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Fwd: Report on one fun Wyoming town

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  • heritage_of_freedom
    ... wrote: With the thought in mind that FSP members might choose Wyoming, we decided to extend our outing and dip into Southwest
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2003
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      With the thought in mind that FSP members might choose Wyoming, we
      decided to extend our outing and dip into Southwest Wyoming to check
      it out.

      The little town of Kemmerer is a hoot! I asked a local why they
      called themselves "Little Chicago." She said that for many years
      Kemmerer supplied the West with bootleg booze while Chicago supplied
      the East. The locals are very proud of their bootleg history. And
      even the local Fossil Butte National Monument proudly displays old
      bootleg stills.

      Kemmerer was also very widely known as a prostitution center in the
      West until 1969 when a sheriff got elected who shut down all the
      businesses. I asked, "Well, do you know any little old ladies who sit
      on their front porches in rocking chairs who used to be prostitutes?"
      The local laughed. She said, "This is Wyoming! They don't sit on
      their porches in rocking chairs. That sheriff got booted out and the
      old ladies operate their businesses now on the quiet. Nobody talks
      about it."

      This local lady who I talked to was very proud of Kemmerer's stance
      during the Second World War. She bragged, "We were the only town who
      wouldn't give up our Japanese to interment camps." She described how
      Federal agents would knock on a door and ask, "Is Mrs. Yamamoto
      here?" The white woman of European stock who had opened the door
      would answer, "I'm Mrs. Yamamoto!" The Feds could learn nothing
      because all the locals would stonewall them.

      I asked her: "Okay, hypothetically, let's suppose I wanted to live
      here and I was smuggling from Canada something the Feds didn't allow."
      Before I could finish my sentence she said, "When the Feds come
      looking for you, I'd say 'Who?'" In other words, she personally, like
      many others in the town, wouldn't rat on me.

      Other than their willingness to buck certain laws, Kemmerer locals'
      other great source of pride is J.C. Penny. J.C. Penny started his
      first store in Kemmerer, Wyoming and is a legend extremely admired by
      locals for his business exploits. They never used the word "free
      enterprise" with me, but the locals glowed when telling me what J.C.
      Penny accomplished.

      Christian and other spiritually oriented FSPers might really
      appreciate this: A very prominent monument of the 10 Commandments
      was very publically displayed on public property in the middle of
      town. It was so prominent that it was almost like the locals were
      saying to the world: "These few common sense laws are all the laws
      you really need." Because of the many cattle ranches in the region,
      I think the part they must like best is: "Thou shalt not covet thy
      neighbor's cattle."
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