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97Re: [ardanroe] Leather Stuff

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  • Steve H
    Sep 1, 2007
      Save me some stuff, I'm heading over that way this afternoon.

      Tim Schrader <thothrym@...> wrote:
      Well, I've been floating for a while, so I'll start first by say Hi
      Y'all! and I wish I could get to meetings, but not just yet. I wanted
      to know initially about how much leather I'd need to make an armored
      leather doublet (basiclly). Though I didn't initially intend on doing
      the doublet pattern that was the best I found for patterns to give me
      some Idea as to how much leather I'd need for an custom jacket that
      could be considered armor and sturdy enough to go on a motorcycle
      ride, and light and comfy, etc. Because, I just found out that the
      Tandy Leather place is shutting its doors on Sept 8 and won't be
      reopening until the move to Bossier in a few months. In the mean time
      everything is 30% off, so I'm stocking up on a few things and figured
      I'd let y'all know about it too. I hope to be able to see y'all soon.


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