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      Here is the guide not in a file. A lot of you have run very successful spiels so let me know if you disagree with any points. I have tried to keep my opinion to a minimum and do more lessons learned. This is more of a guide for clubs who have never run a spiel before. I will take input and adjust points, while keeping it to a manageable length,and then repost in powerpoint.

      Sue Mitchell


      • Book Ice. Some arena curling clubs are getting off ice (summer) times from their arenas. Some arenas have been willing to charge only for the curling game time but letting the clubs dedicate the ice to curling from Thursday night to Sunday afternoon. Also ask for use of locker rooms, warm rooms. Be sure to discuss alcohol policies.

      • Your ice time should not be the same weekend as clubs within driving distance.

      • Organize volunteers to chair the draw, Ice, Food, Beverages. Entertainment (book banquet room/music for Sat night), raffles/fundraising, 

      • Decide on a name. A complex theme is optional. How do you want to spend your money and volunteer hours. If you do a theme keep it simple and think of storage space for decorations.  

      • First one, a good target for a 3 day bracket spiel is 20 to 24 teams. Open format will get you the most teams.

      • Decide on how many teams from your club are allowed in. Usually more than 2 from your club is an intown team. 

      • Decide on a budget based on 20-24 teams, for your first try breaking even on ice, food, entertainment etc vs entry fee. Your fundraising, 50/50 and raffle can earn you $2,000 plus. Don't try to make money off entry fees on your first one. The money will come.

      • Reserve a block of hotel rooms.

      • Develop a flyer. With dates and cost and what that includes. Most clubs consider Canadian and US funds at the same rate. Include info on how to register mail to X, use paypal if you like (extra fees?), first draw time options, hotel info, and any other enticements to get teams to your spiel. Also info you need from participating team, team name, members and club they are from. 

      • Email flyer to your contacts and post to your website, facebook, and twitter page

      • Add to USCA and other bonspiel calendars.  Look at their current on line calendar for contact info.


      • Contact participants to let them know you have received their check and it will be cashed on X date, or that you have received their registration and they are X on the waiting list and check will be destroyed or returned by X date. 

      • Have your draw master make a blank draw, decide on how to handle tie breakers and how much time you need for ice maintenance between draws. Check your draw to make sure teams are not on the same sheet too many times. No one plays the same team twice until the finals. Winners usually get the better draw times. Doesn't always work esp. in the semi finals. 

      • Pull teams out of hat to fill in draw based on first draw time preference. Make sure teams from the same club don't play each other right away. 

      • email participants so they know their first draw time. Ask them to send in any line up changes.

      • Ice prep. Can you borrow a scraper? Or bring in an ice crew? Figure out how to make your ice better than a normal league night.

      • Decide on meals. Variety between meals. You can't make meals for everyone's diet but have some options. Timing so people are feed and not on the ice and missing the entire meal.
        • include post draw snacks.
        • ask members to make cookies and bars. Stay away from cakes. Tough to serve and a shame if one person's cake is not cut into.
        • Set price for non curler meals. Volunteers should not pay for meals.

      • Ask for more volunteers and contact current volunteers to confirm their prep, food, ice or other commitments.

      • Design a program that includes meal times, rules, draw, participating teams, sponsors and thank you's

      • A goodie bag or packet. Include program and anything else you like. You can include local brochures but most people get info on their phones or from the hotel. You can send out links before hand. If you get some freebie trinkets or samples include those. People sometimes budget $10 a team for the goodie bag (not including program costs) How do you want to spend your money? Name tags if you like. Most people have one already. 

      • Decide on prizes. Some clubs have members sponsor an event for 5 years to pay for the initial pins or prizes. Plaque or trophy to keep track of overall winner. 

      • Line up a bag piper or taped music (Scotland the Brave) for event finals, plus Drambuie or ginger ale shots for those in event finals 

      • Line up a club photographer for the event. Best if they can post to a photo sharing site. 

      • Meet with your committee,
        • Fundraising: do you have enough raffle items, other fundraising? My guide is to remember that you are running a competition and not a fundraiser. You will not build a dedicated facility off of bonspiels but you can make money to make your club stronger.
        • Food, any potential prep, serving, or budget issues?
        • Beverages, do you need to move to banquet room, recycling?, marking cups

        • Ice and draw, any quality or timing concerns.

        • Banquet room or Saturday party room. A drawing with plan for serving, raffle, dining tables can be helpful. . Where are outlets for the band or DJ, caterer if needed.

      Pre Spiel Prep

      • Prep ice

      • Contact volunteers again so they know their schedule for food or ice work. Remind them that they have signed up to bring 5 dozen cookies or draw snacks or whatever. Remind them to mark crock pots and lids, spoons, containers with their name. 

      • Clean locker rooms (try to get rid of hockey smell) add toiletry baskets. 

      • Set up welcome table with waivers, team packets or programs, 

      • Send out an announcement to the local media.

      • Set up merchandise sales, raffle table, safe place to keep money. 

      • Optional Team picture background. 

      • Hang draw

      • Write meals and times on white board if you have one available

      • Line up a cart or something to help people get stuff from parking lot to rink. 

      Good Curling
      I have purposely kept this short as you will have your own list from your pre spiel planning.

      • Stay on schedule, roll with it if you have to adjust. 

      • Make sure you can contact everyone if you do have to adjust. 

      • Don't let your guests see you sweat. 

      • Take pictures of winning teams. 

      • Clean as you go. Hopefully you have access to the snack bar sink.

      • Don’t tear down ice until final game of the finals has ended. Ice clean up will go pretty quick.

      • Food and decoration clean up can take longer. Decide on how to handle left overs. Make brown paper bag lunches for participants to take with them. Or just have a table of stuff that is up for grabs.

      Post Event

      • Send results and picture of winning team to USCA and local papers. 

      • Send out thank you's to volunteers and donors. 

      • email participants with results and where event pictures are posted. Thank them and ask for feed back (both good and bad). 

      • Turn in financial statement to your board 

      • Start binder or google doc: include program, results, initial budget, financial statement, list of business supporters, and your thought s on what worked or didn't 

      • Set up a meeting to hand over binder and go over details with the next year's chair. To avoid burn out and to get more members involved I suggest rotating chairs every year. 

      •  Decide on how to give returning teams first chance registration for next year's spiel. This is optional but remember people are taking a leap of faith to come to a new spiel and an even bigger one when it is on skating ice.

      From: Dave D. Cawley <dave@...>
      To: arena_curling@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2012 8:27 PM
      Subject: Re: [arena_curling] New file uploaded to arena_curling

      Can we get a non-Mac version in PowerPoint or a PDF? Thanks.

      Anthracite Curling Club
      Wiles-Barre, PA

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