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MFF 2006 - Call for entries

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  • Sandeep Gupta
    Con la newsletter del Milano Film Festival, notizie e aggiornamenti in tempo reale da qui all’evento. Contenuti: - Inaugurazione - Programma del 17 e 18
    Message 1 of 3 , May 1, 2006


      Welcome to the 11th Milano Film Festival
      International Feature and Short Film Competitions
      September 2006

      International Competition
      The eleventh edition of Milano Film Festival will be held in September at the Piccolo Teatro and Castello Sforzesco in Milan . Open to works produced after January 1st 2005, the two International Competitions will be open to films of any genre, language, running time and format.

      Out-of-competition season: Colpe di Stato - State (T)error
      This side event features stories that depict crimes, injustice and massacres, committed under the banner of democracy, freedom, security or religion. It presents terrorism as a strategy of the so-called democratic governments  a deliberate, organized, thoroughly planned terrorism consisting in warfare actions, ban on dissent and slanted news coverage. Colpe di Stato is open also to films produced before January 1st 2005.

      How to submit a film
      The website www.milanofilmfestival.it displays the regulations and the entry forms for feature and short films. Deadline: May 31st, 2006.
      The Festival
      The Festival stands out for its continuous and careful attention to young and talented filmmakers that are able to experiment with genres, languages, techniques and formats and offer therefore an always wider view - both geographically and politically speaking - of international filmmaking.

      The programme
      Beside the international competitions, this year's programme will include again out-of-competition strands and special events; from the Milano Film Festivalino (a festival for children only) to Incontri Italiani (Italian Get-Togethers), from the Salon des refusis to seasons or retrospectives that feature works by outstanding filmmakers or films produced during a particular period of the film history. Furthermore, a number of meetings with directors and artists, open forums, workshops and live performances will enrich the main event.

      Borsa Democratica del Cinema
      Filmmakers, film schools, productions and distribution companies are invited to take part in the second edition of Borsa Democratica del Cinema  Democratic Film Exchange. In 2006 the event will widen its offer, as it aims to create a place of meeting and exchange for members of the film industry and professionals working in sectors that are linked to filmmaking, i.e. communications, information and advertising. This alternative film market consists in exhibition corners, screening areas, presentations, meetings and workshops. For further information, please visit the web site: www.milanofilmfestival.it.

      Re-distribution project
      The same enthusiasm that leads the discovery and selection of films also fuels their re-distribution: all the works in competition are invited to take part in the film re-distribution project through which the films can reach thousands of viewers around the world  a project that has involved 15,000 spectators, 100 films, 200 squares in Italy and Europe .

      For any kind of information about the competitions and the festival, please write to info@...

      With Best Wishes
      Sandeep Gupta

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