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Part 2: Best of Animation 'xpress 2005 -Indiantelevision.com'sAnimation 'xpress special issue dated 31 December 2005

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  • Sandeep Gupta
    Arena Multimedia...the place to be.. Animation, Gaming, VFX: News, Information and Knowledge base 31 December 2005 Volume - 1 Issue -75 Click here to read The
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      Arena Multimedia...the place to be..

      Animation, Gaming, VFX: News, Information and Knowledge base
      31 December 2005
      Volume - 1
      Issue -75
      Milestone Interactive's Sachin N and Sunil M
      "Having a growing
      community of gamers
      is essential to growing
      the game development
      business in India "
      Interview with Game Design Expert Katie Salen
      "The forthcoming game from EA, Spore, will probably blow everyone's mind" Read
      Level up takes Ragnarok Mktg. effort to next level
      Three pronged strategy includes player recruitment campaigns, alliances and icafe development programs Read
      Got Game?
      Guest column on gaming trends by Co-founder and President of Paprikaas Animation Studios Inc, Srini R Raghavan Read
      Magic Ajji to feature 40 mins of VFX
      A regional movie featuring a CG song and 40 minutes of VFX is no mean feat.Read
      Prime Focus executes Police in record time
      Any creative work on an entertainment product takes good time to be executed well. However there are instances when speed is the need of the hour. Read
      Strong on VFX, Landmarvel gears up
      "The studio has delivered 32 minutes of VFX for 2 major Telugu hits Balu and Nuvvostanate Nenoddantanea" Read
      FICCI VEC Launched
      In what can be termed as a highly potent development for Indian Visual Effects, The FICCI Visual Effects Community (FICCI VEC) was launched on 29 August Read
      'In the Air' features artistic animation
      The Music video produced by Ashu-Dhruv and directed by Simi Nallaseth features some very artistic animation. Read
      The Art of Fallen Art
      One of the winners at the Computer Graphics Festival at SIGGRAPH 05 this year was Fallen Art by Tomek Baginski (3D, 6 mins).Read
      Interview with Gitanjali Rao
      "Different art styles are like vacations. You don't repeat the same ones often, even if they are fun"Read
      Interview with Uttam Pal Singh Chawla
      "Good humor can present a very simple story in the most engaging manner" Read
      Pixar plans RenderMan push in India
      Renowned globally for its creative and technical achievements, 3D animation pioneer Pixar plans to bring 'Renderman' to India. Read
      Alias Researcher Jos Stam receives award
      Jos Stam, Alias senior research scientist was presented with the 2005 Computer Graphics Achievement Award at Siggraph 2005. Read
      Paradox, ICTV ink agreement
      Reliance owned Paradox Studios has entered into a joint agreement with ICTV for deployment of its portfolio on headendware platform.Read
      Rajtaru Studios sets up new DI pipeline
      Be it VFX or Post Production outfits, investing in Digital Intermediate Infrastructure is the in-thing these days.Read
      Funskool India CEO Raphael Kuriyan
      "Launching of an intellectual property is a collaborative effort" Read
      Chandamama India MD Vishwanathan Reddy
      Unless it has the benefit of support from a global player, Chandamama cannot think of producing animation medium on its own Read
      Illustrated Orchids to launch 4 new comics
      The publisher has opted for the strategy of having region specific pricing for its comics Read
      Raj comics to debut SuperIndian
      Delhi based comic book publisher Raj Comics is launching a new comic series titled 'SuperIndian' by the end of this month.Read
      Excel to debut Vikram Betaal
      Release in 3 SKUS, Hindi VCD, English VCD (both priced at Rs 199/-) and DVD with 4 languages Read
      Sound to release 'O God Ganesha'
      An initial release of around 10,000 units in English and Marathi with a unit price of Rs 149/-Read
      Eyecircus planning release for 'Life with Jesus'
      The India release comes 18 months after the film was released in the US and Canada Read
      Vismaad set to release Sahibzadey in India
      Vismaad Mediatech Pvt. Ltd. is gearing up for the Indian home video release of Sahibzadey, its 2D animated film (50 mins) based on Sikh HistoryRead
      Past Issues & Headlines
      Have you missed out on any of the news and interviews?
      Here's the Archive to all that's appeared on Animation 'xpress!
      Click on any date to read the corresponding issue.
      29 Dec 2005
      Best of Animation 'xpress 2005: Part1
      22 Dec 2005
      Interview with Animation film maker Uttam Pal Singh Chawla
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