addition to allowing the LP to bring in our own liquor and beer, the
      facility also has a private patio, garden area for any stargazers or those
      who would like to enjoy a smoke or a drink out doors.

      We will be able to keep the price of the event to $25, but we need to get as
      many folks booked before March as we can. Please call Bill Bohmholdt right
      away to reserve your spot. If you are a monthly donor, you are entitled to
      one free admission. However, please call Bill to reserve your spot anyway.
      We need an accurate head count ASAP.

      If you would like to volunteer to help with this event, please call Fran
      Tully. Some of the volunteers needed are:

      a.. Ticket sales - Phoning and visiting members and non-members to
      purchase tickets in advance.
      b.. Decorating - setting up the room prior to dinner
      c.. Fund raising - Raising money and collecting donated items to help with
      the event and with prizes, raffles, and awards.
      d.. Awards Ceremony - Planning the awards ceremony, collecting names of
      recipients, preparing awards.
      e.. Music and Multi-media - Selecting music and multimedia presentations
      for the event.
      f.. Speakers Committee - We are in the process of selecting speakers and
      key note speakers for this event and we need one or two folks to head up
      this project ASAP.
      Obviously, we need volunteers' participation right away, as this event is
      just around the corner. If you can help as a volunteer or would like to
      donate money or raffle items, please call Fran Tully right away -

      All of you can donate and ask others to donate raffle items. Here are some
      ideas for raffle items:
      a.. Pies, Cakes, Cookies, or Breads
      b.. Books - New or Used
      c.. Gift Certificates to services, stores, and restaurants
      d.. Airline mileage vouchers or travel vouchers
      e.. A week at a timeshare
      f.. Firearms, ammo, reloading supplies, holsters
      g.. Video Tapes
      h.. Computer Hardware (working) or Software (New)
      i.. Alcohol or cigars
      j.. Quilts
      k.. Antiques
      l.. Gift items
      m.. Farm animals ... :-) just kidding, although I would like some good
      laying hens.
      Those ideas my stimulate some of your own. Everyone should be able to donate
      something...Your donations are very important.

      Please invite your friends and neighbors to join you. Our goal is 100 people
      by March 15 and 150 total by April 1.

      Please help us by forwarding this message to anyone who believes that we
      still have a chance to change Utah politics with a grassroots approach.

      Fran Tully
      State Chair
      Libertarian Party of Utah
      - Only interested in freedom

      What does the LP Utah stand for? Check out the proposed LPU Platform.

      The Libertarian Party of Utah is seeking donations for our annual fund
      raising raffle. We have several good candidates running for office that if
      elected will be a voice for individual rights, lower taxes, and less
      government intrusion in our lives or our businesses. Your contributions will
      help Utah.

      www.lputah.org www.lp.org http://theatreorgans.com/utah/loft/

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