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  • Staycy
    Jul 1, 2008
      Hello all. I had to share this with you as apparently I hang out
      with a much more out-of-touch crowd than I am and they couldn't
      understand the humor in this (actually they never saw either movies):

      I just bought Monte Python's Holy Grail and First Knight with Sean
      Connery and Richard Gere. I am trying to update my mideval library : )

      Alexi and I watched Monte Python first. I told him that both of
      these movies were "dress-up" movies, as we call SCA "dress-up" so he
      can grasp what it is about. He was quite mesmorized when they got to
      the killer bunny scene. He just didn't realize that bunnies could be
      so dangerous. (He also liked the Knights that say Ni.)

      The next night we started watching First Knight. He asked me if it
      was a "dress-up" movie and I told him it was. After getting a good
      1/4 of the way into the movie, he wanted to know where the killer
      bunny was!
      Good thing he didn't ask the difference between a European and
      African Swallow!!!!!!!

      I hope this gave you a smile!