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7723Burning Ram Thanks!

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  • medb02
    Aug 21 10:28 PM


      I don’t really know where to start with all the thank you’s for Burning Ram, as I’m pretty thankful for everything and everyone that took part in the event, but since it was a backwards event let us do it chronologically:

      First, Thank you to the Shire of Ardanroe for having the faith in us to back us on our crazy idea for an event in the summer, and backwards at that. I know I live in one of the hardest working and open minded shires in the known world and their isn’t enough I can say about that.

      Once the ball got rolling, Lady Joya did her usual excellent job on reservations, Lady Jordan worked us up some killer art for the event, THL Kendra planned out a spectacular breakfast feast and all of this still weeks away from the event.  We also thank her kitchen crew!

      On the day of the event, I want to thank a set up and unloading crew that as usual knows just what to do, how to do it, and in what order, from Lady Mellisant getting us the shire trailer to Lord Akimora setting up the field and driving in those needed SCA signs into the hard parched ground . A big Thank you to Lady Amata for getting there and doing whatever is needed and for Lord Jurgis coming up with quick fixes and well placed jokes. I couldn’t even get near the kitchen where Lord's Curtis and Albert where arm deep in assisting in the preparations with their crew overseen by the always joyful Lady Tessa.  Not to forget the lovely lady’s at troll, already set up, and Lady Celia and Lady Annette for overseeing the t-shirt sales for us while THL Avice and Lord Simon busied themselves with those last minute things that always need to be done, and strong muscles to unload kegs.

      Mistress Sarah and Lord Aiden did a wonderful job on the Royal Cabins, and Prior Gilbert and THL Marsilla did what they always do, give sound guidance and helping hands wherever needed.  Before I knew it, the event was set up and ready for our guests.

      Lord Aedan and Lord Charles the Red thanks so much for your assistance with the gate. (Yes, we let a foreigner assist w/late night gate duty – He offered!

      Thank you Guests for showing up in much larger than originally expected droves and we do hope you enjoyed yourselves even though i saw most of you working at the event even with the oppressive heat

      Lord Ocho , Boccie  Ball Boss extraordinaire , thanks for getting the night kicked off and to Baron Raymond for tapping those kegs, its great getting to work with and socialize all at the same time people from all over the Kingdom

      Lady Ysabeau had the Rapier crowd going early while the coffee was still brewing in her "duels at dawn" format and from what I saw it looked like a blast, Thank you for all you did for the event

      Thank you to THL Carson for getting the hall set up so early for our Feast, and all the multitudes of wonderful people who worked before, during and after with THL Kendra to make it one of the Best and Earliest feasts I have ever had the pleasure of tasting

      We swung right into Court and at this time I would like to thank TRM Uther and Bridget and TRH Callin and Danielle for taking the time to not only attend our event but being so open and inviting with letting us play with the schedule and how accommodating  y’all where able to be with the switching of things around. It truly means a lot when you can have the Crown of our Great Kingdom at what started out as a small local event with a twist.

      We had some wonderful instructors for our Arts and Crafts Bazaar,  Master Flusswasser and THL Bethany in woodworking, Lord Asbojrn in leatherworking, Lady Auna and THL Isabella in embroidery, THL Jam  in scribal arts, it was great to see people able to go around and participate at their own pace

      at the same time we had Lady Birdie and daughter keeping the pool shark free for the children s swim (and a few adults, cause it was that hot)  while Lord Conall and THL Wulfram and their Excellencies Deborah and Edwyn for running the Archery range and the Sentry live weapons competition. all of Y’all , Thank you for what you do all over the Kingdom and at this event

      Thank you again to Mistress Sarah and crew for handling the potluck with all hands on deck including but not limited to Curt, Lord Jurgis and Lord Harp while everyone else was in the steamy jungle like environment hunting boars. Speaking of the far eastern tropics, let’s not forget Duke Ashikaga and his house who sponsored the Boar Hunt ( sorry about the humidity)

      Lady Maerwynn and Lord Phlorianos, thank you again for your ample help setting up the torches on the field and for Master Stephen for coming up with just the right plan on where to set up court.

      To start things off with a little combat from the other branches of service Lady Ysabeau ran a stunning rapier tournament and Lord Alfred did the same with the youth tournament, Thank you all who participated and helped

      Thank you Order of the Pelican for allowing us to be the venue for your TOC tournament, seeing the flash of blade and hearing the clink of armor in the torchlight is just one more thing that will make the event memorable for everyone, it was a good old fashioned honest to goodness torchlight tourney with everything that that entails.  Mistress Bacon, list mistress and Lady Belencia for your assistance with the tourney.

      To all who played in the post fighting pool party, thank you for not having us do any unwanted paperwork by getting hurt

      Last but not least in any way I want to give a big thank you to all the wonderful travelers from house NOVA, Red Tassle, Conroi and Morganlott  - that even though they had a ways  to go on the road that Sunday morning they pitched in and made light work with the shire members on site to get everything clean, sorted, and loaded

      Thank you again to Shire Ardanroe for putting on the various aspects of the event, and Thank you Kingdom of Gleann Abhann for supporting the event and working together to make sure that a good time was had by all!

      To those who offered/helped and we didn’t list by name – Our apologies – We do appreciate you all!

       Baron James

      Event Steward of Experimental Theory

      (Yes – He is finally finding some words – ie. No longer speechless!)

      Baroness Medb

      Event Steward of Fiery Logic