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Pop Mtg Notes (August Pop mtg)

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  • Duggar, David
    The August Populace Meeting was held on Wednesday, August 14, 2013. Twenty-two adults and one child attended. Officer Reports Seneschal * Waivers are good.
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      The August Populace Meeting was held on Wednesday, August 14, 2013. Twenty-two adults and one child attended.


      Officer Reports


      • Waivers are good. Please turn in waivers from Shire activities.
      • Local reports due in August are the Marshal (change in date), A&S, and MOC.



      • Álfráðr’s device passed Kingdom.
      • Aki and Aedan’s name are at Kingdom in internal review.
      • Roster warrant received.
      • Several members are working on submissions and are close to being ready to submit them.



      • Local A&S report is due this month. Please send a list of completed projects to Melisant for her report.
      • August A&S Night will be “Learning to Play Medieval Games”. This will be taught by James.
      • September A&S Night will be “Making Medieval Games – the boards and pieces”. (This expanded in work dates later during the meeting for September).



      • August newsletter is done and on the Shire’s website.
      • If you attended APA, please see Marguerite and tell her about the event so she can write up a report for the Ardanrunes.
      • If you attended the Wombat Regional Fighter Practice, please write something up for the Ardanrunes.
      • Still need last month’s Populace meeting notes (Kendra says Marguerite should have these)
      • September local calendar changes for “Harken Ye” section begun here and continued later during the meeting.



      • We have a LOT of new people. We had three new people in armor at Sunday’s fighter practice and two more new people watching and eager to take part. The loaner armor for fighter practice is getting good usage.
      • Due to work travel a deputy is needed. (Despite efforts, everyone avoided the bus tonight)



      • Quarterly report was sent in.
      • Please let Ebrahim know if you attend an event or receive an award so that he can include this information in the Historian reports for the Shire. You can send the information to him using the Shire’s officer email, historian@....


      Minister of Children

      • Bride helped with children’s activities at APA.



      • It’s hot! Drink water!


      Webminister – not here but sent a report

      • The website awaits information. Send information to the webminister to be added.


      Knight's Marshal – not here but sent a report

      • Fighter practices are going well on Sunday’s. Fighter practices are not going well on Thursday nights. There have been a lot of cancellations on Thursday. Please send suggestions for changes to make this day more viable or switching to another day for additional practices.
      • Aethan, Kingdom Rapier Marshal, has been contacted and the pattern has been gotten for light weapons. We now have to work on making the loaner armor.
      • Aedan asked if light weapons could be done on Thursday nights. Could a meeting be held next Thursday (August 22) to see how many people are interested and start organizing rapier.
      • James reported that the closest rapier marshal is Aethan, down in Troll Fen. Aethan is willing to come up on a weekend, but cannot come up on a Thursday due to his job. Becoming a rapier marshal is very hard due to the required time you have to put in. There are lots of authorized rapier fighters in the Kingdom, but not lots of rapier marshals. Currently Ardanroe has two authorized rapier fighters – James and Helmut.
      • Primus suggested changing the start time for Sunday fighter practice to later in the day due to the summer weather. It is now very hot outside and the fighters are finding it too hot to fight and to do multiple fights when starting at two o’clock in the afternoon. The park (A.C. Steer) closes at ten o’clock in the summer and nine o’clock in the winter. The suggestion was to move the start time for Sunday fighter practice to five o’clock.
      • Gilbert stated that currently everyone is finding that six o’clock on Thursday evenings is too early to be at the church to start fighter practice. Thursday night at the church will now start at six-thirty.
      • Jason and Paula P have invited the Shire to come to their house for Saturday pell practice – perhaps once or twice a month. If there is interest, the first Saturday pell practice could be on August 24th. Kendra will send this out for more discussion.



      • Joya is now here. She reported that the Shire has money.



      • Jurgis is now here. He reported that all was well with the world.



      Old Business

      Shire Pavilion

      • The sides for the Shire pavilion have arrived
      • New poles now need to be made


      Winter Wonders (January 17-19, 2014)

      • Mistress Sarah MacGregor will be the autocrat. Paul the Small is her co-autocrat. Michael atte Harp is the head cook.
      • The theme is Vikings.
      • The focus of the event in all of the pre-event preparations is making the Shire look good for future events – replacing the window covers, etc. and supporting the Kingdom and Crown.



      New Business


      • Kendra went over the upcoming events on the Kingdom Calendar in August and September.
      • Changes were made to the local calendar for September as follows:
        • Labor Day is a non-Shire activity day. There will not be a project night on September 2.
        • September 9 and 16 (Mondays) will be part of the “Make Medieval Games” workshops by the Shire. These will be held at the Aulds Flower Shop on East Kings Highway behind LSU-S.



      • Request was made to place the roster waiver on the Shire’s website for easy access.



      • If you are in Lake Charles this Saturday, stop by MacFarland’s Celtic Pub. Aedan will be there celebrating a family birthday.
      • If you have an entry for Kingdom A&S, Avice and others (like James) are planning to attend and can bring your entry to the event (so long as the size is not ‘massive’ – no beds, etc.)
      • Marcilla has fabric for anyone who wants it



      Notes from the Populace Meeting provided by Barun Rory, Chronicler


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