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7725Burning Ram Feast Thanks

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  • Kendra Dey
    Aug 22, 2014
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      A feast can not go off without a lot of help so please bear with me. 

      To the Crowns of Gleann Abhann & populace, thank you for enjoying the fruition of an idea. The response I got was overwhelming and I am so happy you all seemed to enjoyed it. Anyone for more waffle sushi?

      To the Shire of Ardanroe, thank you for letting the ideas of a trip home turn into an event. It was an amazing experience that I would do again in a heartbeat.

      To Baroness Medb & Baron James, thank you for trusting me with part of your event. This was a glimmer of an idea that bloomed into something so much better than we could have ever imagined.  

      To my staff-
      Mistress Madgalena - When I said I was doing this, you were on board from Day 1 with ideas and suggestions. You were there the whole time cooking and looking for sales. Thank you so much for having my back on this one, for the midnight phone calls discussing menus and recipes, and for all that you did.

      Lady Tessa - What can I say? You jumped in both feet forward and came out early. You helped before, during, and even after. Thank you for all of it!  

      Lord Gaius - Thank you, you were there every step of the way. You were there for the thought process, the shopping, everything. Ready to do it again in 6 weeks?

      Lord Alfred, Staci, Lady, Zaneta, Kinzsel, THL Jera, Curt, Kinzsel Beose, Cecelia - All you worked so hard. The lack of sleep, the unusual menu, you guys rolled with it all. The amount of work is amazing. I don't think I washed a dish all weekend from Alfred and Curt.

      The Cleanup Crew - You guys had the kitchen so nice and clean. Thank you for that. 

      THL Carson & his crew (Asbjorn, Matilda to name a few) - Thank you all for the set up of the hall and during feast. There was nothing I worried about, nothing I couldn't trust you to handle.

      House Nova, House Morgenlatte - You all had a long ways to travel but you made sure we were packed, the kitchen was clean. There was nothing I asked any of you to do that you didn't jump both feet in.

      For anyone I missed, I am so sorry. You all worked so hard to get this event together. Again, thank you.

      In Service to the Dream,
      THL Kendra Dey
      Head Cook, Burning Ram