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Pop Mtg Notes

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  • Duggar, David
    Notes from Pop Mtg - May 8th The May Populace Meeting was held on Wednesday, May 8, 2013, at Aulds Library (3950 Wayne Avenue, Bossier City, LA 71112). The
    Message 1 of 2 , May 10, 2013

      Notes from Pop Mtg – May 8th


      The May Populace Meeting was held on Wednesday, May 8, 2013, at Aulds Library (3950 Wayne Avenue, Bossier City, LA 71112). The meeting began at a quarter past seven o’clock and ended around eight-thirty. Sixteen adults attended.


      Attendees: Aedan, Amata, Marguerite, Evlaliia, Mateo, Marcilla, Gilbert, Kert, Rory, Joya, Jurgis, Skallagrímr, Medb, James, Ebrahim, and Kendra.


      Officer Reports


      • Please send in officer reports if you are unable to attend the meeting. All officers need to report monthly at the meeting, even if it is a message saying that nothing happened with your office this month/past month.
      • Officer reports to Kingdom due in May or June that Kendra has not yet received (just a reminder) are: Marshal (5/15); A&S (5/20); MOC (5/21); Chronicler (6/15); Webminister (6/15).


      Knight's Marshal – not here but sent message

      • Fighter practices were all good!
      • Trying to schedule a big fighter practiced with Alexandria, Natchitoches, and Lafayette. Possibly the 4th Sunday.
      • [NOTE: Regional Fighter Practice set up for Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 12, in Loch Bais starting at 11:00 AM at the NSU campus. Sir Grimbaldus the marshal in charge.]
      • Report is due next week.



      • Aki and Aedan have submissions going in.
      • Look at the Shire’s online Order of Precedence and let the herald know of any changes, corrections, additions.



      • We have money.
      • Winter Wonders 2014 site fee has been paid.
      • Taking registrations for GA Symposium tonight.


      A&S – not here but sent message

      • Please send a list of completed projects to Melisant for her report
      • May A&S will be sashes – make and embroider – for use at GA Symposium.
        • One Event Steward and One Reservations sash to be done before GA Symposium
        • Other sashes to do (not necessarily all this month) are One more Event Steward, One Constable, Two Staff, One Seneschal, and One Marshal-In-Charge.
      • June A&S proposal is silk banner painting class. Go through the steps to make your own banner. If Flower Shop available will try to hold it there.
        • June 26 (Wed A&S Night) – do the resist work
        • June 29 (Sat) – do during the daytime (probably morning – time TBA – the silk painting



      • May newsletter is done and on the Shire website
      • Apply to be the next Chronicler of Ardanroe! Applications are due to the Shire Seneschal by May 31st. Kingdom Chronicler will make final decision.
      • It’s easy (trust me – he says).
      • Marguerite will think about it. Aedan runs out of the room.



      • At this moment in time we do not have a Shire Chirurgeon. Mateo is now a warrant chirurgeon. Mateo wants the local office! Mateo scores! Marsilla (Kingdom Chirurgeon) accepts Mateo as the Shire of Ardanroe Chirurgeon. The fans go wild.



      • We have a new person, Sato, attending fighter practices. He is from Japan and is attending school in Shreveport. He plans to have a Japanese persona.
      • Thanks to everyone who were able to attend the demo at Caddo Middle Magnet on Friday, April 26.
      • We have been asked to come do a Demo at Providence Classical Academy, 4525 Old Brownlee Road in Bossier City on Thursday, May 23 from 1:00 – 2:00 pm. They would like fighting and A&S. Providence Academy is home of the PCA Knight (mascot).



      • Nothing new to report.



      • Quarterly report has been submitted; working on the annual report.



      • Need to look at Shire trailer before the GA Symposium to see what items need restocking.
      • The youth combat loaner armor is back! Paul the Small has it. Parts are currently being used at practices by youth! A full inventory of it needs to be done.


      Minister of Children – Not able to attend

      • Nothing to report



      • Still need warrant
      • Will be updating the GA Symposium page with the list of classes tonight



      Old Business

      GA Symposium (6/1/13)

      • Medb thanked everyone for coming to the church clean-up on April 20th.
      • There are roughly 30 teachers and lots of classes.
      • Troll opens at 8 am and closes at 11 am
      • Classes start at 9 am
      • There will be classes at 9, 10, 11; break for lunch at 12 until 1:30; classes again at 1:30 and 2:30; classes ending at 3:30
      • Court at 4:00 pm
      • Event closes at the end of court.
      • Will need helpers to clean up afterwards
      • There will be a fundraiser lunch of sandwiches, cookies, and chips that Dana is arranging
      • During lunch Mistress Sarah will hold a Questions for Peers discussion. If you have questions, send them to Sarah or Medb
      • There will be a Hospitality/Snack table in the morning with coffee and donuts. Kendra asked Skallagrímr to replace her as the person in charge of this
      • Friday night will be set up – prepare the rooms for Saturday, get the coffee pots ready, etc. Meet at 5 pm at the church.
      • There will be a program listing times, rooms, and classes
      • Herald is needed to announce time (classes are 50 minutes with 10 minutes between) – Evlaliia to coordinate this
      • Gilbert okay with posting schedule of classes in a room on the door to the room using painter’s tape
      • A&S Roadshow to be coordinated by James; please bring stuff to roadshow for comments and show and tell.
      • If have crash space, contact Mistress Sarah
      • Need signs to direct parking to the back parking lot


      Church Clean-Up (5/11/13)

      • Braken and scattered and loose stuff to be picked up
      • Wait on cutting trees until later date
      • Handsaws may be useful to trim branches in the bracken
      • Gloves and insect repellent also very good
      • Meet at 9 am at the church


      Blackwood Event

      • No firm information yet from Blackwood
      • Tabled until information received


      New Business

      Shire Tent

      • Tabled until June to discuss sides for tent and poles for tent


      Crown List (5/18/13)

      • Loch Bais is asking if they can use the Shire tent and list field materials (posts, rope, etc)
      • Skallagrímr or Evlaliia may see about picking those up from the Shire trailer to take to the site Friday of Crown List


      Kingdom Fighter Collegium (February 21-23, 2014)

      • Bids are due September 1st  (Fall Crown List bids are due June 1st; Fall Coronation bids are due April 1st)
      • Skallagrímr  as the contact for House Hammerstorm has asked if the Shire might be interested in hosting Kingdom Fighter Collegium at King’s Arrow Ranch (Gulf Wars site) with House Hammerstorm being the manpower (event steward, head cook, manual labor, etc.). This could be an Ardanroe/Blackmoor Keep bid with House Hammerstorm members being the workers.
      • There was discussion.
      • Kendra asks that everyone read the important questions and be prepared for more discussion at the June Populace Meeting.
        • 1) Is Ardanroe willing to assist Hammerstorm in hosting an event?
        • 2) Is Ardanroe willing to assist them in hosting Fighter's Collegium? (a month after Winter Wonders and 2 weeks before Gulf Wars) Also, what about an alternative event?
        • 3) Are we willing if the event is held at the Gulf Wars site (about 5.5 hour drive away)?



      • Kendra went over the upcoming events on the Kingdom Calendar in May, June, and July.



      • Please send and/or resend letters of recommendation for awards to the new Crown. Some things may have been misplaced in the transfer from old to new Crown.


      Notes from the Populace Meeting provided by Barun Rory, Chronicler


    • Kendra Dey
      Thank you for the notes, Rory! Kendra
      Message 2 of 2 , May 11, 2013
        Thank you for the notes, Rory!

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