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Sally Ride homeschooling resources

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    My name is Kristen Greenaway and I work for Sally Ride s company, Imaginary Lines, DBA, the Sally Ride Science Club. We re based in San Diego, and a number of
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      My name is Kristen Greenaway and I work for Sally Ride's company,
      Imaginary Lines, DBA, the Sally Ride Science Club. We're based in
      San Diego, and a number of national homeschoolers we work with
      recommended I let you know about a couple of the programs we're
      running, with which they have enjoyed getting involved and are using
      as homeschooling resources.

      These are the Sally Ride Science Club, Sally Ride Science Festivals
      (ASU, March 6) and TOYchallenge 2004. TOYchallenge 2004 has the most
      pressing deadline (Jan 30)!

      The Sally Ride Science Club is the first national club with the
      mission of supporting girls in their exploration of the worlds of
      science, math and technology - from astrobiology to zoology and from
      environmental engineering to rocket science. Sally Ride - America's
      first woman in space - created the Club to encourage and empower
      girls who are, or might become, interested in math, science and
      computers. It's open to girls in 5th to 8th grades and actively
      promotes membership from diverse groups of girls. The Club's purpose
      is to keep girls engaged in science adventures. It connects girls to
      people, information and attitudes that nurture their relationship
      with science. The Club links girls to each other, to role models,
      and to their own source of science content at a critical time in
      their lives. www.SallyRideClub.com.

      Sally Ride Science Festivals are held right across the US. The
      Festivals are for girls in 5th to 8th grades, with parents and
      educators also welcome to attend (boys are not turned away!). Each
      event features a keynote by astronaut Sally Ride, Discovery
      Workshops given by women professionals from veterinarians to rocket
      scientists, and a Street Fair with hands-on booths and exhibits,
      food, music and a drawing. There is also an adult track of workshops
      for parents and educators on topics such as hands-on science and
      gender equity. www.SallyRideFestivals.com. Arizona's Valley of the
      Sun Festival is being held March 6 at Barrett Honors College, ASU.

      TOYchallenge 2004
      Famous scientist and writer C.P. Snow said that toys are a great way
      to learn about science, engineering and the design process. We
      agree! That's why astronaut Sally Ride brought Smith College,
      Hasbro, Sigma Xi and the Sally Ride Science Club™ together to launch
      the fun-fueled challenge of TOYchallenge 2004. TOYchallenge is a
      chance for teams of imaginative kids in 5th to 8th grades to create
      and design a toy or game. Registration is now open and closes
      January 30, 2004. TOYchallenge 2004 will feature six Regional
      Showcases in March and April, in addition to the National Showcase
      in San Diego in July. The Regionals will be held in Phoenix, AZ,
      Sacramento, CA, Washington, DC, Smith College, MA, Raleigh, NC, and
      at COSI in Columbus, OH. You don't have to attend a Regional
      Showcase to attend the National Showcase. www.TOYchallenge.com.

      Please let me know if you have any queries. We'd love to get as many
      homeschoolers as possible using our resources!

      Kristen Greenaway
      Marketing & Communications
      Imaginary Lines,
      doing business as the Sally Ride Science Club
      9171 Towne Centre Dr, Ste 550
      San Diego, CA 92122
      Tel: 858 638 1432
      Fax: 858 638 1419
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