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Re: New Member: looking for curling game If you're still looking for one, I have it for sale. Contact me. Bob
Mar 29, 2013
Re: USCA Arena Championships I'm part of the Cincinnati Curling Club and we have a number of players excited about this event. We are hoping to get both a Men's and Women's team involved.
Jonathan Penney
Feb 18, 2013
Re: USCA Arena Championships I can tell you that Ft. Wayne will do a FANTASTIC job with this event. Great facility, great people, it will be a lot of fun for the teams who qualify.
Indy Bear Fan
Feb 18, 2013
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Re: USCA Arena Championships Thanks for posting this. This event was a great way for the USCA to show their commitment to the fastest growing part of the sport, Arena Curling. We here in
Feb 18, 2013
Re: USCA Arena Championships I'm part of the Indianapolis club, just south of Ft. Wayne, and I'm curious how many regions, I think there's ten, will submit teams. I think the USCA will be
Indy Bear Fan
Feb 18, 2013
USCA Arena Championships This new event will be a big deal for arena clubs! Let's hear some chatter about what you envision it should be and ways you think it will help grown and
Feb 18, 2013
NBC/Comcast Curling Channel? While still in that muscular pain/haze of curling Tuesday night, then painting the ice untli 4:30am Wednesday morning for our 1st ever bonspiel this past
Dave D. Cawley
Jul 30, 2012
Re: Training question Hi Bernie, I will be looking into scheduling arena ice making clinics for the summer/fall in the next few weeks. We offered a single clinic in the Midwest last
May 14, 2012
Re: Training question In the GNCC we hosted an an arena icemakers clinic last June at the Traingle CC in North Carolina.  Sue Mitchell and myself were asked to take over as the
r a
May 12, 2012
Re: Training question Have not heard anything, but we could always ask USCA for one if there is enough interest. Nick ________________________________ From: Bernie
Nick Kitinski
May 12, 2012
Training question Does anyone know if there will there be an arena curling ice making classes this year?
May 12, 2012
Re: New file uploaded to arena_curling email Larry Unterberger ; ________________________________ From: SueMitch To: "arena_curling@yahoogroups.com"
r a
Apr 5, 2012
Re: New file uploaded to arena_curling Here is the guide not in a file. A lot of you have run very successful spiels so let me know if you disagree with any points. I have tried to keep my opinion
Mar 27, 2012
Re: [arena_curling] New file uploaded to arena_curling Can we get a non-Mac version in PowerPoint or a PDF? Thanks. Dave Anthracite Curling Club Wiles-Barre, PA ... --
Dave D. Cawley
Mar 27, 2012
New file uploaded to arena_curling Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the arena_curling group. File : /Arena
Mar 27, 2012
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figure 8 shaving Does anyone have a figure or tool to show a driver the figure 8 pattern? Is there concern about cutting too much ice on the top and bottom ends of the figure
Oct 27, 2011
Re: Arena Curling Icemaker's Course, Sept. 9-11, Woodbury, MN We in Kansas City, were going to reimburse a member in our club to travel and pay for the course but we couldn't find anyone who had the time. Was there a
Oct 5, 2011
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AMANDA from Hole-In-WON.com
Oct 5, 2011
Arena Curling Icemaker's Course, Sept. 9-11, Woodbury, MN Forwarding from the USCA.... With so many new arena clubs in your area, I think it would be great if we could get some of their icemakers to attend this first
Aug 26, 2011
Re: New clubhouse? Just got your flier in the mail. I want to talk about all this with our club--can't decide if it's pie in the sky or the first real breakthrough in funding.
Nina Pratt
May 15, 2011
Re: New clubhouse? Hi Nina, What's so scary? $300,000 should be a piece of cake. $6,000,000 is scary!~!~ Cheers, Arnie
oregon.curling tds.net
May 15, 2011
Re: New clubhouse? Thanks for the Evergreen Curling link. Looks good. Cost seems scary. But--you obviously know what you're doing. Nina
Nina Pratt
May 15, 2011
Re: New clubhouse? Jim, Have you looked at Evergreen's DIY project? http://evergreencurling.org We don't have detailed finished plans yet, but we are happy to share what we
May 14, 2011
Re: New clubhouse? The Midland Curling Club is a nice example of a private/public use building built in 2008. They have plans, photos, etc. http://www.midlandcurls.org/Relo.html
Apr 13, 2011
Re: New clubhouse? Thanks for posting these Norwegian plans to the list. I had seen the first one, the so-called portable rink, but not the second. We, too, at Ocean State CC
Nina Pratt
Apr 13, 2011
Re: New clubhouse? The World Curling Federation has a few interesting links about dedicated facilities. One is a Temporary Rink The other is a Permanent Faciltity. Both can be
Apr 13, 2011
Re: New clubhouse? I would check with Nutmeg Club in Connecticut as they were built as an addition to existing ice arena. Also, if I remember correctly, the club in Easton, MD is
Apr 6, 2011
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Re: New clubhouse? Feel free to give me a call. We are doing well at Evergreen CC Portland OR with dedicated ice for curling.... Arnie 360-430-8909 cell
oregon.curling tds.net
Apr 5, 2011
Re: New clubhouse? Check with Wes at the SFBACC. He's the chair of the builing committee for the new 5 sheet facility. You can reach him at wes@.... Keep your
Apr 5, 2011
Re: New clubhouse? Jim, Here is a manual that was done a few years ago by Pete Mitchell of Cape Cod and GNCC. A lot of thought has been put into it so I am sure their are ideas
Jerome Larson
Apr 4, 2011
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