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Re: [fourcornersporcupines] Favorite state?

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  • Gold Standard Press
    I think the r s will reject the libertarians on a wholesale level... as history has shown. So what is the point of having to deal with their countryClub
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 27, 2003
      I think the "r's" will reject the libertarians on a wholesale level... as history has shown. So what is the point of having to deal with their countryClub mentality (soft-sell fascism) and do double electoral battles to get elected to a State House? Primaries are VERY expensive and draining.

      I am not saying the L's are the answer (although the LPNH is making a good cast to the positive), but I would rather see the formation of another "alternative" party sporting the libertarian-style platform, than have to face dealing with winning a primary, then having the "privelege" of facing the voters in the general election.

      The GOP platform, (just as the Dems'), floats on a cloud, whereas the LP has its platrorm grounded in principle, enabling us to keep the candidates accountable to something firm. So if the Wyoming LP doesn't get its act together, y'all liking that state should consider forming WIP (Wy Ind. Party) or The Porcupine Party or something.....

      'cause NH is just stealing the fsp thunder!!! ...and honestly, eventhough they are doing an amazing job on their own, much of this victory will be by default.


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      I know that the LP parties in 2 of our states (one being your fav.) are
      hard at work selling their respective states to the FSP. I think that's
      great. However, I'm not so worried that the WY LP hasn't jumped into
      the fray. I have been an LP member, and voter, for 5 years now. Over
      the last year I have been contemplating dropping out of the party. I
      don't think they're in it to win. Their game-plan has always been to
      "educate" the public by running in races impossible for them to win, but
      races that will give them a little media coverage. That's a strategy
      that I strongly feel will keep the LP in its current place in politics
      for decades to come; maybe forever. Although I would support any viable
      LP candidate in the FS, I'm certainly not opposed to supporting the R's
      or otherwise if their candidates fit the FS bill. I also feel that
      putting too much FSP energy into the local LP parties is a bad idea. We
      need to work within the current political paradigm of whichever state we
      choose. If we only support the LP, we're not going to win over any
      hearts in our chosen state.

      I certainly applaud all the work the LPNH is doing. I hope other LP's
      will at least acknowledge the possibility of their home becoming the
      Free State. It certainly isn't going to happen at the National LP
      level! Where the hell is the National LP at!?


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      Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 16:02:15 -0600
      From: "Gold Standard Press" <gsp76@...>
      Subject: Re: Favorite state?


      Where the heck is the WY LP? :>)

      I think with its small population, it could be a viable option, but
      where is the basis for political activism there?


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